Give a piece of your heart out today

Happy Valentine’s Day. I have written before I tend to say hello or chat with people who are serving me or in waiting rooms, elevators, etc. I usually look for a conversation piece.

While this may not be in people’s nature or culture, try something today. Say hello, good morning or afternoon to more people. Or, just smile and acknowledge their presence.

My wife and sister are good at this. With my sister’s health issues, I tell her she is the ambassador of waiting rooms. I get tickled to see how people respond to her “good mornings.”

In my last post, I noted how imperfect we all are. Giving a piece of your heart with smiles and greetings goes a long way. I will leave you with a story about a homeless man who commented after being greeted and spoken with, “you are the first person to talk with me in a long while.”

11 thoughts on “Give a piece of your heart out today

  1. Excellent advice. It’s part of my nature to talk to everyone and it usually returns excellent results.👍👍 Happy Valentine’s Day!

  2. Note to Readers: Just today, I was wearing a pullover sweat shirt that had a Fripp Island logo, which was bought on our visit to Beaufort, SC when the weather was colder than the clothes I brought. The logo spawned a wonderful conversation which led us to eventually looking at pictures of a cashier’s wedding in a hot air balloon. As my wife and I reflected on the conversation, I thought of this post. In this case, the cashier connected the dot since she used to visit Fripp Island.

  3. Note to Readers: My heart goes out to yet another gun tragedy occurring in Broward County, FL. I offer thoughts and prayers to the victims, the injured and their families. But, we need far more than now hollow words from legislators.

  4. My husband and his parents have taught me the art of small talk with people I encounter in my daily life. I was never rude, but I used to transact my business and go on my way. It’s so much more enjoyable to have conversations and occasionally share a laugh. Nice post!

    • Thanks Janis. Conversations can go interesting places adding some zest. From my consulting days, I would look for conversation pieces in someone’s offices.

  5. Dear Keith,

    I do have the habit of greeting most folks. I am one of those were more people remember me than vice versa. If I greet everyone with Hi Gorgeous or Hi, Handsome, it covers a lot of sins especially when I suffer from my senior moments where I have trouble remembering names.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Gronda, you are like my wife as you both can use exuberant greetings to get away with not knowing a name. I was in Panera with my wife and daughter, met a contact at a client I only dealt with some and blanked. When I saw his family I greeted them and introduced myself. Then they came to our table. Oops. Keith

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