Some needed humor

America is in need of some humor. With such an unnerving man at the helm, it seems we could run aground so easily. Here are a few thoughts, which I hope will bring a smile.

The President says he is for the little guys, but we did not realize he actually meant short billionnaires.

The President wants to MAGA, but we did not realize “great” was spelled “grate” as we are getting on the nerves of our allies.

The President threw a lawn party in May for the House Republicans when they passed an ACA repeal and replace bill. His staff did not have the heart to tell him it needed to go through the Senate. “Aw, we have to go through this again?”

After Hurricane Maria, the President visited  the US Virgin Islands. Later he said he had a terrific meeting with the President of the Virgin Islands. Ahem, excuse me sir, but aren’t you the President of the US Virgin Islands?

Have you noticed a trend that the President likes to grade his efforts? I think I got a ten on my handling of Puerto Rico. None of my predecessors have done as good a job at reaching out to families of our deceased military. Maybe students should try this after a test.

There is an old line that when your boss says you are doing a great job to the media, you better get your resume ready. When the President holds a press conference to tell everyone you and he have a terrific relationship with you standing there, watch your back. You may be Brutus, but this Caesar has the knife.

That is all for now. I hope some of this brought you a smile. Have a great week.



33 thoughts on “Some needed humor

    • Agreed, it would be more funny if it were not so sad. Michael Moore has been feeding it back to him, noting while he is concentrated on Moore, these are the things he is ignoring. While I am not a fab of the tone, which is Trump-like, Moore’s message is powerful.

      • Holly, seeing the announcement about Mannafort and his partner Gates this morning and seeing the President become unhinged reveals the behind the scenes seriousness of purpose. Trump’s worst nightmare is a quiet, competent and diligent person. Keith

      • I must agree Keith…He is probably ranting and raving and already they are trying to shift the focus to HC, they seem forget she is not the president.

      • Holly, it is pretty apparent that is the ploy. The sad thing is it tends to work when he has a news agency pretending he cannot do wrong. The thing we must remind people of is a Grand Jury has determined the evidence toward Mannafort is compelling enough for a trial. Keith

      • Holly, the comment about shooting someone is actually insulting to his followers if they truly pondered it. Rephrasing it, Trump is saying my followers are so gullible, they would still follow me if I shoot someone. Keith

  1. Fun stuff! The man’s need for constant praise and self-praise is a sign of a deep insecurity. And this in a man who is one of the most powerful on earth! By the way, I have known professors who thought grades were whimsical and allowed their students to grade themselves. It’s not that far-fetched!

    • Hugh, that self-grading part must go against your educational foundation. It is now publicly getting serious with the Mannafort and Gates’ arrests. Keith

      • Take heart from History Keith. Human endeavour is littered with such worthless individuals coming to prominence, for short spaces of time.
        The fundamental conundrum being Democracy allowing the feelings of All people to make their views known, including the intolerant and misinformed; it also at times reflects the anger and frustration which blinkers us all [Illustration: I have been so incensed by the intolerance and bigotry displayed by some sections in my own political heartland, the UK Labour Party I nearly voted Conservative, not because I support their views, far from it, I just wanted to hurt those perceived as traitors to the socialist cause……Yes I know, silly isn’t it?].
        It would seem from the view from ‘here’ that a portion people were quite fed up with all the silly games being played on Capitol Hill and saw this media Creation as something new.
        It is one of the dangers of Democracy which those given the responsibility when elected should bear in mind.
        After all Hitler was also voted in…..
        It is all a constant battle, none of us should be complacent, fashionably detached or effect a lazy cynicism because we think it makes us look shrewd.

      • Roger, our elected leaders have forgotten what they are there for. Ours are too busy appeasing their party to do good work. Before 24 x 7 targeted media, the campaign rhetoric would be set aside and the elected leaders would govern off of facts. Now, they govern off rhetoric. Many thought Trump would not do the inane stuff he said he would. But, against the advice of experienced people, he is doing stuff that harms America and the planet.

