Monday, Monday again

Using a wonderful song from The Mamas and Papas, happy Monday everyone. Our friend Jill enjoys (and eventually laments) it when I place these songs in her head.

A few random thoughts for the start of the week are as follows:

Facebook is apologizing and saying they will do better at protecting your information. Yet, what they fail to tell you is sharing your information is their business model. Unless they are prepared to go to a subscription model, do not expect any major changes. Tailored ads based on your data and search history is revenue.

The biggest news from the Stormy Daniels’ revelations is not the tryst with Donald Trump. It is the illegal election contribution made by the attorney who has boxed himself in with his own revelations. By admitting he did not get reimbursed by Trump, he blocked a possible exit ramp that may have mitigated his guilt. I will say the creepiest thing about the Daniels’ revelation is when she said Trump told her she reminded him of his daughter. Ick.

Trump keeps saying articles about things he will be doing are fake news. Yet, when it happens anyway, does that make it fake? Mind you, he has delayed decisions mentioned in these articles, so as to punish the media with this fake brand. But, when he eventually fires the person or signs a wretched executive order, it verifies the earlier assertion does it not? He did fire Tillerson, McMaster, e.g. even though he said he would not do so after the press reported it.

With the passing of the US spending bill on top of the tax law change, it is apparent that Congress and the President do not care about resolving our deficit and debt issues. These laws make them worse rather than better. It should be pointed out that China is talking about buying fewer US Treasuries bills, notes and bonds. That is how we get cash and is a trade threat the US cannot reciprocate.

A final shout out to the teens who are advocating for better gun governance. You are an inspiration. The lawmakers need to pay attention as they may have awakened a sleeping giant.


31 thoughts on “Monday, Monday again

  1. I must thank you for the ear worm! Anything that gets “The Fool On The Hill” out of my mind, for it has been stuck there for over a month and anything I start to whistle turns into “Fool”. πŸ™‚

    I agree about the creepiest thing to come from the Stormy Daniels’ interview, and it isn’t the first time he’s made such crass remarks about Ivanka … if I were her, I would not be able to be in the same room with him!

    Trump is a game player … he thinks he is cleverly playing the media, and frankly I wouldn’t be surprised to find he is one of the biggest leakers. Leak a tidbit about who’s next to be fired, then don’t fire them and say, “See, fake news”, and then later fire them after all. But yes, it absolutely verifies the assertion. I suspect it’s just another part of his scheme to create so much chaos that nobody is quite sure what is real and what isn’t.

    Nope, neither Congress nor Trump understand what they have done by decreasing revenues and increasing expenditures. And by showing such fiscal irresponsibility, we lose respect in the eyes of the world.

    I, too, was very proud of the young people this weekend … they are showing themselves to have far better sense than a lot of the “adults”.

    Have a great week, my friend!

    • Jill, I am glad I could help, but you now have shifted your song to me. Trump could be the leak, but my guess is it is others. I was watching Jeffrey Greenberg note that these two attorneys that were being added to the team, but now are not due to conflicts, are a metaphor. Why were they not better before they were announced. It reveals continuing incompetence in the White House. Not enough folks are taking the time to perform due diligence. It may because they don’t have much staff left. Or it could be that Trump’s business is known for not doing due diligence which is why they end up doing business with so many crooks around the globe (this was the gist of a Newsweek article before he won). Keith

      • Well, now, it wouldn’t have been nice of me to take, without giving back something in return, would it? πŸ˜‰

        I fully concur on the inept handling of the announcement about those attorneys before even checking for conflicts of interest. Tonight I read that Trump says the reason they are not joining his team is he didn’t feel comfortable with them when he met them. HAH!

        My thoughts are that there are few, if any, on his team who know how to do the jobs they were hired for. I doubt they know how to perform due diligence. Plus, when Trump wants something, he wants it NOW (if not yesterday), and I imagine he keeps most of the staff in a frenzy trying to march to the beat of his drum.

      • Jill, the lack of appreciation for the time, purpose and effort to conduct due dilgence is a cornerstone of Trump’s. It has plagued him throughout his career. My favorite example is this real estate expert decided to set up a mortgage company in the middle of the housing financial crisis. Of course it failed. It was a dumb idea the day it was announced.

        He has had a number of director nominees voted down by Congress and he has several who passed by the narrowest of margins, but should not have. Keith

    • I agree. I think he’s the source of most of the leaks. Trump the most mentally unfit person to ever occupy the office of the President. He leaks to create chaos he needs to feel alive. Those of us who were sexually abused as children immediately understood his relationship with his daughters (and his sons). Stormy Daniels merely confirms it.

