Respect our Flag and Country

Note to the Man in the White House. Please respect our flag and country. The national anthem and flag represent far more than a song and a banner. We need you to do the following:

– start telling the truth, at the very least more often than you do not;

– start acting like a leader and not bullying people, picking fights with citizens or allies, and denigrating the efforts of your staff – your Secretary of State should not be belittled for being diplomatic with North Korea, e.g.

– start calling out groups of people who demean the civil rights of others – follow the lead of the head of the Air Force Academy whose admonition of those who treated people unfairly went viral saying if you can’t treat people of all races and ethnic groups with respect, then get out;

– start doing more homework and seek input from those who know the subject matter – I understand your craving for loyalty, but complex issues need competence;

– start acknowledging when criticism has merit and stop attacking the critic – given how much you misrepresent issues and possible solutions. criticism may be warranted; and

– start acting like a leader we expect in the President.

If you continue to act like a man-child who cannot treat people with dignity and respect, then using the words of the Air Force Academy leader, get out. We have real problems and do not need you making them worse with your behavior and lack of due diligence.

14 thoughts on “Respect our Flag and Country

  1. Those are fighting words, Keith! I hope tRump doesn’t send you to N. Korea on a “diplomatic” mission, with a missile strapped to your back. Nahhh, he’d probably tweet insults about your blog. Or call you “Tiny Farts.”

    Seriously – I’m right behind you! ❤

  2. Note to Readers: I have written about this before, but many Americans felt similar about John Carlos and Tommie Smith, two African-American sprinters, who won the silver and gold medals in the 1968 Olympics, as they did Black Power fist salutes during the national anthem, as they do about Colin Kaepernick. Context is often missed in these situations.

    All three were sadly protesting that the civil rights and liberties of African-Americans are not be treated the same as White Americans. But, additional context needs to be considered. Smith and Carlos were there competing for their country – many other African-Americans stayed home. As for Kaepernick, don’t you think he knew he was doing something unpopular? People are saying that his and others kneeling before a football game is not the time for protest – but when is the time? They are being civil in their protest and are finally starting a conversation, which the MITWH has tried to redirect toward them not being patriotic.

  3. As always Keith, said with dignity and authority.
    Unless the incumbent does change his ways being insulted by him will become a badge of honour.

  4. Note to Readers: Per Bloomberg News, in response to the MITWH saying Rex Tillerson is wasting his time trying diplomatic discussions with North Korea:

    “Defense Secretary Jim Mattis vouched for Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s diplomatic efforts to defuse the North Korea crisis after President Donald Trump said Tillerson ‘is wasting his time.’

    ‘The Defense Department supports fully Secretary Tillerson’s efforts to find a diplomatic solution but remains focused on defense of the United States and our allies,’ Mattis said in testimony Tuesday at a hearing before the Senate Armed Services Committee.”

    It is sad and unnerving that subordinates have to be the ones who act Presidential, in the absence of such from their ultimate boss. Speaking for many, I am glad we have some more reasonable heads surrounding the MITWH on defense issues.

  5. As always, Keith, you state the case with dignity … I applaud you for that, for I find it difficult not to rant. Everything you say is true, and I only wish the MITWH could read your words, as I so often wish he could/would read mine. We both know, though, that even if he did, he will never change. It is who he has been for 70+ years, and he apparently likes himself. Since he will not change, I suggest we make a change and remove him from the WH.

    • Jill, thanks. I wish he would read more period, but definitely things he could learn from. I shared with Gronda how unsurprising, yet still inappropriate, his remarks to the people in Puerto Rico. He spoke of them breaking his budget and belittled their hurricane in contrast to Katrina. Why? If he did that in Texas or Florida he would be vilified. Keith

      • Why? Perhaps the reason is so simple as ‘because he can’. Though I suspect he thinks it makes him somehow look ‘tough’, which seems to be what his base wants.

        I was thoroughly disgusted by CNN praised his response to the Las Vegas shootings and called him ‘presidential’. CNN dropped another notch in my book.

      • Jill, the three or four times when he has been in the ballpark of being Presidential are when he read a prepared speech. When he speaks ad lib, it is all about him – he must win and others must lose. It all traces back to feeding his hungry ego.

        Even in Las Vegas, he notes this is a sad day for ME, not a sad day for all of us. This is a small thing, but illustrative. Keith

  6. Dear Keith,

    The president is not one for self-reflection. He doesn’t suffer doubts. That’s why he can just bully his way though and over many obstacles. But we just can’t afford him in the White House if he is going to undermine his own secretary of state because he is miffed, of if he is going to belittle others who are suffering because someone did not kiss his you know what.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • True. His trip to Puerto Rico was highly disappointing as it came off as he deigned as King to help out his poor subjects. His words were abhorrent, but I felt the paper towel toss was very insulting.

      As for Tillerson, he may have sealed his fate. Calling your hyper-sensitive boss a “moron” which may have included another colorful metaphor will not serve him well. Unfortunately, the wrong one will leave. Keith

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