Wednesday wonderings

Happy Hump Day to all! Please permit me some alliterative license to wonder this Wednesday about a few events in the US and around the world.

I wonder what folks in Russia are thinking when their leader sanctions state sponsored cheating to win the medal count in the Olympics? To be kicked out of the Olympics was a surprise, but necessary result.

I wonder what folks in America, who do not believe the Russians influenced and are still influencing our elections and civil discourse, think after seeing the Russians banned from the Olympics. Let me say it plainly, if Putin is willing to cheat over Olympic competition, don’t you think he would cheat in influencing elections that would be in his favor in other countries?

I wonder what Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa was thinking when he was quoted in the Des Moines Register to support the Tax Bill favoring wealthy Americans, “I think not having the estate tax recognizes the people that are investing. As opposed to those that are just spending every darn penny they have, whether it’s on booze or women or movies.” This quote is highly offensive and betrays a line of thinking that is too often felt by those who “have.” No, Mr. Grassley, most Americans are living paycheck to paycheck to buy groceries, medicines, day care services and to pay rent (or mortgages),utilities and bills. I called his office to share my concern over the Tax Bill and to register that this quote is in extremely poor form.

I wonder what the US President is attempting to accomplish with citing Jerusalem as the capitol city in Israel? This move is being condemned by almost every nation as unnecessary and inflammatory. Is it to appease an evangelical base in the US or is it part of some master peace plan? If the latter, many experts I have listened to note that this will likely derail any peace process. Even the ones who have not been totally against it, say if it is to be helpful, then there are very subtle and delicate words that must be used. I am not confident that this President is up to that task, as it is not in his nature. Even beyond his prepared words he will use today, he has shown a bent to unwind progress with his inability to leave it alone.

I wonder why some people are having a hard time believing that Senate candidate Roy Moore sexual assaulted and harassed teen girls. It was not a secret that the man trolled malls looking for pretty teens to exploit. And, he cannot defend himself as his words get in the way. Mr. Moore, did you know these girls or not? When you have trouble answering the question, it means two things to me. Either you are lying or there are so many you cannot possibly remember them. One thing is for certain, they remember you.

I wonder why GOP Congressional leadership are using robocalls and commercials to sell me on their Tax Bills. Only 29% of Americans support the bills and 64% of Americans think the bills favor the wealthy. As a I said in emails, voicemails and conversations with staff of these politicians, we cannot increase the debt as these tax bills do (and should be reducing it) and please do not tell me how much they favor the middle class, when it is obvious who greatly benefits from them. Our friend Gronda refers to them as the “Donor Relief Fund.” Please let them know of your concerns.

I wonder.


14 thoughts on “Wednesday wonderings

      • it’s almost as if he is TRYING to start a war!! ANY war. pretty soon he’s bound to find some takers. he’s an absolute disgrace. and I’m fairly certain he’s a criminal. I guess I should be fair and let the Mueller investigation play out. any guesses as to how many charges? yea, me neither. but pretty sure there will be more.

      • Toby, I wonder if conservative news outlets are covering this issue in an unbiased way. The unrest this man has created is an unforced error. It is in keeping with his bent to divide, not unite. Keith

      • Agreed. When he said during the campaign he liked to be unpredictable, he meant it positively. But, when the speaker does not do homework or pay attention to those that do coupled with no adherence to loyalty to historical relationships or context, his unpredictability is extremely dangerous.

  1. Note to Readers: One of my frustrations about reaching out to Congress is they are not listening. They want you to email them, but when you check off a subject per their list, they send you a form letter. I receive the same form letter quite often, even when I ask them not to. It is often an automated response. When I do call, I more often have to leave a message. When I do speak with a staffer, I feel they are burdened to take the heat. I try to be kind, but I am sure they are checking off a “for or against” ledger by subject. The only people being listened to are the benefactors of the Tax Bill.

    • Janis, he needs to hear this is unacceptable. When I encounter this when making speeches advocating for homeless families. I try to remedy the misconceptions. I witness hard working families who are very are no more likely to be addicted than the average person. Yet, there are conceptions like what Grassley espoused. I have some more choice remarks I will keep to myself. Keith

      • Note to Readers: Trickle down economics has been studied numerous times and the result is the approach has been deemed ineffective. But why? A quick example will help. If you give $100 to a rich person, they will tend to save or invest it. If you give the same $100 to a person living paycheck to paycheck, they will tend to spend it. So, in direct contrast to Senator Grassley’s offensive remark, the economy will stand a better chance of more growth if you give more spending to people in poverty or just above.

        A venture capitalist states it this way. Job creators is an insulting term. What creates jobs is customers. My recommendation if we feel we need to cut the corporate tax rate (a smaller cut than proposed), do just that and then increase the federal minimum wage to a living wage which is just over $10 per hour.

  2. Dear Keith,

    Because our president has lost his credibility with me, I view anything he does by questioning his motives and by trying to figure out, what was in it for him. In addition, his deciding to act regarding Jerusalem is an example of what I have been most afraid of him doing. In his current mental state, he is not capable of understanding the complexities of the middle east including Israel and inevitably, he could do real harm the the US national security interests.

    Hugs, Gronda

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