Nixon’s Enemies List Redux under Trump

It was reported yesterday the President is asking Homeland Security to track bloggers, media etc. who have the ability to influence negatively thoughts toward his administration. This is akin to Richard Nixon’s enemies list which is due directly to his paranoia that people were out to get him. Ironically, it was Nixon’s zeal toward guarding against his paranoia that caused his downfall.

It should be noted that paranoia goes hand-in-hand with narcissism. Trump has an unhealthy dose of both, which is a key reason he wants sycophants all around him. As he has a hard time with criticism, he attacks all critics usually via personal attacks. Like Nixon, his paranoia, lying and denigration will bring him down.

Part and parcel with this are his continuing attacks on The Washington Post and other media because they dare speak the truth. It has gotten so bad, he is attacking Amazon because Jeff Bezos owns both, to the chagrin of the US Chamber of Commerce. The Post is also being defended by the editor of The New York Times who is calling  the President on the carpet.

Last time I checked, Trump is President of the United States. This is not a kingdom or dictatorship. It is a Republic. We have every right to tell the President and members of Congress that we disagree with them. We have every right to demand they stop lying and start doing their job.

If the President cannot handle the fire, then maybe he should get out of the kitchen.


19 thoughts on “Nixon’s Enemies List Redux under Trump

  1. You will never convince man like Trump that the is not King! (Will that comment result in my getting pilloried or imprisoned? I do wonder what he proposes to do with the malcontents!)

    • Hugh, he has portrayed himself as such for a long time. Why would a man feel he has impunity when he reaches down a grabs the private parts of the woman sitting next to him? Why would this man have illegal immigrants strip art work off a building he bought in the middle of the night after getting a court order not to do so to allow time for people to relocate the art to a museum? Why would he make a pass at business partner’s spouse so they could receive a better deal from him? Why would the man use his position to make money for himself when there are laws against it? And, the list goes on. Keith

  2. Note to Readers: The President exhibits routinely a sense of false bravado. Yet, what I see is someone who can dish it but cannot take it. To me, that is not a profile in courage.

    A glimpse into his characters needs only two data points and they around the honor and duty of fighting for our country. To declare Senator John McCain is not a hero because he was captured, then being given a chance to rethink that assertion and double down on it, should have ended his campaign. Period. Then, when he criticized a Gold Star family who criticized him from having never read the constitution, he echoed the earlier McCain comment.

    If this country were ever to go down the Big Brother path that he has brought us closer to, why on earth would anyone want this dishonorable person as our big brother?

  3. Well said, Keith! Narcissism and paranoia are a dangerous combination. I’ll bet there are a lot of people who voted for him in 2016 who are shocked at his behavior. I met a couple in late December on a resort in Mexico from Colorado – they owned a small business and were foaming at the mouth about the tax cuts. However, they did admit that they disliked the things Trump says. If the Blue Wave in November gives the Dems control of both Houses, Trump will go absolutely ballistic. Can’t wait!

    • Thanks John. My main concern with the tax cuts is the impact on US debt. At the time of the tax law, US debt stood at almost $21 trillion AND is expected to increase by $10 trillion sans tax cuts. The tax cuts are projected to add $1.5 trillion then we passed a spending plan. The CBO announced just today that the debt should increase $11.7 trillion over the next ten years, which would put us just shy of $33 trillion.

      Truth be told, anyone can pass a tax cut. But, we borrowed from our future to try to make a pretty good economy even better. At the time it was signed, we had 103 consecutive months of economic growth and seven straight years of 2 million plus jobs. So, there is a reckoning in our future in which the better stewards will get blamed for trying to fix the failure of the current and previous two Presidents to deal with this. When George W. Bush took the reins, he was handed a surplus budget and much smaller debt. He did a tax cut and invaded two countries in retaliation for 9/11. The rest is history.

      So, to me this stuff about Trump being good with the economy tells a very incomplete story. Then, you consider all the other baggage. I gave you more of a response than you probably wanted. Keith

      • I like a detailed response – I’m still learning about these matters. I just hope Trump’s ill-considered antics don’t cause an economic crash. Everything that happens in the U.S. has an impact on Canada.

