While Trump distracts, Pruitt pees in our swimming pool

One of my greatest fears of this President going in has been a retrenchment on dealing with climate change and environmental protections. While other concerns have surfaced on his watch, my initial fears are warranted. Selecting Scott Pruitt, a state attorney general who has sued the EPA multiple times, is not conducive to protecting the environment.

Announcing the future pull out of the Paris Climate Change Accord was an ominous step. Taking climate change science information off the EPA website is another. Reshuffling climate change scientists to less productive positions is another.

Yet there is more. Allowing coal companies  to dump pollutants in our waterways is a metaphor for the new EPA. Pruitt is letting people pee in our pool. And, just this week, there are two announcements worth noting.

First, The Huffington Post has reported an internal memo from a direct report to Pruitt  that tells EPA people to play down the science behind the climate change conclusions. This is not dissimilar to the governors of Wisconsin and Florida telling their staffs they could not use the terms climate change and global warming in dealing with the public. And, it is not dissimilar to George W. Bush’s Council on the Environment altering reports that used the words global warming or climate change.

Second, it is reported that the miles per gallon requirements placed on new cars introduced by President Obama will be rolled back. US car companies celebrate the announcement, but the environment and people will suffer. And, what is not discussed, our auto industry will fall behind as foreign car companies will move ahead with better mpg requirements. It should be noted, twelve states are prepared to sue the EPA on this change should it go through, one being California.

Pruitt is supposed to be the leader of the EPA. His people have to be one demoralized group to see a man who obviously cares less about the environment, let industry pollute more. Yet,  on a bright note, cities, states and businesses are moving climate change and environmental issues forward, more than picking up the slack caused by this anemic administration.



23 thoughts on “While Trump distracts, Pruitt pees in our swimming pool

  1. Once again, I’m happy that I live in California. If the car companies are smart (and I think they are) they need to continue to innovate. Not only do they want to sell cars outside of the US, but we will have a real president one day soon whose administration will once again push for fuel efficiency. In the meantime, I will continue to drive – and love – my electric car.

    • Janis, your point about innovating and competing is pertinent. Plus, you are so right about this President being out of office at some point. This return to the past stands in the way of future prosperity. Keith

  2. Dear Keith,

    If the car companies have executives who want their businesses to continue to be profitable will ignore this new EPA rollback. Otherwise, the competition will benefit.

    He has been the # swamp maker with his expensive holidays paid for by the American taxpayer but he doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Gronda, you are right. US Carmakers in the 1970s ceded the market to foreign car makers by making crappy cars. They lost a couple of generations of buyers. Regardless of the US requirements, they still have to comply with the EU and other market requirements if they want to sell cars. Keith

    • Hugh, I agree. When I shared this with a follower, they had no idea he was doing these things. It is not ironic that the Sierra Club used to have more Republicans than it does now. Conservation should mean more to all of us, whether you are an outdoors person, environmentalist. rancher, farmer or fisherman.


  3. Who will want to buy ‘dirty’ cars on the export market?
    That aside a clean environment is not a given, it has to be worked for. The fossil record has some grim warnings for when Nature pollutes through volcanic action or tectonic events which move land masses and thus change climate patterns. We should learn from these and wonder if our own smallish pollution contributions could do enough damage to tip humanity out of the scene (and Life would go on….)

    • Roger, the lessons of Capetown, California, South America and Middle East water problems need to be heeded. We must deal with these issues now, not make them worse by pulling back from agreed upon measures. Yet, this is modus operandi for this short-sighted administration. Keith

  4. Good analogy … peeing in our pool. We knew this would be the way of it, but I think we all held out some hope that there would be people who would put the brakes on at some point. Instead, they are allowing the train roll faster and faster down this hill. One thing I read regarding the fuel economy standards is that they must present a cost-benefit analysis, and IF they are honest in preparing that, it will prove what a fallacy this is. What they are notably ignoring is that if you reduce the fuel efficiency, people may save $500 or so on the purchase price of a car, but over the course of a year, they will spend more than that on the additional fuel required to drive said car. Good post, Keith.

    • Thanks Jill. To your point, many younger folks will continue to look for higher mpg cars or just not drive. Many are flocking to cities that have mass transit and foregoing the purchase.

      Those who do buy a lesser mpg car will reap the cost just as you say. Keith

      • Agreed. If I were in the market for a car, fuel economy and safety would be my two main concerns, and those are the two areas the Trump would like to step back on. Hope you had a great Easter!

      • Jill, there will be a flood of new and improved SUVs on the market this year. I saw Mitsubishi advertise 45 mpg last night. Right now, we are debating shedding a car. Keith

      • I shed mine a year or so ago … well, it actually died a long, painful death. Since I rarely need to go anywhere, it just didn’t make sense to buy another, though admittedly I miss the autonomy of being able to go when and where I would like. Perhaps a donkey … ???

  5. Note to Readers: Apparently Mr. Pruitt has found more hot water on top of the expense account plague that has infected the White House staff. He has been subleasing a three bedroom condo at $50 a night from a fossil fuel industry lobbyist, which is well beneath market rate. As the knight guarding the holy grail told Indiana Jones about the antagonist who selected the wrong chalice, “He chose poorly.” In this case, optics are reality.

  6. Its the typical make money in the moment and who gives a flying f about the consequences. These fat old geezers won’t live long enough to be really impacted by the devastation they are wreaking and they are too short-sighted to be concerned about their progeny. Those big inheritances will buy everything, right?

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