Why Comrade Trump Why?

I am puzzled. For some reason, the President of the United States has made decisions that benefitted Russia. Why?

The decisions range from failing to condemn Russia once incontrovertible evidence was presented that showed they meddled and still are meddling with our democracy to failing to do anything about the continuing meddling to failing to sanction Russia as recommended by Congress with at least 98% votes in each Chamber. And, there are other examples, such as not including Russia in a list of countries on trading sanctions with North Korea. Why?

The possible reasons might include: significant long term financial ties to members of the Russian oligarchy, desire for future investment for his business, admiration for a dictatorial leader posing as a democratically elected official, unwitting and now embarassing participation in Russia’s meddling in our election, unwillingness to admit such as it would damage the veracity of his election, collusion with Russian meddlers or being a compromised asset of Russia.

Unfortunately, various combinations of the above reasons could be true. To be brutally frank, the financial ties and admiration of Putin are givens. I also think his ego is having a hard time with the fact he may have been aided in his win. What the Special Prosecutor will determine is whether he was just an unwitting participant, involved in collusion or a compromised asset. Given where he gets information, at a minimum he was and is an unwitting participant. The meddlers noted how delighted they were (and are) when the candidate parrots their words.

Given the above and his (and others’) fluctuating storytelling and obstruction efforts, I find it hard to believe Comrade Trump is not more culpable. I truly hope this is not the case, but we will have to see what transpires.

11 thoughts on “Why Comrade Trump Why?

  1. Dear Keith,

    You know that I am firmly convinced that President Trump is a Russian asset and that he had been set up in this position long before he announced his intent to run to be our 45th president. What happened during campaign was just an extension of previous relationships.

    It was Paul Manafort who inserted himself into the campaign via a mutual friend Thomas Barrack. But Mr. Manafort had known the president for years along with another good friend, Roger Stone.

    Even Felix Sater came back into the picture before and after the president was in the WH.

    This was the president with his buddies, some of dubious character.

    What bothers me most are the GOP in the US Congress who are covering for him. To me, they are not living up to their oath of office .

    And yes, the president’s relationship with Russia is determining US policy from inaction over preventing future Russian activities to interfere in the upcoming US elections, to not including Russia with countries who are surreptitiously working with N Korea to circumvent US sanctions, to just giving over the fighting in Syria to Russia where Russian mercenaries were deployed on 2/7/18 to kill US backed rebels, etc. There is a lot more like N. Korea and Russia having supplied President of Syria Bashar al-Assad with chemical weapons which I am still researching.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Gronda, with the amount of due diligence you do, your opinion is well grounded. I wrote this after I read how Admiral Rogers testified to the Senate Armed Forces committee that he has not been asked by the President to do anything more than what he is allowed to do to countervent the Russian meddlers. He said Putin has not paid any price for his actions, so they will continue.

      I kid left messages and spoke with staff for my two senators, McConnell and Paul Ryan. My Congressman is one of those Trump sycophants, so calling him is a waste of time. Keith

  2. Note to Readers: If you share my concern, please reach out to your Congressperson and Senators and let them know. You can go on their website and post a comment or give them a ring and leave a message or speak with a staffer. I sometimes will leave a message with Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Leader Mitch McConnell or even other senators.

  3. I have long been convinced that at the end of the day, the many strands that link Russian operatives to members of Trump’s campaign will all lead right to the man at the center of the puzzle, Donald Trump himself. And it matters not how much cold, hard, evidence there is, his lemmings will still claim not to believe it, that it is a democratic plot to bring Trump down. I just hope Mueller and his team are able to tie it all together in an incontestable package, and the sooner the better. As you have said before, why is he acting so guilty, telling so many blatant lies, if he has nothing to hide?

    • Jill, agreed. I think an important shoe may drop on Jared Kushner first. Per Gronda’s posting, there is an article discussing side deals with companies doing business with the White House. It all comes back to money – Kushner is in financial trouble and has been compromisable from the outset. The next big shoe will likely be Junior who has been not on the up and up about his one known meeting. This will find its way to the head of the family. Keith

      • Yes, I agree … I think if I were in Kushner’s shoes at the moment, I might be considering a leap off a high cliff! The best writer of fiction could not have made this stuff up!

  4. An old woman comes to Gorbachev. He says “well, mother, what do you want?” She says “did a scientist or a politician first invent communism?” He says “a politician”. She says “well, that explains it; a scientist would have tested it on mice first” 😄
    Back way back when things were much more straightforward 😄

  5. Note to Readers: Two big stories yesterday. House Intelligence Leader Devin Nunes is being accused by GOP Senate Intelligence Leader Richard Burr of leaking emails to discredit Democrats on the Senate committee. Burr met with Speaker Paul Ryan to share these concerns.

    This would be the third time Nunes has done something unethical and political related to the Trump investigation. Yet, I feel this is criminal. Please share your thoughts with Speaker Ryan. I have left a message before this that Ryan should ask him to step down. By the way, this increases my concern that the President is guilty of collusion or worse.

    The other story is Putin bearing on his chest about his unstoppable nuclear might. He just did us a favor as he pointed out to Americans that Putin is an enemy and Trump’s (easily naive or possibly treasonous) acquiescence to Russia is not a good thing so says all of his intelligence and military directors.


  6. Note to Readers: Daniel Coats, the Director of National Intelligence, said today that Trump is actively involved with trying to curtail Russian hacking of the 2018 elections. This is a week following Rogers testimony. And, for this to be important to Trump per Coats, he has no said much about it other than he did not collude. Here is a man who will opine on anything, but he is silent on this.

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