Wednesday Wanderings

One of my favorite hiking shirts draws comments given the slogan on the back – “all who wander are not lost.” In search for the right alliterative match to a Wednesday review of various and sundry topics, allow me to walk out “wanderings.” So, lace up your hiking boots and lets wander a bit.

Decency Won: The Senate vote in Alabama had a pleasant surprise with Doug Jones defeating Roy Moore in a close race. I applaud the citizens of Alabama for doing the right thing. Retiring Republican Senator Jeff Flake said, “Decency won.” This says it all. For those Moore proponents who say Moore is a fine man, that may be the case, but the three words that come to my mind are “bigotry, unlawfulness, pedophilia.” The middle word is overlooked as the former Judge was fired twice for disobeying the law. We all must obey the laws whether or not we agree with them, but especially our judges and senators. Jones is a good man and public servant.

Emmanuel Macron assumes a Climate Leadership role: A continuing frustration is the ceding by the US President of our leadership role in the world. Pulling out of the Paris Climate Change Accord is a key example of this, as the US President is too beholden to fossil fuel interests and money. French President Emmanuel Macron hosted a meeting this week where foreign leaders discussed dealing with climate change and a noticeable absence was Donald Trump, who was not invited. The US had people there, but not in a capacity of the federal government. The US is no longer at the adult table. Macron has followed through on inviting renowned scientists to conduct research in France and, out of eighteen grant recipients, 13 of them came from the US. Fortunately, good things are happening even in the US, but it would be nice if the federal government aided and abetted this important cause and did not throw up road blocks.

Nevada legislature reverses utility anti-neutral pricing on solar energy: In a huge change, the Nevada governor signed earlier this year a bipartisan law to overturn a highly contentious and job-impacting utility decision to pay solar energy homeowners less than they charge back for electricity. In short, when the sun shines more power is produced than needed and is sold to the utility. When the homeowner needs more electricity they buy it back from the utility who had been charging a higher rate after their decision. This cost jobs and new development and it did not take the legislature long to realize the sun shines a lot in Nevada and this is where the cheaper and cleaner energy future resides. So, they passed a law to get back to neutral pricing or close thereto, giving the utility a minor transaction fee. Now, the solar energy boon which stalled as a result of the utility action, has taken off again.

Joe Biden is a class act: Former Vice President Joe Biden is making the talk show circuit to discuss his new book about his relationship with his son Beau who died of brain cancer. When he stopped by “The View,” during the discussion Meghan McCain, daughter of Senator John McCain, broke down as she describe her father having the same cancer as Beau. Biden switched chairs with one of the co-hosts and comforted her and spoke to her and the audience. He said many encouraging words to give her hope and strength, but added her father was his best friend. If he ever needed him, John McCain would be there for him. His son Beau idolized McCain and spoke of his courage. Biden said John and him were brothers of a different father. They would argue over things, but deeply respect each other.

Thanks for wandering about with me. Please feel free to offer some of your reactions and wanderings.

14 thoughts on “Wednesday Wanderings

    • Yeah, Nevada surprised me. And I hope that decision will serve as an eye-opener for Idaho, whose Governor want to walk back on net-metering.

      I saw part of that interview with Joe Biden and Meghan McCain. What a class act he is. He really was the perfect VP for his president. We went from a class act administration to a pig party administration. What a dive into the depths.

      • Linda, what is cool is Nevada recognized not only the solar energy, but jobs impact. Too many don’t understand the jobs impact renewable energy has.

        It is long drop from Biden to Trump. Keith

    • Thanks Roger. There are a lot of good things going on that are so underreported. I wonder how our egotistical President feels about not being invited to a gathering of world leaders who are trying to save the planet? Keith

      • Oh he probably has some childish, undignified comment. He’s not the sort to work out no matter who you are you have to earn these invitations (maybe not in a nice way, earn them anyway)

      • Roger, he will likely say he is being treated unfairly. Remember when he feigned offense at Kim Jong Un calling him “old,” saying he would never say anything derogatory about him. Uh, Mr. Trump, “Rocketman?” Keith

  1. I enjoyed wandering with you, my friend. My hat is off to Mssr. Macron for stepping up to the plate and taking the reins dropped by the U.S. leadership. And Joe Biden … yes, he is indeed a man of class, a man of heart and compassion. I watched a clip of that segment of The View yesterday and … it touched my heart and had me reaching for a tissue.

    Thank you for sharing your wanderings with us!

  2. Note to Readers: Mark Shields said tonight on PBS Newshour that Doug Jones gave a very classy acceptance speech thanking people by name and saying he hoped to gain finding for the Children’s Health Plan that expired 9/30. As a sidebar, my former party focus on getting that tax cut for the rich, but cannot find the time to help 9 million poor kids. That is beyond poor form.

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