Fantasy Headlines in 2018 (or are they?)

The following are fantasy predictions of headlines based on opinions formulated over the last few years and months from actual news stories. Will some of them come true? Who knows, but I tried to come up with a plausible forecast, recognizing I took many liberties to tell a story.

Rex Tilllerson tenders his resignation; Trump names CIA Director Mike Pompeo new State head

Damaging videotapes from “The Apprentice” are released – Blacks, Jews outraged as Trump denies authenticity, threatens lawsuit of producer

Congress, Governors condemn Trump’s racist language in Apprentice tapes

More women come forward to accuse President of sexual assault after release of tapes; Trump says all are lying

Several female GOP Senators and Congress members add their voice asking for an ethics investigation of the President

Trump attacks Collins, Murkowski, Ernst for daring to condemn him

McCain, Corker, Flake and Graham call for  ethics investigation joining growing a number of female legislators

Huckabee-Sanders tenders resignation after being unable to defend President – Sources say she was fired

Congress yields to pressure for ethics investigation of the President. President, Bannon threaten all involved

Mueller indicts Jared Kushner on collusion with Russian agents and not reporting all financial dealings with foreign interests

Trump asks Sessions to have Mueller fired, Rosenstein and Sessions refuse to do so

Trump fires Sessions, appoints Chris Christie

Christie fires Rosenstein, Senate leadership assumes Mueller investigation

Mueller indicts Trump, Jr. for lying to the FBI, Senior says he is not involved throwing son under the bus

Trump tweets reveal a totally unhinged President causing alarm to supporters

Trump’s approval rating falls beneath 30% as base shows concern and support wanes

Senate leadership pushes Trump to consider resigning – he refuses calling them cowards

Trump is indicted for obstruction of justice and collusion with Russians

Congress begins the impeachment process, Ryan and McConnell again encourage Trump’s resignation

Putin turns on Trump saying he should consider resigning

Kelly, McMaster and Mattis threaten resignation en masse unless Trump resigns

Ivanna begs father to resign to save himself, brother and husband, Trump refuses

Donald J. Trump resigns as 45th President, Pence to be sworn in

Trump base cries foul, violent protests break out. Bannon, Hannity rage

Pence names Senator Joni Ernst as Vice President in surprise move

Plea deal is revealed. Trump, Kushner, Trump, Jr. won’t face trial if Trump resigned

Pence, McConnell and Ryan ask for calm as global leaders look forward to working with Pence

Vindictive Trump appears on Hannity accusing everyone of a witch hunt and unfair treatment

Mueller arrests Trump for violating plea deal after Hannity appearance

Recalcitrant Trump is released, goes into seclusion

Democrats retake majority in House. GOP keep slim majority lead in Senate.



11 thoughts on “Fantasy Headlines in 2018 (or are they?)

  1. It seems reasonable.
    I saw that Ryan is considering retirement. Possibly before 2018.
    I wonder who will be his replacement as Speaker, assuming he goes before his term ends in 18.
    I don’t have a good grasp on the deep political powers that get pushed around in those moments.
    Ryan felt like a good choice to me initially, but he clearly was just more of a hypocrite that I had anticipated. Now he just looks like the face of a morally corrupt government.
    I don’t suppose they will choose anyone better.

  2. I could suggest as an addition, Committee set up to review overhaul of Electoral College system to avoid another disaster

      • It’s one of the prices paid for being a ‘big power’. Apparently there was even a reporter from Moldova in Alabama this week

      • Roger, I bet that was a culture shock. Mr. Moore is refusing to concede crying foul. On the reality front, we may be passing s new Tax law that will widen the gap between haves and have nots and increasing our debt. Keith

  3. Note to Readers: Leaving fantasy for reality, two surveys I found interesting today. Per an AP/ NORC poll, only 30% of Americans think the country is headed in the right direction. The second one is from Fox, who said of their news watchers, in July, 90% of them supported Trump, but that has now fallen to 58%. This provides some context for whatever happens next year.

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