When adults act like kids and kids like adults

I am so proud of the teens and young adults who are leading the charge for better gun governance. I have long been advocating for such and am in a constant state of disbelief that legislators fail to act.

The best quote came from a teen being interviewed on PBS Newshour when she said “When the adults act like kids and the kids like adults, then something is wrong.”

The sad truth is many of these adults are in the pockets of the NRA who dictate their response. It is largely a Republucan stance, but the NRA funds some Democrats as well.

What I also don’t care for are the conspiracy nuts like Alex Jones, Rush Limbbaugh et all who purposefully detract from genuine concerns calling these kids actors and staged. We should not lose sight of Jones’ continual claim that Sandy Hook is a hoax. This is an egregious misuse of a license to communicate online and both need to be called on the carpet.

The kids have to push for change as well as deal with these so called adults questioning their veracity. That is a shame, as these kids should be applauded. I must confess I am not one who would encourage applause for either Limbaugh, Jones and their ilk.

Right now, these kids are rightfully calling attention to the legislators’ conflict of interest. They are on the side of the Angels on this.

We should consider solutions that address the holistic nature of the problem. Rather than highlight what should be considered as I have done in multiple posts, I would like to simply say these kids should be heard and heeded.

If the politicians fail to do so or respond with window dressing, they do so at their peril.

17 thoughts on “When adults act like kids and kids like adults

  1. Note to Readers: A quick summary of what should be easily measures to pass, but still find contention from the NRA:
    – universal background checks on all gun transactions
    – elongated waiting periods since 2/3 of US gun deaths are suicide
    – finger printed triggers to avoid accidental children deaths
    – repeal change from last year that allowed mental health Social Security disability to purchase weapons
    – allow CDC to track gun deaths (this is plain asinine that they were prevented from doing so)
    – metal detectors at all school plus armed guards and more school psychologists

    Items which should be considered:
    – age 21 restriction
    – elimination of bump stocks
    – codify bullets
    – ban assault weapons

    I would add if mental health is a concern, in addition to the Social Security change, we should stabilize the ACA and expand Medicaid in the 18 remaining states, both of which include mental health benefits.

  2. Excellent post, Keith. The censure these kids have had to contend with is unconscionable. I am so proud to see that at least some of today’s youth has their hearts and heads in the right place. We all need to listen to them, and most of all our lawmakers need to listen to them. My hat is off to every young person who has stood up and spoken out. Thanks for this post!

    • Thanks Jill. When I hear an odd argument, I ask for the source. If I hear certain names like Jones, Limbaugh or Hannity, I know the source is not very credible. The offer opinions not news. The fact these men are attacking the teens, has to be disheartening to the kids. Yet, what is happening is a movement, just like the women’s movement. It is inspiring to see.

      • I’m not even sure I would call what the likes of Jones, Hannity et al, opinions, for they make up stories they think will titillate the right wingers. Let’s face it … Jones knew that there was no child sex ring operating under the pizzeria in the Pizzagate theory. And they all know that a plane actually did crash into the Pentagon on 9/11. And they know that Obama was born in Hawaii, which is part of the U.S. And the list goes on. They know better, yet … they are willing to irresponsibly create chaos in order to make a buck … or a million.

        If these young people who are standing up and demanding the government do something to stop future murders in their schools are representative of the majority of the people their age, I think we will be in good hands when they are of an age to make a difference on a large scale. I hope this gains momentum. I’m also pleased that some companies are disassociating themselves from the NRA! ‘Bout time!

      • Jill, you will find no argument here, especially about Jones. The fact the President and Junior listen to this man is indicting by itself. John Oliver has a great piece on Jones.

        The tide is turning on gun governance, it is just a matter of the GOP leadership deciding on how little they can get away with. My guess is they will window dress and receive a further backlash. The President has few convictions, so he will waffle on a daily or news cycle basis as he gets feedback from
        various constituencies. Keith

      • On reading your comment, I went and watched the John Oliver clip … excellent! Just seeing those few snippets of Jones’ show make me wonder how anybody in their right mind can sit through 4 hours of that b.s.

        Yes, I suspect ‘window dressing’ is the right word for what little change will come. I am definitely pleased, however, to see so many companies pulling their support from the NRA. As happens with most things, I suspect this will quietly fade over the coming months … until the next mass shooting. I hope I’m wrong, but … we’ve seen it before.

      • Jill, it is good to see the companies pull away. My guess is their will be some window dressing (or poor change) which will insult the advocates for change. I think the movement will continue because the sad fact is so will the shootings.

        I am glad you liked the John Oliver show. Keith

  3. Note to Readers: I read an interesting editorial from a retired and respected NC Supreme Justice named Bob Orr, who is also a Republican. Here is a quote in his piece called “GOP: Guns own party.”

    “Having found a political party wiling to be the vehicle for its pro-gun agenda, the NRA has become a political force that the Republican candidates and office-holders are simply unwilling to renounce.”

    Orr went on to say how amazed he was that guns are raffled off with so much frequency at the state GOP meetings.

    This is what these kids and reasonable parents are up against. Until voters show that this alliance is unprofitable to GOP and the occasional Democrat candidate, then this obstinance will continue.

  4. All that needs to be said has been wisely said.
    I will just take this opportunity to state this creature Jones gives idiocy a bad name and sullies reputations of the average day-to-do conspiracy fools.
    I have restrained myself from making my true feelings known as the language would be ‘harsh’ and more in place in an armed services barracks.

    • Roger, I fully understand the policing of language. Jones is known also for selling products to his watchers related to solving the fear he stoked. You could say he is a con artist and not be an incorrect assertion. Keith

      • As always Keith you have a dignified and astute response.
        Thank you for calming me down a small measure
        Best wishes

  5. Dear Keith,

    These kids give me hope. They are doing a lot of damage by honestly and forthrightly calling out the failings of the NRA and even the president’s inconsistencies. They know how to handle the media and the bots.

    This is driving the NRA and the right crazy. These young people have kept the gun issue alive for longer than a few days. The GOP will not prevail in Florida unless the legislators do something. This is forcing the republican governor to take some action.

    And they are not easily fooled. I am so loving this.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Gronda, I concur. They are calling politicians like Marco Rubio out for their conflicts of interest. When you boil down Rubio’s response to the young man on not receiving NRA funds, he said people voted for me knowing I was bought and paid for by the NRA. To Rubio’s credit he did go. But, it is hard to answer legitimate questions when one is conflicted. Keith

  6. Note to Readers: Conservative columnist David Brooks reminded the PBS Newshour audience tonight that after Sandy Hook, the NRA posed the arming the teacher idea and it was viewed as ridiculous. Now, the President is echoing it. Per Brooks and Ruth Marcus, it is still ridiculous. Even Florida Governor Rick Scott said that is not happening.

  7. Note to Readers: I was watching a documentary on Congressman John Lewis who is an American hero of the Civil Rights movements and has the scars to prove it. His mantra which could be applied to these kids is “Get in the Way.” Love this.

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