Contact your Senators, Congressperson and President

It would not be a surprise to know that the US Congress and White House are highly dysfunctional. They have long ago forgotten why they are there. It seems opinions of the donors and oligarchy are the only ones that matter. We need to make our voice louder and consistent. Irrespective of any party affiliation, we must cease with the tribal BS. The party you support does make mistakes, many of them. Don’t just accept them because they are made by folks in your tribe. And, if you think it is only the other party, think again.

Please call your Senators, Congressperson and President and tell them messages they need to hear.

  • Please do not pass a Tax Bill that favors the elite and tell us it does not do so. That is an insult and a lie.
  • Please do not pass a Tax Bill that increases our debt. It is expected by the CBO to go up by $10 trillion and will be over $30 trillion in 2027 without the Tax Bill. What do you plan to do about it?
  • Please do not support candidates that are legitimately accused by multiple women of sexual assault. If a party supports a candidate or incumbent who defames the office, they need to be chastised openly and continuously.
  • Please cease kowtowing to the whims of donors that get you to make less prudent decisions such as pulling out of the Paris Climate Change Accord or freeing gun rights even more, when we need to govern guns better.
  • Please work together to improve the Affordable Care Act and make it more sustainable, ceasing efforts to undermine the imperfect law.
  • Please support the rights of every American and cease beating up on the media. They are hard-working people who try to get it right. If they admit mistakes, that is a sure sign of good intent. We could learn from that.

That is all for now. Do call them. Emailing using their template is fine, but you will tend to get a form letter. If you leave an email, ask them to call you. THIS IS OUR COUNTRY! We need to take it back.


18 thoughts on “Contact your Senators, Congressperson and President

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  2. Note to Readers: Not increasing the debt ceiling is a poor time to get holy. The time to get holy is when the budget is set and laws are passed increasing the budget. Congress just passed a two week extension to pay for things. I am personally annoyed that we must celebrate tiny acts like this. Dems are pushing for some concessions, which has been their only chance since Reps are using the budget process to try to pass laws so they don’t need 60 votes. And, they have come up with some very poor bills as a result, such as the Tax Bills. As Reps chastise Dems, we should not forget Ted Cruz singlehandedly shutting down the government in October 2013 causing us to almost default on our debt. Note to legislators – do your job.

  3. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    Dear Readers,

    I know it seems that it seems we have talked about the ‘tax reform bill’ endlessly, and picked it apart like the bones from Sunday’s chicken, but this is one of the most destructive pieces of legislation currently in the works, and it is too important for us to stop talking now. We still stand a chance of changing the minds of enough to keep it from passing, and I think we cannot stop now. Keith has some suggestions for us to mount a final effort to keep Congress and Trump from raising our already-astronomical national debt, and hitting us where it hurts. Please take a moment to consider some of these ideas and let’s launch one final push to change the minds of some of our elected representatives! Thank you Keith, and thank you readers!

  4. Even your Republicans need to get in on the act. The tax bill and all it’s attachments do not favour them either. It favours the oligarchs and they must not be allowed to win and return the world to a feudal state under them. Picture yourself without an education because they won’t pay for free education and build a resistance against themselves.

    • David, this is a boondoggle for people who are very well off. It is not even disguised very well and has no operating mission other than giving more money to corporations and the elite. Trump supporters have no idea they have been conned.

      As a venture capitalist said in a Ted Talk, the term job creators is an insult. He asked “Do you know what creates jobs – customers?”

      Thanks for opining. Keith

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