Moore and Alabama Republicans

It was reported yesterday that ex-Judge Roy Moore is believed by 71% of Alabama Republicans. These folks believe all of the women who have come forward have fabricated his pedophile and teen trolling tendencies as a Democrat plot to smear him.

I have one simple question for the Alabama Republicans who are parents and grandparents. Would you right now trust Roy Moore to give your teen daughter a ride home? While we are at it, would you let Donald Trump give her a ride home?

If you can honestly answer the first question yes, then you may want to consider why women like these are all coming forward at great pains to describe sexual assault or harassment by men such as Weinstein, Cosby, O’Reilly, Ailes, Rose, Lauer, Franken, Conyers, and, yes, Trump and Moore. The reason as to why now is they finally believe their voice will be heard.

To be frank, Moore has been very self-incriminating in his responses to questions. He has provided confusing responses about whether he knew these women as girls. And, his reputation as a teen girl troll seems to have been known to more than a few. This indicates the power of a local DA, since, no one took the time to directly accuse him and tell him to cease and desist.

People will vote the way the want, but I would encourage folks to reconsider that ride home question. Would you let your teen daughter ride home with Roy Moore? My answer is clear – I would not trust Moore or Trump with my daughter at any age. It is that simple. And, neither of these men deserve to be in public office.

31 thoughts on “Moore and Alabama Republicans

  1. This entire situation is sickening. And now that we have our sexual assaulter in chief supporting him, the RNC is as well. I’ve been registered as an Independent for the past 34 years because I wanted the freedom to be able to vote across party lines. Although I’ve voted Democratic in every presidential election, I have voted Republican a few times on down ballot races. Well, not any more. I’m going to be changing my party affiliation to the Democrats. I can’t even stomach the thought of being associated with the Republican Party in any way.🤬

    • Kim, thanks for your comment. I am Independent as well, but tend to vote for more Democrats like you do. While I like Senator Franken and Congressman Conyers, they need to step down. As I write this, the news just announced Conyers won’t rerun and the RNC is now investing in Moore’s campaign. Accountability and morality do not seem to matter to the RNC.

      I hope the Independents, Democrats and women turn out for this election. Keith

  2. Dear Keith,

    I actually had hoped Senator Al Fraken would run for president, but not anymore. Now, I wouldn’t vote for him for dog catcher.

    We can truly say that the republicans have sold their soul to the devil to insure that one Alabaman US senate seat remains ensconced in republicans hands.

    I hope this blows up on them like a huuuge stink bomb. They don’t deserve the honor they had been granted by their constituents/ voters.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Gronda, I agree on both counts. Republicans, in general, and in Alabama need to consider closely the path they are about to embark on. The moral high ground is a lonely place. Supporting Moore to have the votes for the Tax Bill and other conservative agenda items will haunt them and should. Ironically, with the Trump and RNC official support and McConnell’s spineless change, one of the accusers shows a card ol’ Roy wrote to her. Now ol’ Roy is saying he meant to say he did not know the others who accused of sexual misconduct, not the one who has proven he did.


  3. Note to Readers: Many things trouble me about Roy Moore, but one thing that bothers me most is similar to what bothers me about a Trump. Not only did they sexually assault and harass, but they feel their position or wealth allowed them to get away with it. Moore told these teen girls that they needed to keep quiet as he was the DA. Call me crazy, but in my bible, Jesus was not very kind to leaders abusing power. I say this as I saw a church sign in Alabama that said Jesus would vote for Roy. I beg to differ.

  4. I completely agree with you about Moore. Did you notice that there is only one from your list that actually asked for an investigation on himself? Yes, my senator Franken. When the first accuser came out I was dumbfounded, probably like a lot of people. But something just didn’t sit well with me. Something smelled really funny. Now, I don’t know him personally but I have met him several times and have read a few of his books. I even have a photo with him and his arm is on my shoulder. I of course don’t have the answers but the fact that he himself asked for an investigation and apologized speaks volumes to me. It also confirms for me the kind of person he is. I say let the investigation go forward and let’s have him be innocent until proven guilty. His other accusers? I still find it hard to believe he did any of those things. If my gut is wrong, so be it and I will be extremely disappointed and then he would likely resign. But until then, I am reserving judgment. Remember the “swiftboating” of John Kerry? To me, this smells just like that.

