An Inconvenient Sequel

I watched the documentary sequel to “An Inconvenient Truth,” earlier this week. The title is aptly named “An Inconvenient Sequel,” and is truly a must-see movie with Al Gore leading the charge to discuss battling climate change. Former Vice President and Nobel Prize winning Gore is one of the few people who walks the talk on any subject.

He is out there teaching countless others and bringing leaders together to look to our future. His expertise as a non-scientist is unparalleled and the respect he is genuinely afforded by world leaders is in evidence. Many of the folks he has taught, usually in groups of 600 or so people, have gone on to lead efforts in other countries. From the movie, he played a key role in getting India to the table with financial commitments to build solar farms rather than a devastating 400 coal plants.

He demonstrates some of the predictions made in the first movie in 2006 have come to fruition. A particular example was the prediction of the flooding of lower Manhattan if a hurricane met up with warmer oceans and came ashore. He was criticized after the first movie, but Hurricane Sandy did indeed flood the area getting into the 9-11 monument construction, as forecasted.

He also waded through the streets of Miami Beach with the Mayor and others as flooding routinely occurs at high tide, even without storms. The Mayor was very clear that climate change is happening and it is right here. It should be noted this is in a state where the Governor refuses to meet with people to discuss climate change and has forbidden discussion of climate change by his staff. That is the power of the fossil fuel industry where a Governor of a state surrounded on three sides by water cannot bring himself to discuss the flooding of his biggest city.

The movie spends some time on the lead up to the Paris Climate Change Accord and the excitement there. It was very interesting seeing Gore help broker a deal with India and a solar energy company and investor capital. Coming to an agreement was a major victory for the world, even though our current President has back tracked on what was committed. Fortunately, as I mentioned in the post on the book “Climate of Hope,” cities, businesses and citizens are leading the way, leaving Washington behind.

In the movie, Gore highlights the significant efforts in places like Chile as they exponentially increase solar energy development in dramatic fashion. Even in our own country, solar and wind energy are going like gangbusters with double-digit job growth and surpassing earlier forecasts. Progress is being made, but we cannot backtrack. The current President is throwing water on the fire, but the fire is too big for him to stop the changes.

Please spread the word about the movie and go see it yourself. It is that important.



19 thoughts on “An Inconvenient Sequel

  1. The man is truly remarkable., Unfortunately he has a credibility problem with the far left because he is a billionaire. There are those who think that anyone with that amount of money is not to be trusted. For myself, I will continue to admire him and his determination to convince the world (or this part of it) that there is a serious problem that must be addressed.

    • Hugh, i just wish he showed this passion in the 2000 election. He would have trounced Bush. As for folks looking for paragons, they will end up with a very small pool to choose from. As an Independent, I would strongly encourage the Dems not to swing too far left as they risk losing some needed audience. There is a reason Obama and Bill Clinton won – they were moderate Dems. But, that is a story for another day. Keith

  2. Note to Readers: ExxonMobil dared the scientific community to look at their data two years ago. A team of Harvard climate scientists did. Their findings revealed per ExxonMobil’s own scientists, 83% of peer reviewed scientific papers confirmed what climate scientists have been saying the climate change is an existential threat and is man-influenced. Yet, in 81% of public statements, Exxon leaders said that the science is not conclusive on climate change. It should be noted that these findings exemplify why Exxon is being sued by its own employees and separately by its shareholders for overstating their value with misinformation on climate change. Plus, the SEC and two state AGs are looking into the same issue. If the they find fault, that would be a real crime called securities fraud.

  3. Thank you for this update on Al Gore’s progress in the Environmental Debate. I am quite baffled and sometimes bemused how the opposition tie themselves up in knots over this.
    Years ago, through the net, I came to know someone and thought we were like-minded in humour, then they started to bring much Tea Party rhetoric to the communications. In one mail they lambasted Gore for ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ and claiming it was all propaganda and to ‘follow the money’….. I am still trying to work out which part of the globalised multi-national company community would have financed ‘An Inconvenient Truth’. (Unless of course there is this cabal of shadowy vastly rich environmentalists- which is quite a twist on the Conspiracy Theory theme).

    • Roger, I have heard those arguments as well. The answer is we should follow the money in terms of trillions of dollars of investment by tax dollars in the fossil fuel industry. The train has left the station on this and there are a growing number of Conservative groups pushing renewable energy such as “Conservatives for Clean Energy.” Yet, with this President, the fossil fuel industry feels emboldened to try to apply some brakes. Keith

      • I seem to recall at some stage years ago there were some moves to find a way to make clean energy from fossil fuels, apparently it was possible in theory.
        But I suppose that’s too much like hard work for the folk who hover in and about the Whitehouse these days?

      • Roger, clean coal has been touted, but has not been successful on a large scale. Plus, it is a misnomer and should be called cleaner coal. With that said Carl Pope (former Sierra Club ED) has been successful in fighting new coal plants and for those planned, he was able to force the trade off shut down of older plants which were more polluting.

        What has killed coal off most is natural gas, which is cheaper and burns cleaner without leaving the ash. Natural gas still polluted with methane, but methane has a much shorter half-life than carbon pollution. But, with natural gas, we get the huge water loss and leakage issues into the water system with its retrieval. Keith

      • Thank you for the update Keith.
        Have you had much success with Wind Farms and Wave powered plants in the US?

      • Roger, wind farms yes, but not the wave approach. Iowa gets 1/3 of its electricity from wind with Texas getting 13%, but the largest amount as it is the second largest state. Wind blows heavily across our plains states, so many of them are over 10% and some 20% in wind produced electricity. Keith

      • Glad to hear it’s having some success. In the UK we have this singular group of people who object to them because they ‘spoil’ the landscape- I’m not too sure where these folk think might be the best source of energy.

      • Roger, we have those here, too. My question is do people think an oil derrick looks better? I personally think they are elegant looking. Keith

      • We have some of the North Wales coast, they look rather spectacular in the distance.
        As for the UK we are in that stage where many people can tell you what sort of energy sources we shouldn’t have; but seem to be rather short of solutions as to what sort of energy supply a small modern island with a large population should have.

      • Wind is ideal for the UK, onshore and offshore. When we traveled Ireland back in 2009, we saw many windmills. The price point continues to drop and efficacy increases.

  4. I will watch this as soon as I can, but All Gore has hit the nail on the head with ‘Inconvenient,’ for that is how most people view climate change. It will be a very rude awakening for most in just a few years. Inconvenient it may be, but we will have to find solutions to the effects of Climate Change damn quickly when Mother Nature decides to throw herself violently at us!

    • Colette, it is an appropriate title, but I think we are have passed inconvenience in several places. I mentioned Miami – in terms of assets at risk – it is the number one city in the world – yet Florida Governor Ric Scott is playing Ostrich. Keith

  5. Dear Keith,
    Al Gore is my hero who has been battling some powerful forces for years but the truth and reality has been on his side, and now, he is winning.
    I definitely plan to see this movie, titled, “An Inconvenient Truth” which is most apropos.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Janis, fortunately those so-called leaders cannot stop the train. But, they can make it harder than it should be. I am also concerned about the assault on environmental protections by this White House. Keith

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