What this independent voter believes

As an Independent voter who has been a member of both parties, I have been frustrated by the lack of civility, lack of truth and lack of due diligence shown by the President. I am also frustrated by the ongoing rationalization by his party for his behavior. When he was elected, I said let’s give him a chance as his success will be ours and that is how this works. I did have low expectations which he has failed to achieve. After I made the above statement of hope, within days he appointed Steve Bannon as a Senior Advisor. That made a huge statement to me meaning white supremacy and nationalism had a chair at the table.

The President consistently is more untruthful than he is not. His lying has been measured at 69% of the time, which is kind as it gives him credit for partial truths in the 31%. This is not news as Politifacts said he lied 70% of the time during the campaign and his five biographers and ghost writer for his biggest selling book all said Trump has a problem with the truth. Thomas Wells, an attorney who worked with Trump, wrote last June, 2016, that “Trump lies every day, even about things of no consequence.” Other leaders in the US and abroad do not trust this man and why would they? So, I keep it simple and do not believe a word he says as the odds are in my favor.

Then there is the demonization of everyone who dares criticize him or did things he did not do. Everything Obama or Bush did is “horrible” and every thing he will do will be “beautiful” or “make you happy.” But, it is the transactional, zero-sum game he plays with critics that is so childish. He must crush critics to make it alright in his mind. He rarely criticizes on issues or policies as he is not steeped in details. He prefers a mud fight. This lack of civility to people who have lost loved ones, homes, livelihoods, civil rights, etc, is downright un-Presidential and un-Christian. It would not be confused with the right thing to do and to me is very telling.

If this were not bad enough, almost every decision is made off rhetoric, not data. Our problems are too complex to solve them without knowing what caused them. Or, trying to solve a problem that has been over-simplified or does not exist is more commonplace. Right now, the Department of Defense says not reacting to climate change is a threat to national security. If you take this one step further, then a President who ignores climate change, must also be a threat to national security. Thomas Friedman wrote an excellent piece this week about the holistic problems in Niger, which include the impact climate change has had on desertification. This has caused farmers to lose crops and to invite in ISIS to garner some level of income.This is what a President should consider in his decisions. (Gronda has written an excellent piece on this whose link is below.)

The sad part about the last issue is the President does not show any desire to learn things. We have woeful staff shortages and he has a limited attention span. This is severely crimping our diplomacy abroad, which is much needed. Without such, the President has already elevated the risk with North Korea. Michael Lewis has written about how Obama’s people made transition books and invited the Trump people in to meet. Department by department, very few took them up on this, so this learning curve baton was never passed.

We now need more Republican leaders to remember to whom they swore their oath – it is to the Constitution, not their party or this President. He needs to be censured and he may eventually need to be impeached, if what appears to be true about Russia, in fact is. That is what I believe.

Thomas L. Friedman Connects The Dots Between President Trump And Niger

13 thoughts on “What this independent voter believes

  1. A cancer has caused the disease of division to rip us apart. Trump’s election , which I feel is probably illegitimate due to the recent revelations, is tearing this great country apart. As you so eloquently state, our elected representatives are intended to protect the constitution and not the president and his cronies. It’s heartbreaking to see the cowardice. If he is not censured, held in check, or impeached we are heading to a very dark place…even darker than today.

    • Holly, many thanks for your comment. You are right about darker days ahead unless wiser heads step up. I have shared with my two Senators and Congressman that he needs to be censured. I also shared that Messers. Flake, Corker, McCain and Dent are patriots and dead-on accurate in their views. Thanks again, Keith

  2. Dear Keith,
    The divisions in this country are being exacerbated by the likes of the president and his republican enablers.

    Then they are taking advantage of the average Joe workers as part of their base with their bad health care bills and now their bogus tax cut bill..

    Now Donna Brazile spills the beans on the DNC. It looks like Hillary Clinton participated in a rigged system and so now divisions within the democratic party need fixing.

    Thanks a million for sharing the Thomas Friedman post.

