Musings for Rainy Days and Mondays

With the remnants of Hurrcane Nate bringing much needed, but plenty of rain, permit me to use The Carpenters’ song lyric for today’s musings – “Rainy Days and Mondays always get me down.”

With that said, our weekend was very pleasant as we hosted our niece’s (by marriage) baby shower. She, her mother and my wife’s sister stayed with us. It was nice to catch up over a good news event. Plus, my oldest son invited me to a movie and we saw the quite excellent “Bladerunner 2049,” with Ryan Gosling, Robin Wright and Harrison Ford.

While these good things were happening, the Man in the White House (MITWH) continues to degrade our country’s standing aboard and freedoms at home. In no particular order:

– After cutting our Secretary of State off at the knees, the MITWH ordered him to go quell rumors surrounding his disaffection, a rather embarassing affair. If I were a betting person, I would place a bet on Rex Tillerson not lasting the week. While not perfect, his relative sanity and reasonableness is needed in helping curb his chaotic boss’ actions and words.

– Since the MITWH likes to spread his insults around, he picked back up on his criticism of Senator Bob Corker, a former advisor. Corker dared question Trump’s handling of the White Supremacy issue in Charlottesville and said the MITWH needed to be more competent in these matters. After Corker defended Tillerson saying he was needed with Generals Kelly and Mattis to be the voices of reason, the MITWH starting attacking Corker, as he did with Senator Mitch McConnell last month. Since he is not running again, Corker pushed back, so a war of words is underway which is unbecoming.

– It also is rumored that the MITWH will not    certify the Iran Nuclear deal over the objections of Mattis, McMaster, Kelly, Tillerson and the six other countries who signed it. If he does, he will stand alone as Congress need not act and the other countries favor the deal. It should be noted that Iran has been judged to be in compliance with the terms of the deal.

– Then, there is the terrible follow-up in Puerto Rico. He was already behind the eight ball with a slow response and his beating up on the San Juan mayor (who is representative of other mayors) and Puerto Rican people. But, then he deigned to drop in and insult them further. In short, he said to the victims their hurricane wasn’t as bad as another, he said you are blowing our budget to help you and then tossed paper towels as an old world King might when tossing left over food to peasants. This was highly insulting to the Puerto Ricans and he would have been vilified if he said something similar in Texas or Florida.

There seems to be a consistency of actions and words that have grown very tiresome. When the same person has spats with seemingly everyone he encounters who does not kowtow to him, one must recognize that there is only one constant in this equation. It could be rightfully concluded that the one constant is the problem.

I must confess that when I see his picture behind the newcaster, meaning yet one more news report is about to be told on the MITWH, I have an emotion of disgust. I have disagreed, even strongly, with politicians and Presidents, but no one has caused me this kind of reaction. And, that is not the right sentiment to have about one’s President. The equal sad part is I am not alone in this feeling.


15 thoughts on “Musings for Rainy Days and Mondays

  1. Great … now you’ve planted yet another song in my head 😉

    What worries me most if Tillerson leaves is who would replace him. It is such a critical position and these are such unsettled times. I’ve heard Nikki Haley’s name mentioned, and while I like her, she has not got the experience to deal with the position, I think.

    While I agree that a battle of tweets is not what we need, I have to admit I loved Corker’s response! 😀

    No, you are far from being alone in your feelings. I opened the Guardian this morning … there was Trump’s ugly mug. Opened BBC … Trump. Reuters … Trump. And I finally said, to nobody in particular … don’t even the European outlets have anything better to report on? I believe the ‘man’ has a motto: Don’t be nice if you can think of an insult to hurl.

    • Jill, while it is good to see witty responses to Trump’s insults, he relishes a mud fight. He need not know details, he just can sling mud. This was a key mistake made in the GOP debates, as they played into his hands. The responses must focus on the poor actions, behaviors and words. It is too easy to indict the person, which usually reveals the arguments are poor. His inability to consistently tell the truth has led to him not being trusted by other leaders which is better than calling him an outright liar. A couple of Corker’s earlier criticism are better worded. This week, he took the gloves off. I must admit I fail at this as well, but I try to focus when I can on the actions, behavior and words. Keith

      • Sigh. I know, my friend. I know. I try, but … I fear that at heart I am a street-fighter. No matter how hard I try to keep it professional and above board, to be the voice of reason … I still come out snarky. But I know you are right.

      • Jill, my wife hears my more unfiltered version as the MITWH brings out the worst in people. Then, I back off that to something that is more civil. Yet, even then, there are times when a bully needs firm and direct feedback.

        I toy with a question or statement I would like to make to the MITWH if given the opportunity. I think it would be “You are the President of the United States. We need you to consistently tell us the truth. Right now, you are the biggest purveyor of fake news. You owe us the truth.” Keith

  2. Note to Readers: While all of this has been going on, between Trump and his Attorney General Jeff Sessions, limitations are available to employers to claim religious freedom to deny paid for birth control. I guess these men do not realize even the majority of religious people don’t support the rulings of their faith leaders on birth control. I saw a statistic that said roughly 90% of US Catholic women do not agree with the church on birth control. My guess is most Protestant women would be similar in practice.

    Not to be outdone, the AG has made it easier for businesses to deny service to LGBT people on the grounds of religious freedom, in essence giving the license to discriminate. Not only is this discriminatory, I seem to recall a bible lesson from Jesus about “he who is without sin, should cast the first stone.”

  3. Dear Keith,
    When I was of kindergarten age, there was only one way to take care of a bully. I spent my early years on a military base in Germany, As long as I knew my Mom (who would never have understood) was not able to see me, the bully on the playground got a bloody nose. Before long, he (mostly males) learned how to play well with others.

    Frankly, the president needed his bloody nose a long time ago. Now, it is too late. This means that republicans need to garner some courage to do what is right.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Gronda, he has been unfettered most of his life. His failures are never his fault and he has picked on anyone who will let him. The push back has been building for the past few months. Let’s hope that will be the bloody nose he so desperately needs. Keith

  4. It is really beyond belief. I fluctuate between belly laughs and terror. Really, not one word that comes from his lips or fingertips can be believed. BUT, he is succeeding in his overall goal: unleash chaos thereby undo everything good and even partially good that has happened in this country during the past 40 years.

  5. «The … sad part is I am not alone in this feeling.»

    It is even sadder that there are still so many Trumpublicans who do not share the feeling that U and I and many other sane and decent people have.  In 2016, I lamented the rise of a protofascist buffoon.  Now I must retract the “proto” prefix.

    • Indeed. Our friend Jill posted a letter written by a college student last fall that appropriately cautioned folks about Trump. His history told us all we needed to know, but the tribal thinking is strong and won’t allow obvious problems sink in. GOP Senator Ben Sasse is now speaking up more, which is good. Keith

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