Wednesday Wanderings Once Again

With a few thoughts bouncing around in my head, let me wander some on this Wednesday. Please walk with me down this meandering path.

Last spring, a certain boss known for firing people on a faux reality show, fired the FBI Director by having him find out via TV news report. I was reminded of this as the same boss apparently fired his Secretary of State by tweeting the world before telling him. The manner in which these folks were let go is simply not right and a window into someone’s character or lack thereof.

According to Vladimir Putin, he does not ever do what people believe he has done, Given his KGB training and bent to deny, diffuse, defray, distort and demean any allegation, he is less believable than the current President of the United States. He is better at lying which may be why Trump admires him so. It will be interesting to see if Trump actually backs Theresa May if she points the finger at Putin for this attempted poisoning in the UK and, unlike Trump, actually does something about it.

As for lying more locally, I have again asked Speaker Paul Ryan and my Congressman to remove Representative Devin Nunes as Chair of the House Intelligence Committee and censure him for his unethical, unprofessional and highly political efforts to discredit the Russian investigation. His sycophancy toward the President is obvious, but his libelous accusation toward a Democrat Senator drew the ire of Republican Senator Richard Burr. Burr, who heads the Senate Intelligence Committee, shared his concern with Speaker Ryan. And, not only did Burr not support the Nunes’ memo, another Republican Congressman, Tom Rooney, who serves on Nunes’ committee disagrees with the Republican members announced report’s findings on Russian intent and collusion with the Trump campaign. Why is that?

The next shoes to drop on the real Russian investigation under Robert Mueller will be interesting. For me, Nunes’ efforts to clear Trump make the man look even more guilty. Mueller is following the money, which Trump has not wanted. I don’t know what Nunes was following.

6 thoughts on “Wednesday Wanderings Once Again

  1. Note to Readers: People may think I am making too big a deal out of this, but it is not customary at all to fire people this way. Most people do not realize the vetting process behind letting someone go – was the employee given a chance to improve with performance improvement plans, were concerns communicated and documented throughout the year, will this be a total surprise, what will the impact on others be, etc.?

    In a matrix managed organization, the bold line manager was asked to cut staff and one included a veteran of 32 years. I asked if I could be in the room as “we owed it to the person to treat him with the utmost respect.” I am far from perfect, but it truly disturbs me that a President of the United States would not do the courtesy of telling someone they are fired before telling the world – then doing it again.

  2. Keith – In the huge array of things gone wrong with this presidency, it may be easy to simply feel overloaded, but I agree that we should resist the impulse to overlook the ‘small’ wrong-doings.

    • Thanks Susan. I like the way you frame this. Underneath all of the more obvious shortcomings is a man who people would not want to work for at all or for very long. What management fails to realize much too often is employees see how people are treated when they are made to exit. I think people who have been thinking about leaving will accelerate their plans and leave with some dignity. Again, the happiest people in the world are those who declined his invitation to work for him, followed closely by their spouses. Keith

  3. Note to Readers: Kudos to Theresa May and the Brits for taking decisive action. I am also pleased to hear Nikki Haley of the US support the UK at the UN. I hope our President follows through. During his tenure, Trump has let others condemn Russia while he falls way short. I am still waiting for his condemnation and further sanctioning of Russia for their ongoing meddling.

  4. Dear Keith,

    The gossip has it that one of the reasons the republicans in the House Intelligence Committee shut down was because of all the negative feedback they were incurring. Rep Trey Gowdy and a couple of others are at odds with its report and rightfully so.

    The House Speaker Paul Ryan has really disappointed me. He has backed Rep Nunes every step of he way.

    The GOP seem to be suffering under the delusion that most Americans don’t care about this Russia issue. They’re wrong. Most are upset about the President and GOP not doing enough to prevent in future elections, what happened in 2016.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Gronda, that rumor makes sense. I am also very disappointed with Paul Ryan after higher expectations. He chose to be the Speaker of the Republican Party in the House. His predecessor got some major things done (when he had to) by bipartisan measures, ignoring the extreme voices in the base. Plus, he has not condemned the President for his demeaning and untruthful nature and acts.

      To be frank, it would not surprise me if Mueller interviews Devin Nunes for his role in obstruction of justice. That is how unethical he has been. Keith

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