      • Thanks John. Using NAFTA as an example, a more rational leader would have said, NAFTA is over twenty years old and I would like to work with our valued North American trading partners and see where we can improve it. Instead, he said it was a horrible deal and we should get rid of it. Like any agreement, it is not perfect and should be reviewed to see where it could be made better – it is not horrible. Again, the key word above is “rational.” Thanks for opining, Keith

      • You are so right – he’s like a bull in a china shop. Everyone agreed that NAFTA needed an upgrade since there have been many changes since it was first created. I’m glad he’s not ranting about it anymore – he’s got China to rant about now.

    • Thanks Lisa. To your first point, I an sure they have. But now people who are critical have to look over their shoulder more. I sure do wish he would leave the kitchen.

      • In this ‘health vigil’ with friends, we’ve discussed many topics. One in particular was with a university student – the sister of the man who is sick – and she is often highly critical of USA policy… I shared with her a story of how sometimes this country also nips our rights when it comes to freedom of the press, esp with the former president.. sometimes it’s dangerous to be considered ‘prensa/press’ … once some of my posts about the mangroves vanished, and i found out that someone went into my account and deleted the posts and also emptied the trash.. it was a wakeup call – that i am a guest in this country and i’d best watch my words! then i mentioned assange’s recent rights being altered – no phone/internet and i think no visitors…
        she definitely grasped what i was trying to explain… all people should have the right to speak, even if what they have to say is not pretty!

      • Amen. The treatment you got when you complained about the mangroves validates the veracity of your argument. We need more mangroves to address climate change. People need to be reminded, if the return argument is name calling, labelling, physical, or viral in nature, they should pay more attention to the victim of such not the purveyor. There is a reason Hitler and Stalin got rid of the more educated folks as did Erdogan when he staged his coup to clean up opponents.

  4. Like you, I wish he would leave the kitchen, but he won’t go of his own volition … he would sooner burn the kitchen down than admit defeat. Two main differences between Nixon and Trump:
    1) Setting aside Watergate and Cambodia, Nixon was actually a good leader, especially in the field of International Relations. His diplomacy with China changed the face of global relations and helped bring the Chinese into the 20th century; his detente with the Soviet Union helped bring about the beginning of the end of the Cold War; he created the EPA before we even fully realized the effects of man-made pollution on our environment; he ended the draft, and created Title IX to give women/girls an equal chance at sports.
    2) He was smart enough to realize, at some point, that he was not going to win the fight to keep his office and cared enough about his country to step down rather than let it be torn apart with the impeachment proceedings that would have taken a toll both emotionally and financially on this nation.

    In short, Nixon was, for all his faults, an intelligent man. Trump is an ignorant, arrogant narcissist.

    • Jill, you are right about Nixon’s accomplishments. But, the two are very similar on attacking the media and others. Trump is just more brazen about it.

      What upsets him most about the Cohen raid is it just may prove Trump to be the liar he is. He said he did not know about the $130,000 payment, but my belief is Trump is very interested in all things about him. I watch Chappaquidick yesterday and, while on opposite sides of the political spectrum, Donald and Ted had some similarities. Keith

      • Was it a good movie? At that time, I wasn’t a big fan of Ted K, but later came to have quite a bit of respect for him. I really hate thinking of him and Trump as having anything in common!

        And you are right … Nixon was a narcissist also, but he had an innate intelligence that Trump lacks. And … he had a filter for his mouth that Trump seemed to have been deprived of at birth.

      • Jill, it is good, but disturbing. As an almost 11 year old, I remember there was some fishiness going on. While Kennedy went on to do some great things, the cover-up of this accident is bothersome. The linkage to Trump is when powerful people screw up, there are a lot of fixers to make it go away. This is probably why Trump is so mad at the Cohen raid, because there are likely to find more than two settlements. Keith

  5. Dear Keith,
    Why would anyone want to even approach the kitchen if he knew with absolute certainty that he was going to get burnt?

    The president himself dished it out to President Barack Obama. Why would he think he would be treated any better. Being criticized is part of the job description.

    His thin skin, arrogance, bullying habits will be his undoing. He can dish it out but he can’t take the return lobby.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Gronda, one thing is for certain, as the more rational “governors” of Trump continue to leave, these tirades will become more uncontrollable. Kevin Siers, the award winning editorial columnist for The Charlotte Observer drew a perfect cartoon with Trump dresses as Alice’s Queen of Hearts yelling “off with her head” to a teetering statute of Justice complete with her scales. That sums it up in a nutshell. Keith

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