Some men in power are running scared right now

If you are a man in power and have used your power to sexually harass or assault a subordinate colleague or third party, my guess is you are running a little scared right now. Sexually assaulted and harassed women (and men) are more empowered to tell stories that have eaten away at them for years.

Ex-judge and Senate candidate Roy Moore keeps asking why are these women coming forward now? Really? First, you apparently assaulted and harassed these women as impressionable teens and used your power as local DA to silence them. Second, you are interviewing to be a Senator of the United States. But, just read the news and you will know why these women are coming forward now.

Yet, if he did join the Senate, he will find some company in the halls of Congress on sexual assaulting and harassing women (and men). At least two have been noted to have either disrobed in front of a female staffer or French kissed one on the floor of Congress. Now, Senator Al Franken has been accused of sexual assault for inappropriately kissing a woman shortly before becoming Senator.

Then, there is the current President who has been accused by sixteen women of sexual assault, some who came forward before he was caught on the Access Hollywood tape admitting to such groping because he could get away with it. Yet, what failed to garner attention is the man admitted twice on the creepy Howard Stern show that he liked to walk in on unclothed beauty pageant contestants because he owned the franchise. That would include teen girls in the Miss Teen USA pageant. This, by itself, should have made him lose the election. It is too bad Harvey Weinstein was not accused last year, as that would have sealed Trump’s fate as the sexual assaulter he has admitted to be.

Yet, Hillary’s husband was also a known philanderer. I don’t know if he assaulted them, but he did use his power to garner attention. Bill Clinton will be remembered for being a good President who balanced the budget and under whom more jobs were created than any other President. But, he will also be remembered as a skirt chaser. To her credit and resolve, Hillary stood by her husband, but I hope she slapped the crap out of him when he needed it.

If our leadership dishonors their position, regardless of party, they need to be held accountable. A Speaker of the House was forced to resign a few years ago for taking advantage of young wrestler he coached and he paid for silence. If we have members of Congress who have sexually assaulted women or men, then they need to do the right thing. The same holds true for Roy Moore and should have held (and should still hold) true for the Man in the White House.

If some of these leaders are worried about future accusations, they have no one else to blame. As for the ex-judge, my guess is there will be more to come forward.

26 thoughts on “Some men in power are running scared right now

  1. Dear Keith,

    There is still almost a month before election day on December 12, 2017 where many more accusers will come forward. I am looking for information about any serious dalliances that occurred after he was married in 1985. Let his wife fix him permanently.

    You are so right, that any male running around with a guilty conscience has to be shaking in his boots, and rightfully so.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Gronda, we have discussed a couple of times how more Moore accusers will come forward. And, they have and will. As for Congress, unfortunately the numbers are more than a few. We need folks to step down or sanctioned if guilty depending on the severity.

      I was thinking of the movie “Charlie Wilson’s War” where the Congressman was renowned skirt chaser. Keith

  2. Well said, Keith. I don’t think any of us realized how widespread this abuse of power is until the Weinstein accusers broke open the dam. I am glad to see these women coming forward, for otherwise I think the culture of men in power using and abusing women was about to become the new norm, socially accepted as one of those things where people just shrug their shoulders and say, “it is what it is”. Sadly, some still think that way, obviously, judging by the fact that Trump and Moore still have supporters who don’t appear fazed by their exploits. Good post.

    • Jill, it does seem to be more widespread than we may have hoped. Of course, Moore is using this as the Democrats and establishment GOP trying to keep him out. I hope there are enough people in Alabama to see passed this ploy of his. On the flip side, it did not turn out that way last year. Keith

      • I’m with you on that … and Jones is leading in the polls, so there is hope. But I’m also too well aware that Clinton was leading in the polls until the bitter end, and look what happened. It would seem that there are some who are willing to overlook an awful lot just to … to what? I’m not even sure what it is they think he offers, other than his religious convictions and willingness to go against the rule of law. My fingers will remain crossed until the end of the day on December 12th.

  3. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    I don’t think any of use realized just how widespread the abuse of women by men with power was until the Weinstein affair, and even now, we are likely only seeing the tip of the iceberg. Friend Keith has written a timely post that I urge you to read. We need to ensure that we don’t let the culture of men in power using and abusing women become the norm. Thank you, Keith, for this post and implied permission to share.

    • Agreed. In the case of Moore, many of these women have carried this baggage for forty years. I also learned from the news, it is not uncommon teenage girls to be exposed to sexual harassment and assault with their first employer at a fast food restaurant. So, it need not be high level power that creates the circumstances – more often it is that grabby supervisor. Keith

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  5. Keith: Here in the UK, it is Kevin Spacey’s abuse of his power that is hitting the news media. As director of ‘The Old Vic,’ Spacey has abused his position to grope and possibly sexually assault young male performers. I think that there are over 20 allegations now.

    What all of this tells us, is that there is a shift in the human consciousness. We are waking up out of old (and previously accepted) patterns of behaviour. I see it as the first signs of a new beginning. As with all spring cleanings… We have to get rid of the rotten wood, the old creaking floors and the accumulated dirt before we can give the place a new and rejuvenated life.
    The more people put their minds to it…the faster the task will be of disposing of the awful clutter and bad taste of the past!

