Crickets. The sound you hear at night when other noises are not being made. Crickets are what we are hearing from the White House with respect to any condemnation toward Russian interference.

We, of course, are hearing a man with a fragile ego tell everyone that the “incontrovertible evidence” of Russian interference per his own director of national security, exonerates him of any collusion and did not affect the outcome. The indictment says neither.

Yet, what is indicting is he has not acted very Presidential and condemned Russia for its ongoing cyber attack on the United States. He has also not signed off on sanctions against Russia that were overwhelmingly passed by the Senate and House. He said the threat of sanctions are enough. He has not defined actions we will take to prevent further interference.

The key question we must ask is why? In my view, a man who is not compromised would be very vocally condemning Russia and putting forth sanctions. Crickets are what we are hearing, instead.

I am also dismayed that Congress is rather silent on this issue. I am further dismayed that Devin Nunes, head of the House Intelligence committee and author of a dubious memo, has declined to hold the annual intelligence briefing by directors of various intelligence agencies. These directors just briefed the Senate committee and all concurred that the Russians interfered with our election and will again. Why has no meeting been called? Speculation is he does not want these folks under oath to address the veracity of his memo.

As I mentioned in my previous post, coupling the above with the President’s hoax statement and story changing on this subject along with his overt attempts to obstruct justice, I will be surprised if he is not found guilty of being compromised. To me, it all goes back to significant financial ties to Russia, which this President has denied. Irrespective of this finding, to me it is clear he used his power to obstruct justice and has admitted as such,

Finally, for those who choose to still not believe Mueller or the intelligence agencies, several former Russians who worked for the troll factory echo the accuracy of the Mueller indictment. The President is begrudgingly agreeing to this, but thinks “me first” and wants to clear his name. Not so fast.

So, when a Trump diehard says this exonerates him, ask about the crickets.

20 thoughts on “Crickets

  1. It’s not just the memo; Rep. Nunes political committee created their own alternative news site. At the very bottom in tiny print it identifies the site as being paid for by his campaign.

    • Roseylinn, I tend to learn new things when you offer comments. I was unaware of this. Nunes is known for his toadiness to the party line and this President. He should not be in charge of an Intelligence committee if his mission is not getting at the truth. Thanks for stopping by, Keith

  2. Excellent synopsis, Keith … however, it seems a bit unfair to the crickets to cast them in this light. I like crickets, and in the Far East they are considered to bring good luck. Still, your points are valid. The silence from the White House and the Capitol on some of these issues speaks louder than any words could.

    • Jill, thanks. I did not know that about crickets. Sarah Huckabee Sanders reacted to Shepard Smith’s comments and a question speaking about all Trump has done to Russia, which was a list of a bunch of things. Yet, she did not speak to the sanctions Congress passed nor why the President has not condemned in his own sharp words (it reminded of his multiple domestic violence faux pas last week). One of the things she mentioned was continuing Obama sanctions. Keith

      • Sanders is naught but a paid mouthpiece. I wonder if she even has a conscience? It was obvious to me that Sean Spicer was bothered by the lies he was paid to tell, but I don’t see that in the eyes of Sanders. Trump has done nothing to make a serious statement to Russia, and has praised Putin far more than he has any of our true allies, such as Merkel, Macron or Trudeau. And the biggest thing, to me, was his refusal to impose the sanctions that were almost unanimously called for by both chambers of Congress. That says it all, I think. And yes, if you get a cricket in your house, don’t kill it … set it free! Unfortunately, one of our Significant Seven, a young lad named Boo, likes to play with them and pull their little legs off, one by one. :/

      • Jill, I agree with what you say about Sanders and Spicer. The latter still lied and embellished, but does have remorse about the former. Sanders does not seem to be bothered by her lying. It is one thing to embellish and sand away faults, which is what a PR person does. Yet, her credibility has lessened when she lies. And, the reporters know and report on it. Such as trying to modify what Trump said about Russia after we heard the words over and over. Keith

  3. Dear Keith,

    There are just too many crickets and their numbers are growing as their chirping just gets much so louder, and no, those noises will just not go away.

    There is no way to explain away the president’s lack of response to the FBI’s Special Counsel Mueller’s indictment against 13 Russian nationals ans entities, proving once and for all that Russia did indeed launch successfully a major attack on our 2016 elections infrastructure, except that he is a Russian asset. Those republicans in the White House and the US Congress who continue to cover for him, are aiding and abetting a Russian asset in the White House.

    The only question left, is what does Russia have on the president. In time, we will find out all.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Gronda, I just read your Thomas Friedman post. He is echoing what you have been saying. To me, this should be a wake up call at long last to the Republican leadership. Ronald Reagan would have acted from the outset to condemn the Russians. But, Reagan would not have been an unwitting accomplice and he certainly would not be compromised as this President might very well be.

      The pressure needs to be turned up on these sycophants who are turning a blind eye to this dishonorable man. Keith

  4. I am more than dismayed by this awful Republican congress, I am outraged!!! I agree wholeheartedly that an UNCOMPROMISED president would be condemning Russia and putting those sanctions in place that was supported by 98% of the congress so both sides agree that sanctions should be there and yet……

    I am outraged too that this idiot is very careless with highly classified materials. a senator called him out over a year ago showing a photo of the chump exposing classified information:

    and why is it we hear of the chump’s visits or phone calls with Russia from Russia and not our own news media????? The hypocrisy is astounding: wasn’t everyone up in arms about Hillary’s mishandling of sensitive emails saying it was a threat to national security?

    • Toby, I can’t find fault with your concerns. I just read this morning that in the newest sanctions on North Korea regarding shipping to and from
      NK, the lone country not included was Russia? Why? What puzzles further is there is evidence of Russia violating sanctions before with NK.

      • oh boy………so interesting. It’s Russia first and not the U.S.? At least there is encouraging news just about every day with regard to the special counsel. All these charges this week! WOW!! Plus, the tide seems to be turning on gun control too. It’s just SO HARD to wait until this all ends……but wait we must.

      • Toby, I just commented on Gronda’s blog that the reality and optics of people waking up to headlines “Former Trump Aid Pleads Guilty” are not good. Last night on BBC World News America, a political reporter noted the White House is beyond the normal chaos with the tempestuous President fuming over what is going on.

        Per a news article on Gronda’s blog, the next shoe to drop might be a California Congressman named Rohrabacher who is a noted Russian apologist and may be tainted by Mannafort. It would also be appropriate and humorous if General Kelly pulled (or suspended) Jared Kushner’s security clearance. Keith

      • Roseylinn, he has also been a desired foil by at least four other governments since they feel he can be compromised with his naïveté and debt. The future on the White House does not look bright for the son-in-law. Keith

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