        The solution for Americans is not being considered – the moderate folks in the two political parties are not seen as pure enough. Yet, more of them are precisely what is needed, not fewer.


  2. Note to Readers: The fact that a Trump campaign person pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI and was active, with encouragement by others, to solicit dirt on Hillary Clinton from members of the Kremlin, should give many in the White House significant heartburn. It should be especially concerning to the three people on the receiving end of emails entitled “Russia Updates.” Then, there is the Manafort/ Gates indictments which do not look good for either in spite of their non-guilty pleas. The White House has aggressively denied these linkages, but we need to go back to earlier stances they made, which have been proven not to be true. There is more to come. The fact that his campaign shenanigans have led to this is sad, but not a surprise.

      • Rob, it is and this is only the beginning. After the first two indictments, the White House went into damage control, but just after the tweets from Trump, the White House was shell shocked by the Papadopolous guilty plea and his working with the FBI. This made more than a few lower level folks start to think of the trade off between cooperating and jail time. Even Fox News cannot sand away these splinters.


      • Rob, you could draw that conclusion. I continue to be amazed at how much downplaying and demonizing there is going on by the right wing pundits. Mueller is a highly ethical and well thought of man by both parties, yet you would think he killed someone’s mother according to some. Plus, they are all over the HRC funding of the dossier, yet overlook that Republicans started it and what it contains.

        The Mueller investigation is just getting truly cranked up and that should scare people, especially those who have things to hide, which apparently includes the President.

      • It’s as if they don’t know people are watching. It’s as if they don’t understand how pathetic their hypocrisy looks. It’s as if Trump has some vile contagion that turns everyone around him into a snarling racist hypocrite.

      • Rob, it does. If this were Obama or Clinton, they would apopletic by this behavior. As an American, it saddens me that we have a daily dose of this man’s debasing of the Presidency and our country. Keith

  3. Great job, Keith! I especially like the one about him visiting with the president of the Virgin Islands! Feels good to be a bit humorous, doesn’t it? Now you see why I like doing my Jolly Monday posts!

    • Jill, the White House staff may be in need of some extra doses of Jolly Monday. As of the second announcement yesterday regarding Papadopolous, the staff went from chaos to full time frenzy. More than a few are thinking of the trade off between cooperating or facing jail time. It is officially no longer funny for them. Just look at Huckabee-Sanders’ facial expressions – she has a very worried look about her. Keith

      • The WH staff might NEED some extra Jolly Monday, but I save my works for people who DESERVE it, and they only deserve a shovel upside the head. I hope they are all scared witless that either Papadopoulos or Gates might make a deal and throw some people under a bus. But then, I also have a worried look, for all this chaos cannot be good for the nation, and I think it wouldn’t take much to set some people off.

      • Jill, I am also concerned by someone who is wound up by Trump and believes what he says. It is not surprising to see the schoolyard response when trouble comes home to roost. He touted Papadopolous by name and is pictured with him in a conference room meeting. We both know those three people copied on Papadopolous’ emails are nervous as are others. Keith

  4. Dear Keith,
    Thanks for a humorous blog…

    After all SNL is earning a fortune making fun of this White House.
    We can just imagine the president fuming at the TV yesterday. I bet he couldn’t say the name George. Papadopoulos as he was cursing him.

    Special Counsel Muellar sent so many messages with this news of the George Papadopoulos.

    Hugs, Gronda .

    • Gronda, I keep misspelling Papadopolous’ name. As I noted to Jill and Rob, this stuff just got real serious. Even though, the indictments are not surprising given your reporting, the one-two punch is. It is akin to George Foreman realizing he was going to lose his fight with Ali once the latter decided to hit him back after letting him get tired.

      I am sure Trump is worried, but his staff is very worried and more than a few are considering cooperating versus jail time. Papadopolous was not just a low level guy – Trump bragged on him by name to the press many months ago.

      It will be a quite interesting holiday season as more shoes drop. Keith

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