Are you going to believe me or your own eyes?

The man residing in the White House has basically told his followers that everyone else is lying, only believe me. By itself, that is a pretty audacious claim, yet when the man’s history is reviewed, truthful is not the word his biographers or business relationships would use to define the man. Yet, his fans still follow his lead.

It is very difficult to manage the response to three major hurricanes. Yet, don’t lie to people and tell them everything is going well in Puerto Rico, when it is obviously not. As the Mayor of San Juan said bluntly, “we need to get our shit together.” The better answer would have been for the man in the White House to say we have been slow to get help to people, but here is what we are going to do about it. This same Mayor was ticked off today when a DHS person said Puerto Rico is a “good news story.”

The same man is trying to ram a tax cut through that may offer some relief for middle class families, but who is he kidding? The percentage reductions for the top of the house are substantively more than for the middle class. Abolishing things like the estate tax (which already does not exist on the first $5 million of inherited assets) and the Alternative Minimum Tax (which is what most of these high earners pay) is a windfall. And, let us not look past the comment that a tax cut that will impact the debt by $2 Trillion will create sufficient economic growth to pay for that increase. If we can grow our way out of the problem, let’s cut the taxes to 0%.

The same man has echoed the party line that the ACA has failed, but there are a couple of things he is not letting on. It is not failing, but needs improvement. And, it could be doing even better if it were not for the sabotaging done by the man and his party. Premiums are even higher and carriers are fewer in part due to the efforts of the Republican Party leadership, including the man in the White House. The sad part is most Americans have no clue about this sabotoging role, but it is entirely true.

Finally, just a thought to consider. Why did the man in the White House refer to African-American protestors who civilly made a statement taking a knee during the national anthem as “sons of bitches,” yet made no such references to torch bearing White Supremacists chanting “blood and soil” and carrying Nazi slogans? Then, he said his words had nothing to do with race, yet that is why these men risked their careers by protesting.

On this latter point, my wife shared with me the comments of a third generation soldier. He said he, his father and his grandfather fought people who were not permitted to civilly protest their leadership in WWII, Korea and Vietnam. To him, to see the man in the White House criticize Americans for exercising their rights of civil protest, citing the reason to condemn them so as not to offend the flag or the military, is what this soldier fought against.


26 thoughts on “Are you going to believe me or your own eyes?

  1. “we need to get our shit together.” – wow.. now you’re on hugh’s equal, inserting bits and pieces that surprise me – this time i’m assuming that the mayor really did say that, and he definitely has a right. robertscribbler wrote a good post today calling ‘ for all true americans to stand with puerto rico…’ and i see that he’s just written a followup – well worth everyone’s time to read…

    in the morning i’m heading back to ‘off the grid’ land but will be online some time next week.
    keep slaying those dragons.


    • Lisa, Mayor Carmen Yul n Cruz of San Juan said this. Tonight she was begging for help to avoid more people dying. I normally don’t like to curse, but the Governor was being too much of a sycophant toward Trump. She was wanting help and was tired of politicking with the President breaking his arm patting himself on the back. Keith

      • thanks for the info; tonight i stopped at a tienda that had the television on, but they were watching the highly-popular ‘soap opera’ —- there are times when a television would be a nice thing to have around! thanks again for the details…

  2. I was overwhelmed with…something…at “that man’s ” ‘televised sit down folks and I’ll tell you fact-talk’ regarding: where Puerto Rica is….”…it’s a big island out in the middle of the ocean. Way out in the middle of nowhere. In the ocean. ” Geoography…just another category of “that man’s” extensive knowledge.
    Whew! Who knew?

    • Raye, who knew, I can hear him thinking. A cynical comment I heard a few days ago is the man may not be aware Puerto Rico is part of the United States. I let that one pass, but there has been less priority given to PR than the other hurricane disasters. Keith

    • Janis, she may have wanted to say that, but likely felt it was more of a collective problem. Truth be told, all three places are in for a long haul to remedy the problems, well beyond our collective (and the President’s) attention span. It is too soon to pat ourselves on the back. Keith

  3. Fine post, Keith! The ‘man’ in the White House sees, I think, our country, our very lives, as his own personal toys to play with and discard at will. He is breaking his toys with impunity. I wonder, if he happens to remain in office until 2021, if we will ever be quite the same again. I think not.

    • Jill, Ezra Klein said tonight on PBS Newshour that Trump is expert at controlling what the media focuses on, whether it is good or bad for him. David Brooks said last week the man has little interest in policy, so he would prefer to raise lightning rod issues, usually with his base in mind. Sadly, he is tearing down institutions and civility along the way. Keith

      • Absolutely true. And the other result of that is that we are so drawn to those lightning rod issues, such as the NFL player protests, his mocking of John McCain, etc., that we take our eye off the ball on the real issues, such as the Russian investigation. I am completely astounded that he still has a base, but he surely does.

