Moral Courage is Lacking

The following is a letter to the editor of the Atlanta Journal Constitution. It is not too dissimilar to a letter I posted on the websites of Senators David Perdue of Georgia and Tom Cotton of Arkansas after they could not recall the President making insulting and profane comments about immigrants from certain countries.

Perdue went on to say Sunday to George Stephanoplous that Trump did not say that term. It should be noted Senator Lindsay Graham confided in two Republican Senators that the President did say it and confirmed that he pushed back on the President per Senator Dick Durbin. Note, I used to live in Georgia which I reference in my letter.

“As a former Republican, I am disappointed in the lack of moral courage of Senator David Perdue. When he had an opportunity to condemn the President for highly offensive remarks, he not only punted, he followed the lead of our largely untruthful leader. Is this the kind of man on whom the Senator wants to spend his dear reputation? I encourage him to honor my former state and his position and show moral courage.”

Quite simply, we must have leadership and moral courage from our Republican legislators. We are not getting either except from a very small handful. When this President defiles the office, he must be held accountable, a word like truth and civility, that he has a hard time executing.

20 thoughts on “Moral Courage is Lacking

    • Kim, thanks. In essence, Perdue is saying a man who is not known for lying in Senator Durbin is lying choosing to side with a man known for lying. Further, Durbin complimented Graham for standing up, who said later he did comment to Trump. So, Senator Perdue and Cotton, what was Senator Graham commenting on? When one lies to defend another lie, someone is going to look bad. Thanks again, Keith

    • Linda, you won’t find an argument here. They need to hear from folks. I pose my simple question to politicians who support Trump’s crude or inane banter. Keith

    • Raye, it is not unusual for the President to be crude, rude, bigoted or lie. What we need to do as citizens is to question so called leaders when they lie or look the other way for this undeserving man. Thanks for opining. Keith

  1. Congratulations on a very dignified and mature challenge Keith.
    They expect abuse, not to be called out in a measured way.

    • Thanks Roger. I agree about measured pushback. Maybe, just maybe, the message might sink in. The worst reaction to racism is what the Antifs crowd is doing, as it feeds right into the hands of white supremacists. Thanks. Keith

      PS – Do you think there might be another Brexit vote or will they just pull the plug on it or proceed with leaving the EU?

      • Yes they do become mirror images of each other don’t they? We have the same problem over here.

        Now that’s an interesting question Keith. The whole Brexit issue is one of those classic British confusions.
        There are those who think we can just walk out of Europe as if we were still in position of power we held throughout the 18th & 19th Centuries. Naturally the EU will make us pay for that, and quite frankly who can blame them? That’s politics.
        There is a scenario where things become so mired a General Election could arise in which this will be the main issue and thus a sort of Referendum by default.
        And Mrs May could decide to tough it out because there is simply no one else in the Conservative Party who could be a viable PM ( as far as The Public are concerned).
        I feel we may drift. wobble and slither into a classic ‘fudge’ compromise in which it will seem as if the UK has left the EU, but is linked by so many agreements as to be practically part of it.
        An example of unforeseen consequences, is the Irish ‘Border Issue’ between Eire and Ulster- currently it is open, when we ‘leave’ it will have to be ‘closed’ which opens up so many unique Irish issues.
        It is very British.

      • Roger, thanks for the detailed response. Financial experts have long said leaving would be dilutive to the British economy, but like the MAGA Trump voters, the Brexit voters are misinformed and believe, retrenchment is the answer. Keith

  2. Dear Keith,

    The latest twist has been over a battle of words between WAPO and the WSJ over whether the president said the words shxtholes vs. shxthouses. It seems that Sens. Cotton and Perdue are claiming the president said shxthouses instead of shxtholes and that is the basis of their being able to state for the record that the president never said shxtholes. Frankly, I don’t appreciate much of a distinction.

    WAPO Mr. Dawsey is stating that he is standing by his original wording/ reporting.

    This would be a LOL moment, except that this situation is serious.
    Is this what are country becoming, a sad epithet?

    I will forward your words onward. This am, I have tweeted every senator on this subject.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Gronda, it is sad that this President has taken this country and civil discourse this low. Senators Perdue and Cotton have tarnished their reputations for this largely untruthful man. And, Cotton and now Trump are calling Durbin on the carpet for lying. I again wrote one of my Senators asking him to censure this President. His silence is an endorsement, which is what I said to him.

      I have emailed Cotton and Perdue. I will call them tomorrow. They need to know they and the President are driving Republicans away. Thanks for all you do and have done. Keith

  3. Good letter, Keith! Short, sweet, to the point, and most of all, soft-spoken. Your way is so much better than most of us are capable of. I shall use your words, for my own always end up containing a few expletives! Thank you.

    • Thanks Jill. I wrote another more forthright letter to Senator Cotton who decided to lie down with Wolves rather than challenge the President. Yet, while a little more strident, I did my best to remain diplomatic citing statistics of Trump’s untruthful and damning poll of his standing in the world. Keith

  4. Note to Readers: I find it quite disheartening to see someone lie under oath to a Senate Committee. DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen decided to cover for our untruthful and unreliable President. What was interesting two of the Senators were in the room and knew she was lying. When asked for specifics to cover her lies, she punted. Then, she remembered with clarity that Senator Durbin did not curse.

    What I find of interest is Lindsey Graham pushed back on an egomaniacal President and no one can recall what he said? You have to be kidding me! What I do know is Cotton, Perdue and Nielson have tarnished their names. People will ask why do we not believe them and the President? Because he tells lies more than the truth and always has. If the President tweets or says it, the odds are in your favor he is lying. Plus, he was bragging on his vulgar comments being quite proud until the you know what hit the fan.

  5. Note to Readers: If you haven’t heard, please check out retiring Senator Jeff Flake’s speech on the floor of the Senate today. It is subject is truth and free press being essential to our Democracy. It is exemplary. Reading the transcript is quicker, but do check out parts of it on YouTube. He equates Trump’s quotes to those of Stalin. He said when a leader questions the free press, then you should question the leader.

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