A little bit of this and that – the sad and farcical

Political news is quite sordid these days in both a sad and farcical way. My purpose is to show how absurd politicians can be as they try to “unsay” things or just outright lie to distract from painful truths. This is not meant to diminish anyone’s pain caused by the underlying events. That is real and these politicians should be held accountable.

Here is “a little bit of this and that” to illustrate the farcical nature of various politicians’ statements. In no particular order:

– The US President said and tweeted many interesting things on his road trip. One of my favorites is his distaste for Kim Jong-Un calling him “an old lunatic.” Trump tweeted he did not like being called “old.” So, by omission, “lunatic” must not have been offensive to him. Trump said he would never call Kim something bad, yet he seems to forget he called Kim “Rocket Man.”

– A close second favorite set of comments by the President is when he said he believed Putin about not hacking one day (even calling our spy leaders “government hacks”) and then tried to explain all of that away the next day, after these so-called hacks stuck to their intelligence and said Putin is lying. Trump seems to not realize we heard him the day before. Call me crazy, but employees don’t like being called hacks by their boss.

– Ex-Judge and Senate candidate Roy Moore apparently had a period of time in his 30’s where he liked dating (and admitted to doing so) young women beneath the age of majority. He has been accused by two women for sexual assault on a minor and three others for his failure to understand that as an adult, he would have been guilty of statutory rape had he consummated these relationships. He said he did not know one woman, but she has his signature in her yearbook. Mr. Moore, you would do better by not talking. But, you will get more chances to consider what you say as more women come forward.

– A Trump staffer tried to show his indignation toward Moore saying there is a special place in hell for people who do what Moore has been alleged of doing. I find that interesting, especially when his big boss has been accused by eleven more women than Moore (so far) of sexual assault and has admitted on three separate occasions on tape that he liked to grope women because of his power and liked to walk in on undressed beauty pageant contestants because he sponsored the show and felt that gave him the right. It should be noted, that one of these pageants was Miss Teen USA. 16 women allege Trump sexually assaulted them. The other stories of admission come straight from the horse’s mouth.

– I do want to take the time to note that ex-Congressman Anthony Weiner is behind bars due to his propensity to woo women by sending a picture of his private parts via his IPhone. The women’s response were likely twofold. “Why would he think that would be a successful wooing strategy?” And, “Could he be that stupid to send this picture electronically where it could be traced?” Apparently, he failed to understand these points and he finds himself in jail.

Well, that is enough political entertainment news for now. Like the Trump accusations, this Moore thing is not funny, as this alleged pedophile could still win if too many Alabaman Republicans don’t remember where they put their conscience. My strong advice is to think of this issue as a parent or, in the case of the inane defenses I have heard from some men, as a father.

For those who say these women are being politically motivated, Moore told these teenage girls he was the DA and no one would believe them. They have come forward as this man is interviewing to become one of the 100 most important leaders in our country and they feel emboldened by the women accusing Harvey Weinstein. I believe them as their stories are quite detailed and painful.



8 thoughts on “A little bit of this and that – the sad and farcical

  1. Note to Readers: If Moore were to make it to the Senate, he would find there are a few members of Congress who have caused the need for sexual harassment prevention training called for by the Speaker of the House. Two female Congressional reps testified today about their own experiences with harassment and voiced the stories of female and male staff who have been harassed. There is one member in Congress who greeted a female staffer at his front door clothed in a towel. She reluctantly went in as she was delivering papers he requested. He proceeded to disrobe and she left. The Congresswoman shared other stories without names.

    Folks, we have to demand better. And, we should not be sending an alleged pedophile to DC. Our friend Gronda is reporting that Moore’s colleagues knew he hit on teenage girls. Like Harvey Weinstein, this frustrates me that no one spoke up, but it reveals the power of a male authority figure.

  2. Note to Readers: One of the mind-boggling characteristics of the President is he cannot get out of his own way. When he tweeted about Kim, it was following a reasonably successful tone with Japan and South Korea. When he spoke of Putin, he need not have bitten hook, line and sinker and derided his intelligence people. When he spoke in China, he kowtowed to Xi and denigrated his predecessors without blaming China as he vociferously did during the campaign. In a nutshell, what is said about narcissists is true with him – you butter him up, he will praise you. You criticize him, he will attack you. But, even more, he feels he must opine, when the far better strategy would be to let it go.

  3. Firstly Keith: These days I expect nothing better from that oaf in The Whitehouse and hope for your national deliverance (the Electoral College should now be quietly shuffled off)
    Secondly: It is a sad reflection that there are folk so inured in their hatred of the opposition that they were vote for a child molester who remains unapologetic (and seems to be avoiding the due processes of law).
    It is time for a very strong, mature, hard-nosed person of either party to rise and start shaking sense into the whole process….Any one spring to mind?
    (Meanwhile we have Brexit……which resembles a plot which even Gilbert and Sullivan might have found unworkable….Possibly the only person who could have made it presentable in its current state would have been one of late, eccentric but brilliant comics Spike Milligan)

    • Roger, I guess I have to ask those that support the alleged child molester, how can you look at your children and still support this man? The same held true last October when more of Trump’s sexual assaults and his own words came to the forefront. How could you look at your spouse and daughters and support this man?

      Our President goes against the grain of what a moral, ethical, righteous man would do. Only because he supports (at least now) a pro-birth stance, has he become acceptable. He can assault the environment, assault women, assault civil rights and assault the media, but he is acceptable because of the pro-birth stance.

      I am reading a book which speaks of bringing disparate views to the table. A reference was made to getting the “middle 80%” involved and ignoring the 10% on either end. That is where we need to go. Unfortunately, that is how it used to be done.


      • Quite so Keith.
        There is too much pandering to the loud minority who stalk the media like plague carriers.
        Let us hope this nightmare soon passes.

      • Roger, this will be a drawn out affair, unfortunately with Manafort’s trial in March. With that said, it will get much more interesting with the next set of indictments. Keith

  4. Dear Keith,

    There are other women coming forward to accuse Judge Moore of inappropriate sexual type groping and offensive behaviors while they were in H.S.

    Judge Moore claimed that he never met Beverly Young Nelson before in his life. Today, his attorney said that she was not being truthful when she said that she never saw him again after 1979. It seems that Judge Moore signed the order for her divorce from a Mr. Harris in 1999. But that means he was lying because he was the one aggressively stating that he had never met her in the past. Then his attorney commented that a writing expert reviewed the writing in Mrs.Nelson’s yearbook, and it was determined that it was not Judge Moore’s writing. Frankly, I don’t believe the attorney.

    It is easy to pile on Ms. Allred as the right can’t stand her.

    We’ll see what happens.

    Hugs, Gronda. .

    • Gronda, the ex-judge wants her annual. She said she will release it to a bonafide effort in the state Senate to review. The judge has reputation for prowling around teen girls. That is just what you want in a senator. Keith

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