Happy Thanksgiving All

Even for our friends who do not celebrate Thanksgiving, peace be with you. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, bar none. Nineteen of us will sit down to dinner and fellowship.

This will need to be short as more preparation is required. We have been at this for ten days, but thank goodness people will be bringing food, drinks or ice.

Please remember this season all of the things to be thankful for. Also, note good news is vastly underreported and bad news is vastly overreported, so things are never as bad as they seem. With that said, there are too many who do without or less than we do in this country and world. There are too many that live in a more dangerous area than we do and are ostracized and disenfranchised daily.

Let’s be thankful for what we have and remember those who are not as comfortable as we are or are in severe need. All the best.

19 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving All

  1. Keith I hope you’ve had a wonderful thanksgiving. Everyone gathered at my house this year so dinner was me. It is a great time to be with family and friends all together. The last few years we gals have discussed serving at a homeless place downtown but so far we haven’t. We really Must spread the good. Take care and enjoy the day! Holly

  2. happy thanksgiving to you and your family, keith.. you are so right about those who have less… a new family is moving into the riverhouse to watch over the pump and shrimp ponds.. in going through remaining items in the kitchen, i left her the plastic wrap and alum foil and other items. she did not know what they were, and i showed her some ways to use them… sometimes it’s the most basic example to remind us of how blessed we are!

  3. I hope your day was wonderful, Keith. Nineteen people!!! I think the most we ever had was 12, and that was a houseful! Your words seem prophetic in light of the massacre at the mosque in Egypt this morning.

    • Jill, we had a great time. We are still tidying up today. The Egypt attack shows why most violence is traceable to religion. A different lens on the same religion causes hatred and murder. In the case of Christianity, it has had its share of killings in the name of religion. And, the Church of England was created because a horny King, which may be the worst reason to start a church. You want a supreme being to tell all of these folks to “get out of the pool” until they can learn to play better. Keith

      • Exactly! Send them all to separate corners of the earth. But … there are not enough corners to hold them all, I fear. Glad you had a great Thanksgiving … isn’t it funny … one spends a week in preparation, then several days cleaning up thereafter, and all for a few short hours. 🙂

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