The biggest global risk to the west

Ian Bremmer, the President of the Eurasia Group and a CBS News Correspondent cited his group’s report on CBS This Morning regarding the greatest global risk. In essence, he said the number one risk is an emergent China filling the void being left by a retrenching US from the global leadership stage. Here is what Bremmer said in the interview about China.

“They  have the strongest leader in Xi Jinping they’ve had at least since Mao [Zedong]. And because the United States is America first, it’s transactional. It’s unilateral. It’s undermining a lot of alliances. You put those things together and suddenly you actually have a China that is willing to engage in what is increasingly a geopolitical vacuum,” Bremmer told “CBS This Morning” on Tuesday.

“In other words, this is the first time we’ve ever seen as U.S. leadership erodes, no one else has been standing up. Now the leader of China is saying we’re prepared to stand up whether it’s on climate or the global economy, you know, regional security, you name it, that’s a big change for the world.”

Bremmer cited an easy example. The US President said he is going to cut funding to Pakistan as they are not doing enough to combat terrorism. The sad truth is it really does not matter that much, as China supports Pakistan more than we do and will step up. I mentioned in a recent post that twice now, Xi Jingping followed the US President at two world events in Davos and Vietnam. The Chinese leader gave the speech the US President usually gives regarding working together globally. Trump spoke of maximizing only American interests.

Not only is this counterproductive, it will actually hurt our share of the global pie making us less relevant.There are two things to note. First, the position that Xi is advocating used to be a foundation of the US Republican Party. The party sold its soul to support the short-sighted and bullying President who gives the illusion of being a populist.

Second, the US cannot shrink to greatness. We are actually doing pretty well as a country and were so when Trump took office. It is the distribution of wealth that is the problem and this President has done very little to resolve that problem. Lessening our global position not only will hurt our economy, it will make us less safe.

If Trump continues in office through one term, this period will be viewed by historians when the US made an unforced error and ceded its global leadership position. This is the exact opposite of what the President should be doing.



12 thoughts on “The biggest global risk to the west

  1. Dear Keith,

    TPP had a bad rap. I happen to be one of those who opposed it but only because it did not do enough to protect the well being of average everyday Americans. It was written to favor folks earning more than $80,000 per year. It seems that the creators of this agreement were clueless about the fact that most Americans earn less than $80,000 per yr.

    Other than this flaw, I would have favored its passage. President Obama pushed hard for this bill because it cut out China, as an effort to “contain” China and provide an economic counterweight to it in the region.

    President Trump has simply laid down the welcome mat, opened the door while welcoming China to take over its leadership role in the world. This is called, “Making America Great Again.” Why are most Americans not buying his BS.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Gronda, I agree. No agreement is perfect, but it benefitted more than the US. By walking away from it, we opened the door for China. It would have been reasonable for the new President to seek fine tuning, but that would have been too logical for this man. Keith

  2. What we have sitting in the Oval Office is a ‘man’ who does not understand global economies, international relations, or the U.S.’ role in the world. He does not understand because he has never taken an interest nor studied either history or global relations. What’s worse, is that even though he is the leader of this nation, he STILL has no interest in learning how things work. And yet, he says he will “fix” everything and “make America great”. If you do not understand HOW something works, then how in heck can you FIX it? Think something as simple as a toilet. You must at least understand that when you push the handle, it lifts a piece of plastic connected to a chain, which in turn lifts a plug from a hole, thereby allowing a certain amount of water to flow rapidly into the bowl of the toilet, thereby forcing the contents down the drain. If you understand the concept, you can repair the toilet. If you don’t, all you are likely to do is mess it up worse and end up calling a plumber. This is the mentality we have in the Oval Office. He does not understand what he is doing, and he is breaking our toilet!

    • Jill, check out Gronda’s post to get even more flavor. Your toilet analogy is a good one. His ego thinks it is beneath him to know a house has plumbing. The Bannon comments may have thrown accelerant on the Trump fire. Keith

      • Jill, it is indeed. There were two things announced yesterday that did not get covered enough. Adding the Sessions’ announcement to try to federally police legalized pot in over thirty states to Trump’s to open 90% of our coast to offshore drilling to last month’s reversal on net neutrality to a debt increasing tax bill have created three metaphors of why younger folks will continue to get active in the political process to the detriment of the Republican Party. Then you flavor the above with not admonishing an obvious problem in the White House and it does not bode well, nor should it. This book paints a very interesting portrait on a self-absorbed dysfunctional President who likes to watch what is being said about him on the news in bed at 6:30 pm watching three TV’s. Keith

  3. Xi Jinping has been in the Chinese political system since 1974, he is now sometimes referred to as ‘paramount leader’ a term not bandied about in the Chinese political scene (I think not since Mao). He is an experienced and astute political operator with an entire nation’s resources to call on.
    Seeing Trump trying to cope is not dissimilar to the familiar film scene where a loud mouth drunk tries to take on the character who is skilled in one of martial arts.

    • Roger, you said it well. He is experienced and well-versed. We have a President that is neither, nor does he care to become such. Xi can swoop in and take advantage of America’s failures on the global stage because they have a philosophy and a long term plan. Our guy is more concerned with what news folks are saying about him. Keith

      • I never really liked the song that much but these days ‘The Fool On The Hill’ seems to have a certain resonance, even if Trump does not reside in the Legislature

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