    • Toby, I am also a fan of Al Franken – he does his homework and asks good questions. There is a difference between what he has done following the accusations and the others like Moore, Trump, Conyers et al. But, it looks like he may need to step down given the other women coming forward. Keith

      • Dear Keith, I was initially giving Al Franken the benefit of the doubt when LeeAnn Tweeden was the first to come forward. She had been a commentator who was a frequent guest on the FOX Hannity show and then conveniently, Roger Stone seemed to advertise his knowledge about this story before it was made public by the media.

        But too many others have come forward, to where I am ashamed of having initial doubts. I am afraid that he is guilty. I have to go where the facts lead me.

        Hugs, Gronda

      • Except that 3 of them are anonymous. Which leaves one extremely questionable accuser and two others. I’m still reserving judgment until the investigation is completed.

      • Toby, I fully understand your point, but an unfortunate challenge is we cannot choose to believe the women only when they come out against people in the other tribe. We are witnessing this with Moore and Trump, both of whom have histories of this.

        Plus, some folks I hold in high regard are being accused. I have been a huge fan of Bill Cosby dating back to the 6th grade when I had two of his albums.

        I just learned this week in a excellent documentary on Bob Hope that he was referred to as an “Olympian philanderer.” Even though he was married for 69 years, his wife knew.

        I applaud Franken asking for the ethics review, but we just need to be mindful of the double standard. I am hopeful that the defamation lawsuit against Trump by one of his accusers will be allowed to go forward. Keith

  5. Sorry, I’m back. Amazingly this didn’t get a lot of air play:

    This and other things are what made me go “hmmmmmmm…..”. You probably recall that it was the same Roger Stone who made a comment about Podesta’s emails in which he used the exact same phrase “Podesta’s time in the barrel”:

    Okay, I’m done mucking up your nice post now.

    • Toby, you will never be construed as mucking anything up. Like Paul Manafort and Karl Rove, Roger Stone is a professional liar. They are paid to perfume any pig, so when they say things it should give anyone pause. They make their money to distract, diffuse and defray. The President follows their model to a T. Bad news needs to be distracted or transferred. When Trump plays the Hillary card it usually means he is guilty of what he is accused of. Unfortunately for Franken, he has enough errors of judgment tp be highlighted. Keith

      • Toby, a quick PS. I am firmly convinced that people like Stone, Manafort and Rove do opposition research on any public figure of renown. They likely scroll social media for potentially bad news and videos to be used when necessary.

      • awe, thanks. and this is all disgusting. I can’t picture Al doing any of the things he’s accused of. If he does resign I’ll be the first in line to buy the book he will undoubtedly write about this experience.

      • Thanks Toby. One of the sad things about opposition research is many good candidates choose not to run because of the scrutiny on their imperfect lives. Every recorded bad, immature or impulsive decision will be fair game, including your family’s.

    • Dear Tobyo and Keith,

      I have been doing some thinking since I wrote my previous comment. I had to admit that I had my doubts with the 1st accuser who came forward. It is my natural inclination/ bias to believe the women but to be honest I did not do my homework. I had formed an opinion based on my bias and the reporting that multiple women had come forward, without doing the most minimal amount of research. Upon reflection, a little research and upon his conference speech at the end, I am rethinking my stance.

      I may very well be doing a blog on this. But for now, I am willing to admit that his situation could be the result of a political hit job.

      He did not get due process. If it is discovered that what has happened to Sen. Franken has been the result of one of Roger Stone’s political “dirty tricks” operations, for which he is infamous for, he can still run for president and I will vote for him. If he hasn’t left the US Senate by the time all is exposed, the democrats had better let him stay with lots of mea culpas.

