Three More Renewable Energy Tidbits

In an effort to highlight continuing good news on the renewable energy front, here are three new stories. First, Google has now invested more than twice the nearest company or organization in renewable energy. Google can claim that they generate enough power through renewable energy to cover 100% of their global electricity needs in data centers and offices. Amazon does a lot as well, but they are in a distant second.

Second, Elon Musk’s Tesla Company is primarily a battery company parading as an electric car company. Last week, forty days ahead of schedule, Tesla switched on a 100 MW lithium ion superbattery storage facility in Southern Australia, which will help power 30,000 homes through renewable wind energy provided by French company Neoen. Musk said in the spring if they could not deliver on the promise in 100 days, the batteries and installation would be free.

Third, last week in Miami, the second annual conference on Companies vs. Climate Change was held. Companies like Ford, GM, Walmart, and Mars, e.g. were in attendance. While all regret the President announcing the US pull out of the Paris Climate Change Accord, they are not letting that stop their movement down the path of battling climate change.

It would be nice if the President supported global efforts, but he cannot stop the significant progress that is occurring. And, as one climate scientist has said, Trump did everyone a favor by the announced withdrawal, as it has heightened the urgency and brought even more attention to the problem.

Let’s keep up the momentum.

5 thoughts on “Three More Renewable Energy Tidbits

  1. As much as I admire Elon Musk, I hope he’s not over-extending himself financially or production-wise. With Trump doing everything he can to pull us into back into the last century, it’s important to have big wins showing successful innovation and leadership.

    • Janis, that is a legitimate concern. His car production may be overextended. As for the battery storage, this is a major breakthrough and will hasten the further, much needed demise of coal. Keith

  2. Significant progress, indeed! Here in Minnesota solar farms are appearing with regularity. We have one a few miles South of our house that is about 1 mile square — and I can count on four more, not quite as large, within minutes of home! It is heartening.

    • Hugh, thanks for the heartening update of what is happening in Minnesota. I read a year or so ago that your state was one of the top states in wind energy, as well. We are passed the tipping point on renewable energy, yet the White House is filled with people who do not know this or choose not to. Keith

  3. Note to Readers: Seeing the Companies vs Climate Change gathering reminds me of the foundation of two organizations. At the Paris meeting on climate change, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos et al founded The Breakthrough Energy Coalition to further renewable energy and technology improvements. The other is a coalition of cities who meet and share successes to combat climate change and improve conservation.

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