A few hard truths

In the land where entertainment and sports news get much more attention, a few hard truths need to be communicated. On the first Saturday of the new year, here are a few of those truths.

Our capable intelligence community is convinced with a high degree of certainty that Russian elements influenced the 2016 Presidential election and continue to sow seeds of discord to disrupt the US. This is a continuing attack on the US by a foreign entity that our President and this Congress have largely chosen to ignore. My suggestion is to ask your Congressperson, Senators and President what they plan on doing about it?

The US Tax Plan was passed to a lot of fanfare and chest beating under the guise of stimulating the economy, but it still needs a larger sales job on disbelieving Americans. Giving a lot of money to rich people and corporations is supposed to trickle down, yet do we need to add $1.5 trillion more to an increasing debt? Do we need to further stimulate an economy that has had 103 consecutive months of economic growth dating back to June, 2009? Do we need to stimulate an economy that just posted 2 million added jobs for the seventh year in a row, with a continuing run up of the US stock market? Nonpartisan economist groups have posed the same questions.

Let me get this straight, is the Republican Party for states rights or for federal rights? It seems to differ based on where the power lies. The White House has announced that 95% of coastal areas will be subject to offshore drilling to the dismay of governors who want to foster their tourism and fishing industries. Further, the Attorney General wants to crack down on states who are now selling regulated medical and retail marijuana changing an earlier Obama order to allow states to do this. Both of these decisions are getting heavy nonpartisan pushback from state leaders and it is my understanding the White House was asked not to do this.

Finally, the US continues to declare the cut in funding to countries that do not cooperate with us. This is not necessarily new, but we seem to be bullying others more and to what end? We are not the biggest funders to these places and China, India and Russia are easily picking up more influence as we decrease ours. The Pakistan PM basically said it is not a big deal if they lose US funding. The question to ask as we beat on our chest, is who are we trying to convince, the other country or a base of uninformed voters?

That is all I have for today. Unfortunately , the answers to these points can be summed up in one ugly word, “politics.” Have a great weekend and 2018. One thing is for certain is it will be interesting one.

14 thoughts on “A few hard truths

  1. Note to Readers: Do you know one sure fire way to tell the President is hiding something? He pulls out the Hillary piñata to beat on to distract us. We need to remind people Hillary is not President, this man is.The other is the number of his legislative sycophants that are doing their darnedest to discredit those who have or are compiling information as to whether the President may have done something improper.

    I find it hard to believe this man is not guilty of something. An innocent man would have said, “Please come in and look. If you find something I could have done better, let me know.” An innocent President would have set up action to combat Russian interference.

  2. When I read aloud his tweet from this morning where he said, “Actually, throughout my life, my two greatest assets have been mental stability and being, like, really smart.”, my 22-year-old granddaughter said “it seems that if you have to remind people how smart you are, you must not be very smart.” Made sense to me …

    You are right about him turning the topic back to Hillary or Obama when he wishes to distract from his own lies. I wonder if he has become so deluded that he actually believes his own lies? The frightening part is that his base believe them.

    • Jill, I have an old friend who would leave sayings on his voicemail greeting. My favorite of his is “Always tell the truth as you don’t have to remember as much.” Per more than a few sources, Donald Trump lies at a dizzying pace. It is highly doubtful he can remember all of his lies. In his case, he may not know where the lies end and the truth begins.

      I truly am equal parts embarassed and frightened he is the President. Keith

      • Yes, I think you are right that at some point he has told so many lies that the line between truth and fiction has blurred in his mind. And like you, I am deeply ashamed and embarrassed, but also increasingly frightened. He is a loose cannon, and every morning I wake up dreading to look at the ‘breaking news’ on my phone, wondering if he has finally done the unthinkable.

      • Jill, I agree with waking up to the next day of inane tweets. Stable genius, really? He lambasted Tillerson for wanting to talk with the North Koreans saying it is a “waste of time” and now we wants to. “I, alone,” can solve our problems he once said. The sad truth is his loyalists believe this man who has always struggled with the truth. Keith

      • Jill, it would be something like Richard Pryor’s contest between two men on a bridge. They begin to urinate over the side, one says “the water is cold.” The other says “It is deep, too.”

        Sorry for the risqué humor, but that is what the two men-children have been doing. I keep hearing Republicans say we must deal with this. Ok, what do you propose we do? Are we going to bomb them? Invade them? Are you prepared for the loss of life in the tens of millions in South Korea, Japan and maybe US? Or, are we going to live with the risk? Keith

      • You NEVER need to apologize to me for risque humour, my friend! You only see the professional side of me here on the blog … the real me keeps my girls shaking their heads and rolling their eyes. 😀

        As to the call for us to “deal with this” … the saying “Fools rush in, where wise men fear to tread” comes to mind. Yes, apparently some are willing to obliterate the lives of millions of innocent civilians to “prove something” to Kim Jonf-un. It reminds me of schoolyard bullying. One of my friends sent me a link a while ago to an article about Tillerson and Mattis are trying hard to keep Trump from an act of aggression agains DPRK, while McMaster is in favour of such a move. I haven’t looked into it yet, but I would hope McMaster has better sense??? I hope there is somebody with sense and a bit of control, for we know that Trump has no self-control and if offended, will react rather than think.

      • Jill, thanks. As for North Korea, the response requires adroit and artful diplomacy. Military action must always be a final resort and avoided at all costs. My great worry is a decision will be made by this President which in part is predicated on how this makes him look. That is not a reason to kill people.

        I have found in letters to the editors, Trump fans are trained to be so adamant against the media, they do not know how far our position in the world has suffered. And, some don’t care. In their minds their guy is doing what he says. My problem is he is doing what he says and more to harm America. Keith

      • Yes, he seems to feel a need for a ‘tough guy’ image for himself and the nation. Not good.

        I find the same … it sets my teeth on edge when I hear “he’s keeping his promises”. I want to slap them and say, “Yes, but his promises were all lunacy to start with”. Aaaarrrggghhhh!!!!

    • Lisa, your note reminded me of “Honesty, is such a lonely word,” as Billy Joel sang. As Wolff said, the President’s tweets of the past several days is validating the premise of the book. I have noticed the sycophants are out in force talking about the very detailed and intelligent conversations that have had with the President. He is not stupid, but he has not shown an interest in details or learning them. Keith

  3. Dear Keith,

    After taking time to reflect a bit, reading excerpts from the Michael Wolff book and other sources, I am becoming convinced that the president is suffering from early onslaught Alzheimer’s disease as his Dad did before he passed away.

    Have you noticed how the president’s republican sycophants in the US Congress have been fawning all over him, even in public, This is because they know that the president is vulnerable to being flattered and maneuvered to do whatever. This means that he could be used as a Trojan horse and manipulated to accomplish goals that are not in the public’s best interests.

    This is the face of true evil.

    Hugs, Gronda

  4. Gronda, as you are aware, this book did not add too many new revelations. Reporters have been reporting on the chaos in the White House for some time. Two things stick out to me – the number of folks who question his competency and demeanor. And, the fact Wolff had so much access – a well run White House would have consistent messaging and not allow a reporter to sit there and interview so many. But, few would call this White House well run. Keith

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