    • Colette, it makes it more bothersome when it is someone who you enjoy as an entertainer or a politician who is doing the right things otherwise. I was a huge fan of Bill Cosby’s comedy as a boy and could repeat several of his routines. His use of a date drug broke my heart. And, we should not forget JFK, for all the good he tried to do in his short time, had more than a few dalliances, the most famous of which was Marilyn Monroe. Like Bill Clinton, they may have been consensual, but they were because of his powerful position. Keith

  6. Every woman I know has been sexually harassed and so many have been assaulted. I’m not surprised by the volume of accusations coming to light. Some wonder why women don’t always report the abuse. There are so many reasons, not least being that it has been normalized as part of our experiences as women basically from young childhood. When we speak up and tell, we are told that “you should feel flattered” or questioned on what we did to attract the attention. I am so glad that men and women are speaking up about their abusers. “Me Too” highlights just how pervasive the problem is. May justice and karma find those that abuse their power.

    • Amaya, thanks for your comment. One only needs to look at the low reporting of rape cases in the military. The victim is ostracized, whether it is in the military or on a college campus. In business, a male manager or high performing male individual contributor fears little, so the harassed or assaulted women feel they do not stand a chance. As the income becomes even more dear to the woman, she will either take it and say nothing or leave. As we found with the CEO of Carl’s Jr. who withdrew his nomination of Sec of Labor earlier this year, sexual harassment and assault are quite common in the restaurant and retail industries. These stores are run like little fiefdoms away from their corporate franchise holder, so the managers fear little retaliation. Keith

  7. Note to Readers: Watching Mark Shieds and David Brooks summarize the week for PBS Newshour a few minutes ago. A few comments about this topic jumped out:
    – Brooks said for those who continue to support Roy Moore are saying politics is more important than morality. He said the bible speaks against this very thing, so there is “heresy” in his followers to ignore the pattern of predatory behavior.
    – Trump ignoring the Moore issue and then highlighting the Franken issue reeks of politics and places Trump’s own sexual assaults into question. Brooks noted Trump is being hypocritical six ways passed Sunday. Shields noted that Trump said he was going to sue all of the women who accused him, which he has not. Remembering this, one of the attorneys said last year for him to “bring it on.”
    – They both viewed Franken’s issue at a different level than Weinstein, Moore and Trump. He was contrite and it appears to be one incident. With that said, the Democrat party stands for women, so he may need step down or be sanctioned, at the very least. I think he should step down, as matter of principle.

    Watching Sarah Huckabee-Sanders, she made a curious and erroneous distinction between Franken and Trump – Trump has not admitted this while Franken had. Ms. Sanders, Trump has admitted and even bragged of his sexual assaults or harassment on at least three occasions on tape. And, I do not buy his “locker room talk ” excuse one bit, as it mirrors claims by accusers even before the Access Hollywood tape was revealed. I also would like to see the videos from The Apprentice that Trump sued not to release. Sorry Sarah, your boss is a sexual assaulter.

  8. No matter how much they wriggle and deny, this will be impart their legacy, and what they will be remembered for. A sort of justice.

      • Do you remember all the sanctimonious outrage from all of the Republican wing during Bill Clinton’s antics?
        Now we hear but a murmur.

      • Roger, Clinton was indeed a philanderer. And, he used power to influence women, but as far as I know he was not a pedophile or a sexual assaulter. That does not condone his actions, but is an attempt to identify them.

        What troubles me most is the current President admitted on three occasions what he was accused of, several of whom accused before the last occasion, the Access Hollywood. Reading a women’s accusation before the October, 2016 so called “locker room talk” is eery in how close she tracked Trump’s modus operandi. He should have lost the election after this release. Where was the needed outcry?

        Trump has always liked to brag on his exploits. He even mimicked his own PR person and often called into a New York radio station to brag on himself. That does not make him a sexual assaulter, but does offer evidence as to why he was beating on his chest to Howard Stern and on the Access Hollywood tape. Keith

  9. Note to Readers: If you want to make your skin crawl, read some of the excerpts from the fifteen hours worth of Howard Stern and Donald Trump. For Americans, the interviews will remind you of the juvenile conversations between cartoon teens Beavis and Butthead. I was looking for confirmation and found where Trump bragged on walking in on unclothed teen beauty pageant (and adult ones) because he sponsored the Miss Teen USA pageant. For Trump’s PR person to say Trump has never admitted sexual assault, overlooks these Stern to interviews and the Access Hollywood tape wher he we’ve beyond admitting – he bragged he did it and delighted that he could do so without repercussion.

    Let me say this loudly and clearly – this bragging is far worse than Roy Moore’s denials.

  10. Note to Readers: I am so disillusioned that Charlie Rose, the award winning journalist has been accused by eight women, three of whom used their name. This ranks up there with Bill Cosby being accused in terms bursting a bubble.

    Also Al Franken has a second accuser, this time while he was a sitting Senator. I am hard pressed to see him not stepping down. I also think pressure should be brought on the President to resign. Not only did he admit he was guilty of sexual assault, he bragged on it. His boasting matches the accusations of many women. There is huge hypocrisy in his saying grace over others who have done much less than he has. Keith

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