Mr. President, listen to the Department of Defense and CIA

One of the hardest jobs of any employee is managing up when they have a boss who is not very good at his or her role. Business is littered with stories of high performing individuals who fail miserably as managers. The President is not an exception as he has always been a better salesperson than manager as reported by financial reporters and biographers.

The folks working beneath him are doing their darnedest to keep him between the white lines and on message. Too often, he derails an effort by tweeting or being less than truthful or aware of the issues. Yet, there are two consistent messages that are being ignored by the boss from two important groups, which are making us less safe and secure.

First, the Department of Defense reiterated its recurring message that climate change is a key threat to national security due to destabilization and impact on readiness. As reported in Reuters yesterday, the DoD said 1,700 of its bases (about half) are threatened by wild weather patterns due to climate change. Per Reuters, “‘Changes in climate can potentially shape the environment in which we operate and the missions we are required to do,’ said the DoD in a report accompanying the survey.”

Yet, what is the President doing about? He is pulling the US out of the Paris Climate Change Accord, he has promoted more fossil fuel through words and actions, he has naysayed the climate science and his EPA director has removed climate change intellectual capital from the websites while firing, driving out or repositioning climate scientists.

Second, Mike Pompeo, the CIA director, said on Sunday, not only is there no question the Russians influenced our recent election, but he is certain they will do it again this fall. Yet, what is the President doing about it?

Although our Congress overwhelmingly voted on sanctions on Russia over the summer, the President said this week he would not impose those sanctions saying the threat is enough. And, in response to a request by Congress on the people who might be sanctioned, a cut and paste list was provided by the Treasury department. The term for this is called “phoning it in.” This on top of the President denying the intelligence, lying about his involvement, changing his stories multiple times and trying to undermine the efforts of the FBI and Special Prosecutor. All while the Russians continue their efforts.

These are threats to our national security and democracy, but we are failing to act. I am not alone in this view, but the Russians      have attacked our country though social media and cyber warfare and our Nero fiddles. His own DoD says climate change is a threat, but Nero’s response is to enable the threat, not circumvent it.

So, as the President fails to act, what are we going to do about it?



17 thoughts on “Mr. President, listen to the Department of Defense and CIA

  1. Dear Keith,

    You are singing my song. I did a post earlier today on similar topics. What has happened to the republican party we once knew.

    They crucified Hillary Clinton for possibly compromising classified material with her sloppy email handling. They threatened Edward Snowden with treason charges to where he had to skip the country. But now they want to compromise US national security interests to salvage the hide for a Russian Asset in the White House.

    The republican talking heads like to say that Americans really don’t care about the Russian issue. They are not talking to the same Americans that I talk to regularly.

    They are going on TV and lying to us without a second thought. Yesterday, they were going on TV saying that the FBI Director had given the okay to make the Nunes memo public. I remember getting heated over this justification with one of the House Rep.’s staffer when she told me this. I said there was no way in —- that I was buying this because reading the memo does not remotely qualify as the memo going through a standard de-classification / vetting process.

    Sure enough, the FBI had to respond publicly calling out this lie.

    And what are the House Speaker Paul Ryan and a military General John Kelly in the White House doing in supporting this fiasco which is wrong, wrong, wrong on so many levels?

    I am so disgusted.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Gronda, I spoke with a Republican friend who said he wants an apology when this is all over and Mueller finds nothing. I simply said if the man is not guilty, then why is acting guilty. He asked me to explain and after ten minutes, I shared with him why I said that. When people don’t pay attention to real news, they don’t know how culpable the man is.

      By the way, we just got back from watching “The Post.” That movie represents why the free press is important. The words Nixon and his cohorts sound a lot like Trump’s. Keith

      • Dear Keith,

        I have made plans to see “the Post with a friend on Saturday and I am looking forward to seeing it.

        I feel sorry for your friend. He is not alone. What’s sad is that there is no way that he isn’t guilty as sin.

        Hugs, Gronda

      • Gronda, I think you will enjoy it. I listened to a NPR show on an author who wrote about Robert Mueller. He is well-noted for his integrity and focus on protecting the constitution. Plus, he is a former Marine. So, one would hope that Republicans would make a measured judgment about who they are trying to undermine versus the kind of man they are protecting. Keith

  2. Good points all, my friend. It is both frightening and depressing that in just one short year, so many things have changed, none for the better. I wish I could answer your question, “what are we going to do about it?”, but I cannot. And that is my frustration, for until or unless we have a Congress that is willing to stand for what is right instead of prioritizing their own greed, until people wake up and begin taking these issues seriously, there seems very little we can do. We call our representatives and leave messages, we send emails, we sign petitions … you and I have both done all of the above, but yet the train keeps rolling down a steep and perilous track.

  3. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    Many things are broken in the U.S. today, things that were not broken a year ago. Two that stand out as being of the utmost importance are Trump’s failures in the areas of Climate Change and our relationship with Russia. Our friend Keith wrote a post that bears reading, is deserving of serious consideration. And he ends with a question that we all must try to find answers to. Please read Keith’s post … it will give you something on which to ponder as you go through your day. Thank you, Keith!

      • Jill, many thanks. Of course, these issues will be dwarfed by the news of the day – the release of a crafted memo to discredit the FBI which is seized upon by the President to indict the FBI. But, here is the rub. When your argument is built on stilts, it will fall at some time. Keith

      • That is an apt expression … I will try to remember it. From what I have read, even many of the more sensible republicans are saying there is nothing in the memo that discredits Mueller’s investigation, including Gowdy and Ryan.

      • Jill, what the memo does is reveal that Nunes is on record as saying he did not read the FISA request on which it is based, so how does he know what he left out. It also was edited following the approval meeting without going back for a follow-up review. To me the key is it did not follow normal process which would have been inviting the FBI in for questions, which make it entirely politically motivated. At the very least, Nunes needs to resign from the Intelligence Committee, as he unethical, sloppy and a sycophant for the President, none of which bode well for this committee. Keith

  4. I have a notion he may start to experience a strange feeling that he will be saying things in ways he had not intended to, and an odd sensation as if his limbs were not his, while those who he relied upon are suddenly rather quiet or not around.
    There are subtle folk in shadows who may now decide to ply their influence.
    If he does not listen he will fall.
    The USA is too big a concept for one man to control or pull down.

  5. It is painfully humorous to observe him rattling around his cage. The only satisfaction is knowing I’m not one of his lackeys trying to keep him within the lines. Can you imagine what that would be like?

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