Billy Graham – may he rest in peace

The world is learning of the death of Billy Graham today. He had a life well-lived lasting ninety-nine years, most of which with his beloved Ruth who passed a few years ago.

Graham touched many lives during his career as an evangelist. And, he walked the talk. Some evangelists let their faults show through, but outside of his lamenting of letting a politician take advantage of him, he was true blue.

He counseled many Presidents over the years and even Queen Elizabeth. They needed him more than he needed them. Yet, after the Nixon tapes of all Oval Office conversations, he lamented not doing more to countervent Nixon’s language and bigotry. He cautioned religious leaders to be wary of aligning with politicians as a result. Unfortunately, his son Franklin has not learned that lesson, which detract from his own good works.

I admire the elder Graham for staying true to his beliefs and convictions. I took pride in seeing three living ex-Presidents (Bush, Clinton and Carter) attend the opening of the Billy Graham Library here in Charlotte.

I hope other leaders can live closer to his standard. We will be in a better place if they do. Bless you Billy.

6 thoughts on “Billy Graham – may he rest in peace

  1. Note to Readers: I took my mother and sister to the Billy Graham Library on a visit to Charlotte. A couple of things struck me. His outreach to people in communist countries where religion had been squelched. People still worshipped as they came out in droves.

    The other is more a tribute to master bricklayers. They took apart the brick house he grew up in and moved it to the grounds of the museum rebuilding it with the same bricks. I felt that was an impressive tribute to his parents and the home they built for Graham and his sister.

  2. Dear Keith,

    I was an admirer of Billy Graham who avoided getting into politics as he was more interested in bringing peoples into a relationship with God.

    He did a lot of good and I was fortunate enough to attend one of his latest stadium filled revival type gatherings. I remember being late where the doors for entrance were locked. I saw some singing group entering through a side door and I followed their lead. Then I was even fortunate to find a great seat.

    He is missed. I wish his children followed in his footsteps. He was the real deal.

    Hugs, Gronda

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