Saturday solutions for stewing

Get out your crock pots and Dutch ovens! It is time to stew a few ideas throughout the day to see if they have merit. This is not intended to solve world problems, but are some changes that might help. We can only try.

I love Pope Francis. He is entertaining the idea to slightly alter the end of the Lord’s Prayer. It sounds reasonable, but here is a more provocative change that will help many Catholics – allow Priests to be married again. What you might say, again? Yes, Priest were married until the 1100s, when it was banned, with some continuing to be married into the 1500s, as they did not get the memo. This would reduce pedophilia in the Priesthood and attract a more community-minded type of minister, who knows about the trials and tribulations of relationships.

Money and the influence it buys is a huge problem in the US. Here are a few changes. Pass a 28th amendment that says money does not equate to free speech and overturns Citizens United and McCutcheon decisions by the Supreme Court. The former greases the skids for dark money and the latter lets big donors influence local races they have nothing to do with. If you are not a voter in that location, you should not be able to fund the race. The other amendment is to shorten the election process and offer term limits as we do for the President. This will be cheered by many. Twelve years is enough for a Senator and Congressperson.

The Washington Post did an in-depth piece that counted the number of out-and-out, provable lies made by the last two Presidents. Our friend Gronda did an excellent piece on this last week*. The verdict, Obama in eight years had 18 lies, averaging to two per year. In ten months, Trump had 103. To add to this, a study was done by Politifacts that concluded Trump lies 69% of the time as President and 70% of the time as a candidate. But, this is not new, as his five biographers and ghost writer for “The Art of the Deal” said Trump has a problem with the truth. Stew on this comment – if you see Trump talking or read his tweeting, the odds are that he is lying. He said the FBI is in tatters, which is directly contradicted by two people he appointed – Jeff Sessions and Chris Wray, the head of Justice and FBI. He also keeps saying there is no collusion….

Finally, the best line I heard by a pundit was quite simple. People considering running for office – if you have sexually assaulted or harassed someone in the past – please save us the time and you the embarrassment and do not run for office. It will come out. I personally do not know why supporters of Roy Moore and Donald Trump cannot fathom that they each sexually assaulted and harassed women. The sad truth is one got elected and one almost did. But, neither should have won as both are men of little character. We have not heard the last of Trump’s travails, although he will deny it.


16 thoughts on “Saturday solutions for stewing

  1. Recently I too have been stewing on all the things that I think need to change about the system in order to fix it. You are right, we need to get the big money out of it. Sometimes I think it would be good if set up a federally funded campaign. All candidates, up to 5, get an equal amount of money. I’m not convinced that money equals free speech.

    • Thanks for the comment. We have a lot of problems and ideas to stew over. The 28th amendment would say money does not elevate your right to free speech. We all have it. Unfortunately we live in a society where some votes count more.

  2. Note to Readers: The following statement speaks for itself in volumes. The President of the United States has banned the use by the Centers of Disease Control of seven phrases or words such as science-based, evidence based, transgender, fetus, etc. There is really not much more to say about this other than the obvious – why?

  3. Excellent post! So, Obama averaged 2 lies a year … GASP!!! And Trump a mere 103 in 10 months … piffle. Sigh. I definitely agree that Citizens United and McCutcheon need to be overturned, for we need to limit campaign contributions and other donations to politicians, for once their pockets are being so lined, they seem to completely forget that we are their employers. And I have called for term limits for a long time. 2 for senators, 3 for representatives … keep new, fresh blood coming in. Collusion? Oh yeah, that is an understatement, I would bet my life on it. This entire past 11 months … well, the past two and a half years, really, highlight that old saying that “truth is stranger than fiction”. You just couldn’t make this stuff up! Have a great weekend, my friend, and enjoy that stew!

    P.S. The last earworm you sent didn’t work … instead, I have been singing “Bad, Bad Leroy Brown” for 2 days! 😀

  4. Good post, Keith. I wouldn’t mind the Church permitting priests to marry but it’s been shown that pedophilia is a disease and many of those suffering from it are married or not priests so it doesn’t follow that it can be stopped by allowing priests to marry. I think though that if a priest has been found to be guilty of it he has no right to continue being a priest. He should be defrocked ASAP. I also think the caregivers/parents of children should be telling the children to watch out for “anyone” who does anything to make them uncomfortable, not let that person do it, and report them to a parent, caregiver, or teacher. The child does not have to do “everything” an adult tells them to if they feel it’s wrong and makes them uncomfortable. —- Suzanne

    • Thanks Suzanne. If Priests were allowed to marry, it would attract a more stable lot. A story that is not getting enough attention is the rampant sex abide in youth football (soccer) in England. Hundreds of men are coming forward. One man said a coach abused him over 100 times. It is shameful. Keith

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