      What has been replaying in my mind is what LeeAnn Tweedom who has repeatedly indicated that she was not looking for Al Franken to lose his job.

      My mea culpas and Hugs, Gronda

      • oh hey Gronda! Thank you for showing me that my efforts are not in vain. This is a huge loss to my state, the country and the world at large. Franken is one of the most intelligent and effective senators we have had and it’s a shame he never got the investigation he deserved. There are many who feel the same as I do and now you as well. I will leave you with one more slightly long post but it’s worth the read. I especially like the diarist’s list at the end. Indeed, had the Democrats heeded this advice I might still have my great senator:,-Putinbots-all-over-it:-how-to-deal-with-the-horrific-possibility

      • Ladies, I love Al Franken. He had done a great service to the country. If he had not done the photo, he may have survived this. The photo is damning. I do not disagree there is some piling on subterfuge going on. See my comment below about the Trump-Stern interviews. But, we also should not forget that there is a threat of lawsuit against one of “The Apprentice” staffers if he dared release some recorded footage of the lascivious Trump making more of those “locker room” comments. Keith

  6. Note to Readers: Senator Al Franken resigned a few minutes ago. This follows Congressman Conyers’ resignation yesterday. While both have made contributions in their roles, they must resign given the accusations. I do applaud Franken for raising the need for an ethics review, but he has become part of the problem and is a distraction.

    Yet, I do want to highlight the contrast he raised that we have a President who admitted sexual assault on tape which jives with accusations many made before the tape was made public. And, the Republican Party who had thrown its support behind an accused pedophile and teen troll. As an Independent voter, we must demand action when the incumbent or potential incumbent defames the office. It matters not the party. The GOP leadership did the right thing initially with Moore, but kowtowed to the sexual assaulting President when he threw his support behind Moore. I guess it takes one to know one.

    • yes, where are the calls for the chump’s resignation??? or at the VERY LEAST an investigation into the more than a dozen accusations (I think it’s up to 20 now…) and not one of them is anonymous! (half of Franken’s accusers were anonymous which is also suspect) There was a defamation case in NY against him that I think was supposed to get started last week. Chump’s lawyers argued that he is too busy to participate in that trial. I didn’t follow up on that but….uh……seems to me another president DID face trial while he was president and was impeached over it…….

      • Toby, I would love to see the fifteen hours of interviews between Trump and Howard Stern surface more. During these Beavis and Butthead-like sessions, Trump brags on his ability to walk in on naked and near naked teen beauty pageant contestants. These interviews jibe with his boasting on the Access Hollywood tapes. I find it typical Trump that he acknowledge it was his voice dismissing it as “locker room talk” a year ago, but last week implied it may have been contrived. This is vintage Trump, a little boy who will deny he did it when cornered. And, this is the role model many chose? Keith

      • the ones that choose him as role model is not the majority. we have to get those people to vote. it’s the only way to stop this horror. well, that and the Mueller investigation. come on Mueller! another indictment or two as Christmas presents? please?!?!?!??

      • and yes, those interviews didn’t get much air play during the election. I found out about these too but I don’t remember if it was before or after the election…..

      • Toby, Trump was able to keep the attention on HRC and not his past. Stern said he did not want to release the interviews so as not to dissuade future guests – he voted for HRC by the way. Trump did not want The Apprentice footage released and threaded suit. What frustrates me is the lack of coverage of the woman who accused Trump of alleged rape when she was 13. She had a hearing schedule last December, but she backed off. She was not a credible witness, but there was a court date set to hear what info she had. Keith

      • yes, he had a lot of help from the media and the Russians. I read that the woman who accused him of rape was getting death threats(not sure of source so don’t quote me) and that’s why it was dropped?

      • Toby, the death threats is what I recall, but she could have accepted a settlement. I recall she was about to go national with her attorney and then did a no show with a prepared statement. Keith

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