Sunday morning muses

First and foremost, best wishes to our friends, family and folks in the path of Hurricane Irma. This juggernaut has already wreaked havoc in the Caribbean and is poised to do more.

Second, continued best wishes for those dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey here in the states and those abroad who are being flooded in other parts of the world. This will be a long haul, as will recovering from Irma.

Third, best wishes to the forest fire fighters in the West who continue to battle unending blazes. These tireless heroes are a huge line of defense.

Fourth and finally, best wishes to the families and friends of earthquake victims in Mexico. For those who also lost their homes, may you find cover and shelter as you rebuild or relocate.

Disasters bring us closer as they reveal our petty differences are just that. I greatly applaud all of those who have stepped up to help through donations of time, energy, goods and money.

As we rebuild, we must be mindful of what the future holds – more powerful storms, more flooding, more drought in drought stricken areas and more forest fires. We must rebuild to withstand, prevent and manage water, wind, heat and fire. I am happy to see consultants from The Netherlands here to advise some cities on managing ocean flooding given their hundreds of years of experience as a country below sea level.

For now, let’s do our part to help others withstand, survive and get back on their feet.

12 thoughts on “Sunday morning muses

  1. Your next-to-last paragraph says it all: brace yourselves for more of the same! We have been warned about this for years by the scientific community that is ignored by those with their collective heads in the sand — and who yet flocked to see the recent solar eclipse, I dare say! I do wonder how long the doubters can hold out…..

  2. Note to Readers: I just posted the following on Jill’s post about the naysaying going on by Rush Limbaugh on climate change and hurricane impact. One reader said in his defense, the man is saying what his fans want him to say.

    “As you know I am an independent voter having left the GOP in 2006. One of the reasons is their stance on climate change, even then. What I find interesting is the lack of press on developments with our friends at Exxon-Mobil on climate change. Management invited scientists to study all of their scientific research, papers and speeches based on that science. Some Harvard scientists did just that. Per Exxon-Mobil’s scientists, 83% of peer reviewed research and papers agreed with climate change climate consensus that climate change is an existential threat and man has an influence thereon. Ironically, 81% of ads and speeches by management said 81% of the time that the science on climate change is inconclusive, a direct opposite finding from their own peer-reviewed research.

    Now, what is further interesting, is there are two separate class action lawsuits, one by employees and one by shareholders, that claim management has misrepresented the value of the company based on climate change naysaying. Going one more step, two state Attorney Generals and the SEC are investigating Exxon-Mobil management for misleading shareholders and investors on the impact of climate change on its business. If found guilty, even if not on purpose, this is a crime of a securities fraud.

    But, not to be outdone, 62% of shareholders voted on May 31, 2017 to require Exxon-Mobil management to report to shareholders annually what they are doing about climate change. Two other shareholder groups voted the same in May for Occidental Petroleum and PPL, a PA utility.

    Not to pick on Exxon-Mobil, but the scientific consensus is overwhelming that climate change is a problem that we are aiding and abetting and we need to do something about it. This just confirms that people who own Exxon-Mobil and work for them think it is a problem as well, even if management is trying to perpetuate a polluting, profitable model for now. Mainstream news has not covered this much as the fossil fuel industry funds so many commercials. Nor, has Fox News and other conservative outlets, including Limbaugh.

    It should be noted Exxon-Mobil management’s first reaction to the Harvard review of their scientists work was to discredit the Harvard scientists. They need to be careful here because that is precisely why the company is being sued and investigated.

    So, just because Limbaugh says what his fans want him to say, does not in and of itself make what he says true. What I wrote above is all true and verifiable.”

    Thanks, Keith

    PS – I have now heard two conservative broadcasters note severe hurricanes cannot be increasing since we have not had one hit shore since Katrina in 2005. Uh, that is simply not a true statement. Just top of mind without further research, there was something called Superstorm Sandy that directly hit New Jersey and New York in 2012. And, just last year, there was thing called Matthew that flooded SC and NC inland. There were many more, but when I hear a second person say there have been none being very smug about it, shows how people argue these days.

  3. I just commented on a different post what a paradox it is but at the same time how amazingly wonderful how much closer we get the worse things happen! Love is alive and all around!

  4. Very well said, my friend! And by the way … thanks for your comment on my post … I was a bit unsure how to reply to that reader who seems so enamoured of Limbaugh.

    As you replied to Erika, it’s only too bad it takes a crisis to get us to all pull together.

    • Thanks Jill. As for your commenter, telling people what they want to hear is not truth telling. It is sycophancy. Except the sycophant is the one getting paid here.

    • Thanks Colette. I was thinking of how Greenburg, KS rebuilt after a massive tornado leveled the town. It is now 100% renewable energy powered. I hope others follow suit in terms of water planning, etc. Keith

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