    Hugs, Gronda


    • Gronda, sure thing. Last May, after the revelations about HRC’s emails hit, I had this sense she might lose. I actually met with some local Dem leaders and encouraged them to push Sanders. They assured me all was well. She ran a poor campaign after winning the nomination and the Russian thing doomed her, with Comey’s announcement putting the lid on it. The sad part is many young folks became even more disillusioned after getting involved.

      My guess is Trump and his supporters will use this for a false equivalence. Dealing with Russians is not the same thing. Plus, we have all the other poor behavior and decision-making.

      Our old party continues to take advantage of their fan base to make wealthy people richer. This is why Trump was able to reach the fan base so easily. They have voted against their economic interests for years.

      The tax bill frustrates me further as it is malfeasance. We cannot continue to ignore our $20 trillion debt and add to it at least by $1.5 trillion under the bill, which does not count the expected growth.

      Truth be told, we are under one of the longest economic growth periods in our history, 90% of the months occurring under Obama. The stock market continues to do well, but people forget it more than doubled under Obama and over 11 million net jobs were added. Yet, any President gets too much credit and blame for the economy. They can only add wind in or against the sails.

      We are fortunate that the ACA repeal did not pass, but Trump’s executive order increased premiums and will add to the debt. This tax bill is being oversold as accretive as companies are already sitting on cash. Tax bills never pay for themselves, as I heard the lead Congressman imply.


  3. Note to Readers: While watching Mark Shields and David Brooks recap the week on PBS Newshour, they observed as the President increases his fevered rhetoric in response to the Mueller indictments and Papadopolous guilty plea, he reveals that something is amiss. Using the defense rating system, Brooks said the White House is at DEFCON 9, when five is the highest rating. The fact Papadopolous pleaded guilty awhile ago, gives many folks pause as he may have been recording conversations.

  4. The ordinary folk of the USA have my greatest sympathies, that this creature; a creation of media-hysteria, skewed Know-Nothing thinking, and some elements of the Govt. Conspiracy Theory menace should be allowed into one of the most responsible government offices in the world.
    It is as well you have a written constitution and a court system which has the ability to play their parts, though paradoxically your greatest hope is the fool himself who if anyone could be the agent of his downfall it would be himself.
    Keep up your sterling work Keith. You, Gronda and Jill have my highest admiration for your efforts.
    All the best,

    • Roger, many thanks. To your point, Michael Haley, a former CIA Director said last month that the greatest threat to our national security is “us.” He elaborated by pulling away from a leadership role in the world, we are making it more risky. He said at Davos, the leader who spoke of global relationships with Xi Jinpeng. The Chonese leader gave the usual American leader’s speech. Haley found that significant. Please spread the word with us Americans, as far too many don’t care to know the truth. Keith

      • I think it might be a case of adapting the old typing exercise ‘Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the party’ into a clarion call, replacing the word ‘Men’ with ‘People’ and ‘Party’ with ‘Country’.
        Whereas I have faith in the ordinary folk of The USA and its constitution, history teaches us not to be complacent. Using the European model it is possible to lay out a scenario where the current USA separates into individual areas of independent government, each naturally weaker than the whole, and ultimately to be targeted and influenced by those monoliths Russia and China.
        History never rests, something the Alt Right fail to grasp.

      • Roger, all good points. That is another reason we should be wary as this US regime is ignoring history. Trump is in Asia, not being briefed in depth, because the diplomats are scarce. Since he has limited knowledge of history, he will be susceptible to whatever good story he is told. Who knew, he might add later?


  5. The other 30% of his words are adjectives and adverbs. I’m still dumbfounded by the many who staunchly rally round him claiming he’s just “calling it as it is.” Thank heavens for a breath of fresh air in yesterday’s elections. Now, we must guard against complacency.

    • Linda, John Oliver has two composites of Trump, which are indicative. They show how repetitive he is when he talks. One example of him saying he had the votes for the ACA repeal, but one Senator was in the hospital. There was no such Senator, but as reporters asked who over and over again, he embarassingly kept saying the same thing about a dozen times. He was called on his bluff and he crumbled. Keith

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