The movement you need is on your shoulder

Conversing by comment with our British friend Roger, I recalled a line from the song “Hey Jude,” written by Paul McCartney following a conversation with John Lennon’s son Julian who went by Jules. What started out as Hey Jules was McCartney recalling how he encouraged Jules to speak to a girl he liked.

One of the best lines in the song per the older Lennon was almost struck because McCartney thought it was too corny. The line is simply “the movement you need is on your shoulder.” The power of the line is if we just use our brain, we have the ability to solve the problems we encounter. The reference to the word “movement” is key as well. We must act on what we need to do. We must make a move.

I was recalling this line as many of us resort to prayer to solve our problems. That is all well and good, but we lose sight of the greatest invention God or Allah gave us – our brain. Paraphrasing Solomon in Proverbs, God gave us a wonderful brain and we honor him when we use it. Please do not look for these precise words, as you won’t find them. They are my simple take on who the bible considered the wisest of kings.

My point is we often don’t realize when we pray that God gave us the ability to solve our problems. Or, we may be praying for a miracle cure, but we overlook the brilliant surgeon and his or her team may be the embodiment of God’s miracle. What surgeons do can be viewed in such manner as they are honoring God’s gift to them.

Many religions believe their way is the only way to find heaven. Personally, I find that to be a tad arrogant. Especially when religions have some of the same principles embedded therein. We should be open to all manners of faith. What gives us the most peace, should be the one we follow. It may not be the path your parents took. That is OK. The peace it gives and the generosity of spirit is more important.

God gave us a wonderful brain. Let’s use it more than we do to solve our problems. He also gave us two ears and one mouth. We should use them in that proportion.


14 thoughts on “The movement you need is on your shoulder

  1. Dear Keith,

    I have this thing that action counts more than words.I suspect that if we make it to Heaven, that we will see many who didn’t follow any particular faith but who treated others with kindness, decency, generosity and who actually made the lives of others better.

    Not speaking out when others are being mistreated is in this category. Being ruled by fear is not okay.

    There are many who claim to be peoples of faith who won’t measure up. They speak the words but fail to act accordingly when they have an advantage of a support system.

    Hugs, Gronda

  2. Note to Readers: One of the good things about America has been a greater tendency for newcomers to not always settle in areas of like people. Mind you, that occurs a great deal, but it has been noted that our melting pot has allowed more movement. We need to celebrate that. I think it has allowed Jewish, Muslim and Christian Americans to see passed differences moreso than in other places, in spite of the fear mongerers like the current President.

  3. Note to Readers: I watched the James Corbin special with Paul McCartney last week as the latter returned to Liverpool. It was quite the treat to see the excitement that both had as Paul returned. Two parts stood out. Periodically throughout the TV show, they showed snippets of Paul and his band performing live to a surprised Liverpool audience at a pub/ performance venue. Social media brought a big crowd inside and outside shortly after he started.

    I was also touched by their visit to the home where Paul grew up. The woman living there had a piano, so Paul played “When I’m 64.” He also showed a tiny bathroom where the acoustics let him practice his songs. He told the story of how his Dad, when asked about the song he and John were working on, said it is good but could you change the chorus to “She loves you, yes, yes, yes.” They stuck with the original. Keith

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