If you give a mouse a cookie

The childhood book by this name reveals that some are never satisfied when you do them favors. I was thinking of this as I thought of the litany of things done by a self-promoted populist on behalf of his true benefactors, the wealthy mice. He started with cookies, but the list goes on.

If those onerous environmental regulations were getting in the way, he just rolled back a few of them. Plus, if those scientists and their data were problematic to polluting businesses, he just fired a few, ran off a few and deleted access to important research data.

If access to public lands and what lies thereunder was a roadblock, he just cut back on the national parks and gave easier access to developers. What is land, if it cannot be exploited for short term gain? As a rancher put it, when the developers come, the profits go to Houston and Calgary, but the degradation is left for them long term.

If paying taxes is preventing investment in employees or business, even though conpanies are sitting on cash, then he gave the mice more money. The key is how much will flow into investment and employees and how much will be used to make the executives look good?

Along the way, there are some photo ops to say look what is happening, but the mice seem to be the ones who are getting the cookies and added benefits. As one energy consultant noted, the President has done a lot for coal owners, but not much for coal workers.

I am all for making things easier, but we need smart regulations that protect Americans from short cutting and corruption. We must pay for things as well, and debt and environmental costs are dear. Saying they don’t matter is poor stewardship as our children and grandchildren will have to pay the price for our avoidance.

12 thoughts on “If you give a mouse a cookie

    • Thanks Janis. If you give a mouse a cookie, then he will want some milk to go with it. If you give him some milk, then he will want some…and it goes on. Trump’s followers do not realize what he has done for the haves (and tried to do). He is lucky he inherited a pretty good economy.

  1. Dear Keith,

    The mouse/ the fat rat-in-chief in the White House has been giving away too many cookies to his friends who are also getting fat and way too dependent on all these cookies. They no longer have to invent and figure out new ways to avoid the mouse trap.

    The skinny working mice are just going to have to boot these fat mice out of power so that can do better for all the starving mice and those just getting by.

    It’s amazing what a children’s story can tell us.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Gronda, very true. The rodents are doing quite well, not unlike the pigs in “Animal Farm.” Irrespective of the government construct, the “haves” find a way to get more than their share while letting others believe things are fair. We must police better those we elect to govern us. Keith

    • Jill, it does make you sad. By the way, the head rodent has decided to go full bore tweeting without any filter, showing he did not learn tact and diplomacy. My strong advice to GOP legislators is to remember their oaths of office. Bannon is releasing a book where he calls Junior, Manafort and Kushner’s meeting with the Russians treasonous. That might upset this “witch hunt” paintbrush. Keith

      • Unfortunately, I think GOP legislators forgot their oaths to the people as soon as they started seeing the shiny things being dangled in front of them.

        I was not aways of Bannon’s book … but isn’t that interesting? Could make for some fireworks, yes? I wonder what his purpose is … what his ulterior motive, for he always has one …

      • Jill, Bannon’s role is to tear down institutions. If Putin was to craft the ideal agent to wreck America, he would invent Steve Bannon. Keith

  2. What should be said has been said with verve and eloquence. All I will add is that for an egotist such as Trump to have the reputation as the most inept, ill-qualified president of the USA, and for this to last down the ages will be a fitting punishment.
    Meanwhile I believe the USA can recover in time.

    • Roger, Trump cares so much about what people think will not like how he is being accurately portrayed and will be remembered. The radio shock jock Howard Stern who interviewed Trump for a total of 15 hours, said Trump should not want to be President as he has a thin skin. True words. Keith

      • Then his fate could not happen to a more deserving person.
        He has lived in a child-like world, cut off from the harsh realities of Life. He was a fool to think he could even think about running.

      • It still surprises me even today, sycophant legislators are rallying around him. I sent a note to two of them asking my simple question – is this the man you want to spend your dear reputation on?

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