You see something, say something only works…

It is hard to get involved when it could be indicting of someone. But, we are encouraged to do so, if we see looming danger, a threat to many people. The term often used is “if you see something, say something.”

On several occasions the last year or so, people called in to local or federal officials to register concern over the mass murderer who killed seventeen students in Parkland, Florida. Some even explicitly noted they feared he would shoot up a school. Yet, only a modicum of steps were taken.

Law enforcement needs to recognized how hard it is to get involved. It is harder when the possible backlash of the person being accused exists. I realize we have the benefit of 20/20 hindsight. With that said, the specificity and rationale for the concerns had veracity.

As people dole out reasons and look for single answer solutions for these and other kinds of gun deaths, we must understand how the holes in the Swiss cheese aligned to let a killer pass through.

Finally, we should recognize that 2/3 of all 30,000 plus annual gun deaths in America are suicides. We must look at all reasons for gun deaths (not just the mass shooting of the month) to craft good solutions to make us safer, including better governing the requirements to get and own a weapon. So, if someone takes the time to call a law enforcement or social worker official with concern over a person who is a threat to themselves or others, please exhaust all means of investigation and make sure we have resources where most effective. Otherwise, people may die.


7 thoughts on “You see something, say something only works…

  1. Note to Readers: One of the challenges that must be investigated is the resources needed to do things that might help. For example, to better address school security, more security officers must be funded. Asking teachers to be a line of defense is absolutely ludicrous. They will save more lives getting kids out of harm’s way rather than being Dirty Harry. Shooting back at someone shooting at you (especially with more weaponry) is very hard to do per those who have had to do so.

    Also, if we are serious about mental health, we need to fund more social workers, counsellors and psychiatrists in schools. They have been defunded like every thing else. And, we should be stabilizing the ACA with its mental health benefits. Words are meaningless without funding and commitment.

  2. Very true. It takes courage to take such a step, and it should be taken seriously. That said, I’m sure there are numerous ‘reports’ that have no merit, that are done to harm another, and it may be that law enforcement spends much money chasing down false leads. But we have seen what ignoring a report can lead to. It would especially seem that a red flag would have gone up with they received the second report. Good post!

    • Thanks Jill. I am sure they get some frivolous complaints, but twice is a trend. Plus, the nature of a complaint that says this guy might shoot up s school needs greater scrutiny. Keith

  3. Dear Keith,

    This case of Nickolas Cruz has an upside if a thorough competent investigation is done because it is the perfect example of how many so called professionals were informed but failed to act.

    And I mean, I want every thing on the table. His history of being diagnosed with ADHD, autism, anything. I want to know what services he received or didn’t get, and if he was on medications.

    The latest reports indicate that police were called to home of adoptive Mom up to 49x. The point is I want the details of all of those visits including any by the FL. social services division.

    How many times did the school have professionals talk to him?
    What services were available for this teenager that he was not informed about in real time?

    The police failing to act and the camera recording events need to be checked out fully.

    This is one time I give kudos to GOV. Scott for ordering a complete investigation.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Gronda, the examination should indeed be thorough. Yet, my fear is results will be cherry picked. Scott has actually been on his better side on this issue. I sent you a pared down version of my email on kids acting like adults. Keith

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