      • Jill, we are people who don’t pay attention to details, like the man in the White House. So, we gravitate to simple issues portrayed as good vs evil, even when the issues are gray. Keith

  4. Good post Keith!
    You know, it is very sad that the Puerto Ricans have to contend with the ignorance of the present administration. Theirs’ is a terrible plight which will take years to fix!

    I am astounded, as I am sure are many spectators around the world, that this administration is still functioning. Even the jokes and sly smiles are fading away from reporters faces as they recount the latest blasphemies from Trumpest’s mouth! America has installed the foulest administration yet and she will come to regret the repression it will enforce on her people. Corruption is singing in all of your high places… 😖

    • Colette, it is interesting that Trump, who has far exceeded the travel budgets of other Presidents forced the resignation of Price for his travel. And, others are in the cross hairs. Organizations take on the personality of the leader, so if he abuses travel, then they will too. Keith

      • Colette, the man just tweeted that the San Juan Mayor, who is begging for help and took offense yesterday at a DHS official saying “Puerto Rico is a good news story,” is only complaining because the Democrats told her to do so. I do not make this up. Even the Governor responsed appropriately to her and other Mayor’s criticism and cries for help. I would like to say his retort is unbelievable, but it is still early in the day. Keith

  5. Note to Readers: Our friend Gronda has a post today which provides a summary of The Washington Post article giving the selling of the Trump Tax Plan four Pinocchio’s for its untruthfulness. It reminds me of the old saying “Don’t pee on my head and tell me it’s raining.”

  6. A good one, Keith. Filled with logic and common sense. (Including, then “let’s cut the taxes to 0%…”)

    I have friends… The husband always managed to discount his wife’s opinion, if differing from his own. One day, the wife said to her husband, “Honey, it would seem that you are always right, but… that would be statistically impossible.” The husband, a good man who actually really loves his wife, changed his ways. They both laugh when they tell the story.

    The husband above was a self-aware recovering alcoholic. He knew he’d been caught out on all-or-nothing thinking, a form of what AA would call “stinking thinking.”

    Our country needs a political 12-step program.

  7. Note to Readers: People are in a bad way, needing help in Puerto Rico. The Mayor of San Juan was begging for help and became frustrated by one DHS director saying how well things were going.

    So, the man who is supposed to be our leader did what he tends to do – he attacked the Mayor for her veracity and lack of leadership. Tonight I saw her classy response – this is not about me. If it helps get stuff done, that is great,

    This is just one more example how the man in the White House has a chance to show leadership, but shows us his hind end instead. We Americans, including those in our territories, deserve better. A leader would have acknowledged the challenges, noted the problems, and say we are stepping up our efforts. He blamed the Democrats for telling the Mayor to be mean to him, but as I recall it was Senator John McCain who brought up setting aside the Jones Act days after it should have been.

    • I try not to watch the Sunday talk shows, as I cannot stand the talking over each other. When someone makes their point, he or she needs to shut up listen to the others, not talk over them. I fully understand the significant task of FEMA and that they are doing a mountain of work. Yet, there have been many roadblocks to success and some of those are resources. What disappoints is the MITWH picked a fight with someone in crisis simply because he cannot take criticism and must attacker the attacker. Fake news is being claimed as well.

      I saw Republican strategists defend the MITHW on the show, but the two agreed that he should not have picked this fight with the San Juan Mayor. I saw a liberal leaning pundit say tremendous work has been done on Harvey, Irma, but the Maria help to Puerto Rico has been a challenge and the MITHW has shown he is distracted and not focused.

  8. Dear Keith,
    The president and too many republicans like to create culture wedge issues, like if folks kneel during the playing of the US national anthem, they are not patriotic; there are peoples who are trying to keep others from saying “Merry Christmas: same sex marriages are an offense to married couples; the bathroom issues.
    This is how the republican party caters to the Evangelical crowd and this a great example of why religion and the state need to be separate entities.

    Hugs, Gronda

  9. It is positively mind boggeling that people buy his shit storm. What, I wonder, will they say after he has pushed Mr. Un to incinerate us and the world by aiming his weapons of mass destruction at the US. Oh. I know. Mr. T will be the hero for “having to protect Great America” from Rocket Man. Oh geez. I’m so glad I’ve had the chance to live my life.

    • Linda, it is frustrating. Apparently, the friction between Tillerson and Trump is bubbling over now. Tillerson is not perfect, but he is more competent and sane than his loose cannon boss, pun intended. Keith

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