Monday, Monday

With a shout out to the Mamas and the Papas, I borrow their song title to share a few miscellaneous thoughts this Monday.

Kim and Trump scare me as they see who has the longest private part. I hope cooler and more rational heads prevail. I keep thinking neither man is that stupid to launch a nuclear warhead, but the probability is higher than it was a year ago.

Just to make sure the White House incumbent does not understand the risk climate change poses, even after Hurricane Harvey was made worse as a result, he appoints another climate change denier to head NASA. It is one thing to not having scientists in positions that should likely have them – Departments of Energy, EPA and NASA- but they should at least not pretend they know more than scientists do. Their arguments ring shallow.

The White House incumbent will be telling us this week what he plans to do with kids of undocumented parents who were brought here. These over 800,000 kids and young people have the backing of business leaders and Congressional leaders. Speaker Paul Ryan says leave this to Congress, but he fails to recall Obama acted because Congress would not, even after a bipartisan Senate bill was passed. The business leaders see this as an intellectual capital issue as well as a fairness issue. Trump has been all over the place on this issue, so who knows.

Thank goodness the waters are subsiding in Texas and Louisiana. It will be a long, arduous struggle to repair and rebuild. Someone mentioned earlier said it would be quick, which are just words. I hope our Congress can help in funding. And, I wish FEMA, HUD and the EPA well in helping these people.

Have a safe week. If you are religious, say a little prayer for wise actions by incumbent heads of state and helpful public servants for those in need.





11 thoughts on “Monday, Monday

  1. Excellent and apt ‘miscellaneous thoughts’, my friend. I share your concerns on all, and hope Congress returns tomorrow with common sense and good will, for much of both will be needed in the coming weeks, and the ‘man’ in the Oval Office has none of either.

    • Thanks Jill. Early reports is the man will cancel DACA with a six month fuse giving Congress time to act. Why change you might ask, but he is governing to his base, which means less just decisions. Keith

      • Yes, I have heard the same about his DACA decision. I hope Congress has the sense/conscience/humanity to act within that 6 months. And yes, he is trying to please his base, but since his base is now only about 1/3 of the country, wouldn’t you think he would realize that he better be pleasing more than just his base? The ‘man’ is a dolt.

      • Jill, I think he has a strategy of blaming every failure or change to something his base likes on Congress. That has been the lesson he has deployed his entire career – never admit a mistake and blame others – which he learned from Roy Cohn, Senator McCarthy’s advisor. Keith

  2. Happy Monday Keith. It’s so obvious that Trump is in our lives to mess them up. What I find intolerable is watching the naked hypocrisy of Congressional republicans who declared Clinton morally unfit to lead the United States as they silently support the most debauched liar I’ve ever seen in American politics.

    • Agreed. They could disagree with her, but no one could question her sanity. If you saw Michael Bloomberg’s speech at the Democrat National Convention, based on having worked with both, he said to vote for the “sane and competent” candidate in HRC.

      • What horrifies me is the new and credible evidence that Russia went much further and with the co-operation of the RNC altered the vote counts in swing states. This suspicion has been background noise for a months which is why I think we’re about to find out that we have an illegitimate government which includes the illegitimately nominated and appointed Neil Gorsuch.

      • LOL! Agreed.

        If there is hope for our country it is in this: we have a long history of not letting people shove us around and we are one of the most diverse nations on the planet. The United States IS an example of globalism.

        We are everyone from everywhere; a people with blended traditions and bloodlines.

        That’s not going back into any of the right wings tiny boxes.

  3. Dear Keith,

    The president is a weenie, all the way.

    He caved into his anti-immigration zealots, the attorney Jeff Sessions and the president’s remaining White Nationalist adviser, Stephen Miller by cancelling DACA with a 6 month delay for implementation. It was republican senators who confirmed Jeff Sessions to be the US Attorney General and may “we the people” never let them forget it.

    Oh yes, Kim Jong Un is supposedly ready to fire another missile, if he hasn’t done it already; and there is this Hurricane Irma heading somewhere too close for comfort.

    I am going back to bed. Hugs, Gronda

    • Best wishes with the hurricane. I won’t argue with your assessment. As for Sessions, he has done as much or more in hurting civil liberties than his boss. Keith

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