The lone constant

Please indulge me a few questions. It won’t take too long.

If you worked with someone who repeatedly was in verbal, text, email and twitter fights with other people, what would be your observation?

If the other people who had dust ups with this person included customers, colleagues, third parties, and the media, what would you conclude?

If you spoke with previous employers and found the same was true at their locations, what might you ascertain?

If you investigated further and found out the stories keep changing when new information is revealed, does that paint a better picture of the person?

If the person was found to be less than truthful on many more than a few occasions, would that help you understand the situation? What if it was apparent the lying was more routine?

If the person repeatedly failed to admit when he wronged someone and it was never his fault, does that convince you of something?

The key conclusion is there seems to be a lone constant in these equations. It would appear the person is of little character and is hard to get along with.

If you were his colleague, you would choose to limit contact with this person and you would document everything for verification. An email saying “this is what you agreed to” would help in that regard.

If you were a customer, you would request a new contact or change providers of service.

If you were a third party, a senior person at your firm might call a senior person at his firm to register concerns.

If you were the media, you would get information from a better, more reliable source.

If you were his boss, you would have long ago put him on an improvement plan, perhaps several. At some point, you would ask him to leave or get him to leave. My guess is his ego would be bruised by the first improvement plan and he would leave. He would tell his new employer that his previous one did not appreciate him enough.

The person who I am obviously talking about is in the position of the President of the United States. He is being investigated for collusion with the Russians, which may lead to his demise. More than a few psychiatrists think he may be unfit for office. In the interim, we are stuck with his actions noted above. Maybe the first step is a censure, which would be Congress’ performance improvement plan.

A survey reports that 42% of Americans want this man impeached and 15% want him censured. That is an absolutely amazing statement that 57% feel he is worthy of some formal repudiation, with almost half saying he should be removed.



22 thoughts on “The lone constant

    • Janis, I agree. I want people to think about working with such a toxic person. I have worked with a narcissist, who was successful, but overbearing. Many tolerated his “leaning in” on them, but eventually they would snap over a small thing. Invariably, he would say what did I do? Keith

  1. I heard on the news today that the general consensus is that Trumps base will back him regardless, even if he is found guilty of concluding with the Russians during his campaign. I makes me wonder what this section of our citizens are thinking, what is their agenda.

    • Holly, it tells me tribalism is a strong force. It tells me our country continues to be largely uninformed either not paying attention to news or paying attention to faux news telling them what they want to hear.

      In this same survey, high numbers said Trump was a victim of unfair news. I find he is the biggest purveyor of fake news.

      On the positive side, I saw another survey that said the numbers have slipped in Trump country with higher negative ratings than before. The survey measured favorable minus unfavorable results and in sons Trump voting areas it was net zero. Keith

      • Holly, my guess is Bannon’s departure was planned (likely by Bannon) to do exactly what he is doing now – destroy the GOP establishment. My great hope is for Moore to lose the Alabama Senator race, which is unlikely, but possible as the Democrat is a strong candidate. That would be an appropriate shot across the bow. Keith

  2. Note to Readers: On the BBC World News America, former Secretary of Defense and Chief of Staff Leon Panetta said the President should drop fighting with a widow of a fallen veteran. He said the only thing it does is lessens the office of the Presidency.

    Think about this for a second. The woman’s husband and father to an unborn child is killed and they won’t let her see his body. The over seventy year old President does not like what she and others said about him. So, he is going to call a young widow a liar.

    Having little empathy is an understatement. This man does not have a clue. Someone needs to tell him not only to STFU but apologize.

    • Rob, good adds. I guess we could add making ill-informed and ill-suited changes. I have quoted before a line I heard from a leadership consultant who said if you can’t treat your people well, you better be damn good at what you do. Trump is not damn good at what he does, not even close. Keith

  3. Note to Readers: A quicker way of saying the above, if you worked with such a person, you would not put up with his BS, unless you had no other choice. We have a choice, but it is painful and requires political courage, more than many have.

  4. The only thing I would do differently … if I were his boss, I would have sent him packing long ago. In fact … I AM his boss, and so are 300 million other people … let’s send him packing!!!

    Good post, Keith … I like the way you laid this out.

    • Thanks Jill. My guess is what Senator Bob Corker is saying is not sinking in to all constituents. There are still too many sycophants at Fox and other pseudo news sources that are not reporting the whole picture. Keith

      • Yes, and far too many non-thinkers who would blindly follow the sycophants. Sure are a lot getting ready to desert the Trumptanic next year, aren’t there? That, to me, says a lot.

      • Jill, I saw an interview with US Rep. Charlie Dent, a Republican from PA, who has also been critical of Trump. I agree with you, as more of Trump’s untruths and divisive and derogatory behavior sink in to the periphery of his base, the more Republican politicians will “come out of their jellyfish posture.” Keith

  5. Note to Readers: I feel like America and the world is in the middle of a Dr. Phil show, with one person offending a parade of others. I am pretty confident even Dr. Phil can’t resolve this man’s modus operandi.

    With Bannon beating up on Republican incumbents, at some point they will have to realize they need to do the right thing and call Trump on the carpet. The side of the angels does not include Trump or Bannon.

    • PS – It looks Senator Jeff Flake will be joining Senators Corker and McCain in calling Trump on the carpet for his “debasing” of American democracy and dialogue.

      • PSS – Senior GOP Senators are trying to spin this as political disagreements with the White House noting that these Senators have fewer followers. All are missing the points made by Flake and Corker on top of three eloquent speeches last week by two former Presidents and a war hero named McCain. Trump is debasing America, is divisive, is a threat to our democracy. They are speaking to an American and global problem, while these discounting GOP leaders are speaking to politics.

        There will be others that join in, as too many think the same way but are silent. And, ask the question why most conservative pundits with any gravitas are against what Trump is doing, while folks like Bannon, Jones and Hannity are in favor of the man. Before the they spoke word one in favor of Trump, their voices was are flavored with bias and disdain.

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