The President almost did something good, then…

People need to know that our President is not big into details, nor does he care to be. He is not very conversant on healthcare or the Affordable Care Act, for example. Yet, he almost slipped up and accomplished something good. Alas, he changed his position within 24 hours.

Just last week, he signed two executive orders to help healthcare in the US. Neither order would be very helpful and both will cause premiums to go up under the ACA. In fact, he said if we eliminate the subsidies for deductibles, co-pays and co-insurance on people making less than 2 1/2 the poverty level it would just hurt the insurer’s profits. That simply is not true, as our deficit would go up by $20 Billion per annum and people without subsidies would see premium increases.

But, while this was going on, Senator Chuck Schumer kept telling him about the bipartisan effort of Senators Lamar Alexander and Patty Murray that would stabilize and improve the ACA. Their efforts would restore the subsidies that Trump wanted to do away with. Insurers were pricing 2018 premiums higher sans these subsidies,

Trump encouraged Alexander while Schumer did the same with Murray. The President actually did the right thing, as Alexander and Murray were going about their business in the right way with hearings and committe meetings. This is how legislation should be done, which has been lost on our two Congress chamber leaders.

When Alexander/ Murray announced they reached agreement, the President was supportive. Alexander actually thanked the President for his role in making it happen. Yet, just after Alexander called to thank him, Trump changed his mind and now does not support it. Less than 24 hours had elapsed.

Of course, his support may change and Alexander/ Murray are not done yet, but Trump had a chance to take credit for helping Americans. This could have been a helpful major piece of legislation, which is missing from his tenure. Alas, he realized he would be helping the ACA and he had to destroy it. That is what he promised to his base. While imperfect, the ACA is not broken, but it does need improvements. If it eventually fails, it is on this President and Congress’ shoulders.


15 thoughts on “The President almost did something good, then…

  1. Dear Keith,
    I had categorized the president’s support of the bipartisan healthcare bill by Patty Murray And Lamar Alexander as a miracle. I couldn’t believe that the president was doing something right and decent for once. I should have known better.
    Legislators are going to have a hard time to trust this guy when he is all over the map on any issue.
    Hugs, Gronda

    • Gronda, I think it is more to the fact he does not know or want to know what the details are. This is why he supported the hideous repeal and replace efforts. I think he heard bipartisan and said good, then someone told him this overrides what you just did and might actually help the ACA survive, which he cannot have. Again, the lens is optics not substance. Usually is with him. Keith

  2. Just because I don’t always leave a comment doesn’t mean that I don’t read and appreciate your posts, Keith. Sometimes I just have no more words to describe this cruel and clueless madman we have in office. How long will this be allowed to continue?

    • Janis, a couple of interesting things are happening. The Russians are interfering with America still today sowing seeds of discontent. This is an act of war occurring right now. It needs a real leader to step up and say if this does not stop, we will have to seek retribution. It is also making more Americans realize that Putin is up to no good. So, as the story comes out about Trump being aided and abetted by the Russians, more folks will realize this is not a good thing. At the minimum, Trump was using Russian interference, whether he realized it or not. Keith

  3. Note to Readers: The Alexander/ Murray bill has twenty-four sponsors with twelve each Republican and Democrat Senators. That indicates how well thought out the bill is. Let’s hope it gathers momentum.

  4. I am not as kind as you, and wasn’t giving him credit when he said he would support the Alexander/Murray bill, but instead I told my daughter I wondered what he was up to, what hidden agenda he had. It is a sad yet telling statement when we begin to think that way of our leaders, isn’t it? Good post, my friend.

    • Thanks Jill. You will be interested to know he has a third position on the bill as of tonight. He said it must some Obamacare unwinding features – eliminating the individual and employer mandates. When a Republican Senatir who supports the bill said if the President does not support it, it won’t move forward. When a reporter told him Trump said he does not support it, this Senator said that is his position today.

      On the positive side, both Graham and Cassidy support the bill. They were the authors of the last repeal bill.

      If the Senate votes, this bill will pass. It is up to McConnell for now.

      • Jill, it is possible it could get 67. But, the real key is in the House, where gerrymandering and a cadre of extreme Republicans live. Republicans need to know they wear the Obamacare headpiece now. If their sabotage efforts finally kill it, it is their and the President’s fault. Any major piece of legislation like this needs to be reviewed and improved over time. Marco Rubio along with Messrs. McConnell, Ryan and Trump are the four executioners. Keith

  5. Sample Letter to the Editor: Please feel free to use in sending to your newspaper or publishing on FB as a friend did. Note the BCBS rates in NC with and without subsidies that Trump is doing away with. Please feel free to use a variation.

    Subject: BCBS and CBO contradict the President’s Claim

    Both BCBS of NC and the CBO directly contradict Trump’s statement that the ACA subsidies he is eliminating with his executive order only impact insurer profits. BCBS said the average rate increase of 14% would be near 0% with the subsidies and the CBO said the subsidy elimination will increase the deficit by $20 Billion per annum. Republican Ohio Governor John Kasich said Trump’s claim is “simply not true.” Healthcare is complex – we need leaders to deal with facts and tell us the truth to improve it.

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