Lyin’ Eyes

The Eagles sang about infidelity in their popular song “You can’t hide your lyin’ eyes. And, your smile is a thin disguise.” I mention these lyrics because of the lack of fidelity to the truth exhibited by various politicians.

The comedian Jimmy Kimmel is being vilified by conservative news sources regarding his calling on the carpet Senator Tom Cassidy about his misrepresentation of what is included in the Graham-Cassidy Obamacare replacement bill. Based on fact checkers, Kimmel knows what is in Cassidy’s bill more than Cassidy does.

This would not be the first time politicians have lied about Obamacare. Obama oversold it saying you could keep your plan, which was at odds with most insurance changes. Yet, the lion share of the lying has been by Republicans. This law is imperfect and needs improvements, but it is not in a death spiral or is broken as portrayed by the GOP. The GOP has also not been forthcoming about their multiple attempts to hamstring the law at the expense of Americans increasing their premiums even more.

But, no US politician can lay a hand on the  greatest liar on record. This man has been measured by Politifacts as telling the complete truth only 5% of the time. When partial truthtelling or more is included, the rate increases to 31%. Saying it differently, this man lies 69% of the time, which is consistent with his rate of lying on the campaign trail. This man, of course, is the White House incumbent.

What I have noticed over the years, when politicians lie, the people who are most harmed are US citizens. The reasons and broadcast success rates for the Vietnam War were packed with lies. The sad truth is the percentages of those who died or were injured were much higher for African-Americans and poorer Americans. They bore the brunt of the lies.

Scrolling forward, when Trump and other politicians lie, people tend to die at higher rates. If the ACA is replaced as planned in GOP bills, more folks will be uninsured and  be at risk. By pretending climate change is not a threat or that governing environmental issues are less important than business leaders’ companies, people will die.

I recognize politicians have always lied, but never before at this rate or with such impunity. Our leaders dishonor the flag when they lie so much. And, they hurt our standing in the world. Right now, other world leaders do not trust Trump. They have good reason.





9 thoughts on “Lyin’ Eyes

  1. Note to Readers: A comment I toyed with adding, but will do here as a postscript is as follows. The man in the White House has called people civilly protesting their grievances by choosing to kneel at the playing of the national anthem “sons of bitches” that should be yanked from the field and fired. Here are men bravely speaking their truth that America is not working for all people like it should.

    The man in the White House said they were dishonoring those who served. Let me list a few things said by this man and ask the question who is dishonoring the military.

    – the man said an American POW who withstood mental and physical torture was not a hero.
    – the man dishonored a Gold Star family for their audacity for questioning is credentials as a candidate.
    – the man lies 69% of the time as our President.
    – the man has galvanized the efforts of neo-Nazis, the KKK and White Supremacists.
    – the man has been, at minimum, an unwitting agent to Russian influence on our election. Likely, his team and maybe himself have colluded with the Russians.
    – the man has lied to, berated, belittled and even shoved aside other world leaders and called every deal signed between our countries as the worst desk ever. He is not trusted nor believable.

    Again, I ask, who is dishonoring out flag and military?

  2. Very well spoken, Keith! It seems to me that every voter in this nation would be, at this juncture, calling for him to either resign or be impeached, yet I am still seeing blind loyalty to him from a number of people. He has done so much that is divisive, unhelpful, dangerous and just plain wrong, and I can not thing of a single thing he has done that was in the best interest of the people of this country. I believe we have been forgotten, packed away like trinkets, to be taken out and dusted off around election time.

  3. Dear Keith,
    The republican party is supporting a Russian asset, a pathological liar, a divider-in-chief and a person who is a national security risk for this country they claim to love. What kind of patriotism is this?
    Hugs, Gronda

    • Janis, you hit the nail on the head. Too many view lying as OK as long it favors their tribe. We must not tolerate lying, name calling or disgraceful actions as it dishonors the office. Former Rep. Anthony Weiner cried when sentenced 21 months for sexting his nude picture to a minor. While I agree with many of his policies, he should have been sentenced longer as this is not the first offense. I also feel more than Scooter Libby should have gone to jail for outing a CIA operative, Valerie Plame, to discredit her husband’s findings that questioned Bush’s WMD story to invade Iraq.

      This White House incumbent has dishonores the office and country with his lying plus and has the audacity to call NFL players SOBs for thoughtful protest? Keith

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