Side of the Angels – Richard Shelby

I am not a huge fan of many of the positions of Republican Senator Richard Shelby, the senior Senator from Alabama. He tends to unyieldingly favor the banking industry at the expense of better regulations, for example.

Yet, I must give him a huge shout out for his political courage yesterday. He went on a televised political talk show to state his opposition to Senate candidate Roy Moore in his home state. He noted that he will not be voting for Moore saying the Republican Party can do better than this and he feels there must be a fire under so much smoke of sexual assault and harassment of teen girls. He will be writing in the name of another candidate.

I sent him note complimenting his courage as he will likely be unmercifully demeaned by the President, Steve Bannon and other Republicans. I mentioned the President has no currency on this issue. I told him he is on the “side of the Angels” on this and should be commended.

If Moore wins, there are four big losers. Our country loses as we seat a Senator who was banned from a mall for his trolling of young girls. Doubting Alabama voters should ask themselves why that happened? The state of Alabama loses as this is the third recent episode of sexual impropriety or corruption in elected officials, the latest being the previous Governor who had to resign.

The other two losers must be noted. Common decency loses. Our leaders need to be the best of us, not the worst of us. The office is more important than the incumbent, so when it is defamed, the incumbent needs to resign.

The final loser would be the Republican Party. With an incumbent President who has admitted to and boasted of sexual assault that he has been accused of and Moore, this makes the party look extremely poor. The image will echo for some time and should.

So, kudos to Senator Shelby. You are trying to serve your constituents and your oath.

14 thoughts on “Side of the Angels – Richard Shelby

    • Roger, I am hopeful his comments will help keep this pedophile out of the Senate. I did see where all of Trump’s accusers are banding together to request an investigation of Trump by Congress. Neither man deserves to be an incumbent in these high offices. Keith

      • Sad to say Keith I think it is safe to say that with regard to the standards of the office in terms of moral fibre, judgement, and leadership of a nation, the USA is without a president.

      • Roger, you won’t get an argument from me. I have never seen a man so undeserving being in a leadership position. I cite this quote often, but a true leader deflects credit to others, while s poor one will assume credit even when it is undeserved. Every decision, conscious or impulsive, made by this man is related to his ego. Keith

      • Roger, he loves being in the news so much, when it lessens, a staffer said he looks to inject himself into it. He truly makes my wife and me ill when we see his picture behind the newscaster. Keith

  1. Note to Readers: Several folks have commented on Moore’s lack of veracity before the pedophila accusations. Yet another example surfaced the other day when Moore said we should return to a better time for family values like we had before the Civil War. A key part that he may be overlooking is many folks were enslaved at that time. That makes it harder on a family. Why would he say such a thing?

    • He wasn’t overlooking that. He also said that he thought Getting rid of amendments after 10th would ‘eliminate many problems’.
      Which includes slavery, women’s vote, voter rights and civil rights. He really thinks slavery was just a thing that was OK? I guess. Certainly he thinks women shouldn’t vote.

      He will be elected tomorrow, dollars to donuts. That’s where this country is. Rampant hypocritical rationalization. People vote for self identity, not for rational reasons. If they identify as conservative, they then vote it and endorse all that means, even when it wanders away from their ethics.

      If we just got rid of parties we might have better government.

      • I am hoping for a Jones victory as a knock on the Bannon tribe which is a divisive and nationalistic group within America. There is a reason Moore was not supported by the RNC against Luther Strange. We should not lose sight of this, which is evidenced in Moore and Bannon bigoted rhetoric.

    • Thanks Lisa. The Senators make it easy to send them comments. He might read one that says “Thanks Senator.” Fingers crossed for Alabama. Which direction will they choose?

  2. Note to Readers: One of the sad things shown us by the President and his mentor Vladimir Putin, is how easy it is to make things up and disseminate fake stories. Both do it often and work hard to discredit serious news organizations.

    Several fake stories have been introduced to combat the claims against Moore. The most powerful fake story is one that leverages a small true fault and is believable. One Moore story says an accuser recanted which is not true and another uses one accuser writing a contextual addenda to Moore’s note. People say the whole written piece is now untrue, which is a false claim per the woman.

  3. Note to Readers: After Doug Jones surprising victory yesterday, Republican Senator Jeff Flake said if best – “Decency wins.” For those who say what a good man Roy Moore is, the words that come to my mind are bigotry, unlawfulness and pedophilia. The middle one gets overlooked as it is not sensational, but this former judge was fired twice for not following the law. We cannot have people thumb their nose at the law, irrespective of whether they agree with the law or not, especially when they are a judge or senator.

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