      • Rob, he truly is unfit and was just voted the worst President since WWII. The chaos model of management is not an enviable one. I am sorry about your childhood experiences. His daughter likely cringed when she heard that statement. Keith

      • I only mention my childhood experiences because Trump is a sick man, and it is important for Americans to understand the nature of the man that now speaks for all of us. Healthy people can’t comprehend the sociopath; they cannot fathom a man or a woman who is spiritually dead. But if we don’t understand the pathology, we can’t understand its affect on us. As for Ivanka, I doubt Ivanka is healthy enough to understand that his lust for her is sick. I feel sorry for her.

      • Rob, I think it can be summed in an old truism. Organizations take on the personality of its leader. If the leader demeans, lies, and is impatient, the organization will be thus. A man with his faults would ideally shore up his weaknesses, but his ego and impatience doesn’t tolerate those folks. McMaster was too boring and preachy, e.g. Keith

      • Rob, the Trump presidency has overlapped some personal matters which have presenter challenges. Sparing the details, it would have been nice to have the stability of a calm captain in turbulent seas at the US helm. On the flip side, he has provided a daily distraction (and I mean daily). Keith

      • Rob, I agree, but nowadays Trump controls his own messaging to his followers and is abetted by Fox and others. So, an ironclad case is needed. Keith

      • Rob, please forgive the redundancy on my part. It is time for more indictments. Kushner may be in the next group. Keith

  2. Like many others, I watched 60 Minutes with fascinated horror last night. As creepy as what he said about Stormy reminding him of his daughter was, the absolute worst outcome for me was the mental image of what she did with the rolled up magazine. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to wash that image from my brain.

    • Janis, not that I would tend to believe Trump, but the specificity of that detail in response to his talking about himself, makes her story very believable. The bullying and threats are likely a reason the woman accusing him of raping her when she was thirteen did not continue her court case.

      Like you, I tried to erase that thought from my mind. Keith

  3. Dear Keith,

    The GOP will never be able to claim the high ground when it comes to fiscal responsibility. They will never again be able to point their wagging finger at Mr. Bill Clinton for his dalliances. Mr. Clinton didn’t compare his conquests with his daughter. Now, what do you think his daughter is thinking?

    The last president was sane, competent, professional, decent and a good family man yet the GOP set couldn’t stand him. Now we know why? President Trump is their kind of guy.
    .The reality show/ Game of Thrones continues.

    But the kids on Saturday were an antidote to all that ugliness in the WH.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Gronda, all good points. One of my pushbacks is Obama haters is to say “you may disagree with his positions, but he had no scandals and remained loyal to his wife and family.” To be frank, the amount and degree of rationalization for the incumbent by faithful people boggles my mind. Keith

  4. Note to Readers: Two more attorneys have declined to join the Trump team due to conflicts of interest. This is after two were picked, but had to back away due to conflicts of interest. Ted Olson who turned him down outright and is known for his Supreme Court success is openly critical of the chaos in Trump’s team. Not vetting these attorneys before making their invitation exhibits poor planning. Olson cited this as one of his reasons for declining.

      • Keith, that feeling of being worn out (and worn down) by the chaos of a narcissist is a small part of how it feels to be an abused spouse or child. Every day he remains in power is another day of spiritual corruption and psychological abuse.

  5. I always chuckle when I read self-righteous rants about what FB does–with advertising, with collating feeds, etc. “Really? And how do you expect this “free” service that you’re addicted to, to make ends meet?” Another thing that had me thinking this morning as I was reading about Cambridge Analytica blowup, none of us likes to think that our personal data, emails, phone calls, whatever, are being collected. But just how do we expect news agencies to do investigative reporting? We rely on them finding ways to access private information. To a degree, isn’t the global availability of our data the price we pay to live in this “free” society? Haven’t investigators always searched the garbage? Isn’t investigation now simply less physically taxing and gross?

    • Linda, well said. To be frank, the greatest amount of spying done on Americans is by far the marketing engines of retailers. They want to sell us a product or service. I am not on Facebook, but had been searching for the vaccine requirements for visiting Belize for my daughter. Now, every time I go to a news site or even WordPress, I see ads about retiring in Belize.

      The selling of an election vote is no different than a product, except for one key thing. The misrepresentation can have global consequences. Keith

      • And perhaps, people need to be a lot more informed and aware of when and how they are being “led.” I see those targeted ads everywhere too. It makes me tighten my jaw a bit, but then I just have to laugh. I know what it’s all about. I still have agency. But the FB thing has blindsided a lot of people, who didn’t recognize that their newsfeeds were being “flamed.” And those silly personality tests…”look at the three colors. we’ll tell you what kind of personality you have.” Really? “We’ll give you an IQ test that no one has passed. Oh, YOU passed!” Really? It’s like opening the garage door and leaving it open for every Tom, Dick, and Jane to help themselves to.

      • Linda, you are so eloquent! As Twain said it is easier to fool someone that to convince him he has been fooled. People have a hard time believing they were duped. Keith

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