Saturday is a good day for a march

Saturday is a big day for teens and young adults who will be showing what democracy looks like. A crowd larger than the inauguration attendees is expected to protest gun violence and advocate for change. Whether you agree with their position, which I support, you have to admire their resolve.

Change is difficult, especially when those who hold the playing cards are sponsored by an entity who does not want any. But, the majority of Americans want change, so we shall see what transpires. The legislators in Florida deserve credit for a first step. The ones in DC did as little as possible in the spending bill which included some lower hanging fruit.

With that said, one of pieces of fruit was something that should have been done all along and that is funding the CDC to measure gun deaths, which has not been done for twenty years. You cannot measure success of initiatives if you don’t measure anything.

Join me in applauding these kids for raising their voices. And, to use a favorite line uttered after gun massacres with a subtle change, “my thoughts and prayers are with the legislators as they look for that misplaced moral compass.”

17 thoughts on “Saturday is a good day for a march

    • True. I heard a speech by David Brooks yesterday, which was fabulous. During the Q/A he said we are “over-politicized and under-moralized.” He says a cure for unhealthy tribal thinking is to regain a sense of community and speak up against moral wrongs.

  1. Note to Reader: Call me crazy, but have others noticed the President and Congress got out of Dodge before the March in Washington? Does this seem planned to avoid the necessary questions. I expect the Head Tweeter to be active this weekend.

  2. Dear Keith,

    I am sitting this March out today, but I am watching it on TV. These young peoples are a blessing, a sign of hope in a time of chaos. Of course, the president and the cowards in the US Congress couldn’t get out of town fast enough. This is hope, courage, decency chasing those lacking in these attributes out of town.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Gronda, the irony of cowardice from those who beat on their chest about guns should not be lost. The President could not wait to leave town, which may have been added factor in his signing the spending bill. I bemused by the President chastising legislators for being scared of the NRA just before he had dinner with them. Keith

  3. Note to Readers: What a great day! Seeing so many peaceful protestors around the country and world is inspirational. Well done. Let’s keep up the mojo.

    • Lisa, that is a great line. The thoughts and prayers line has become a throw-away line on this topic. It reminds me of after legislators cut funding and social workers go from the desired 16 to 1 client ratio to 160 to 1. Then after something bad happens, the same legislators say “how could you let that happen?” Keith

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