He is lying, she is lying, they are lying

Many things puzzle me these days. One that is near the top is shouldn’t a man who says everyone else is lying and that people should only believe him, be viewed as the lone constant in a world of lies?

Using the science principle of Occam’s Razor, we should consider the simplest answer may be the most believable. A man who says everyone else is lying may be the one who is lying. It becomes even more believable when the man has a history of untruthful commentary as measured by his five biographers, an attorney who worked with him for years, and  Politifacts.

Of course, I am speaking of the man who occupies the White House. I was thinking of this for two reasons. This week, Pulitzer Prizes were awarded to both The Washington Post and New York Times for reports on Russian meddling. You may recall this as being labeled “fake news” by this man, but apparently the Pulitzer people disagree.

The other reason is former FBI Director has been labeled as a liar, leaker even a criminal by the man in the White House. I have seen several people who know Ccmey vouch for his truthfulness and integrity. While I have seen people attack Comey on behalf of Trump, I have not witnessed people saying how truthful the President is.

A PBS/ NPR/Marist poll this month noted while 61% said the FBI is just doing its job, 31% said the FBI is being unfair to Trump. As an Independent, to me the only people the FBI is unfair to are people that lie to the FBI. Five people have pled guilty to Robert Mueller for lying to the FBI, one person is due in court and one had his office and home raided. There seems to be an awful lot of lying going on around and including the President.

As SC Republican Congressman Trey Gowdy said, if the President is innocent, it would help if he started acting like it. The only person being unfair to Trump looks back in the mirror each morning while he shaves.

Let me close with the story of over 200 former Justice associates of both Messers. Mueller and Comey writing a letter to Congress to make sure Mueller and team are allowed to finish their work.


11 thoughts on “He is lying, she is lying, they are lying

  1. ohhh – didn’t know about the letter from the working associates. I gotta say that I am completely worn-out from the spectacle, but very glad you are keeping up the energy to analyse and comment :))

  2. Someday, somehow, the truth will come out … the whole truth … and when it does, this “man’s” legacy will be having been the most dishonest and corrupt president this nation has ever had. I only hope the lessons of this era stick with people for the next several centuries.

    • Jill, true. What makes it more frustrating is the Republican leadership knows their helmsman cannot be trusted, yet support him to the detriment of their party and country. They are enablers. Keith

      • You are so right! They, as well as the republicans in Congress, are the enablers. Even those members of Congress who claim to be disgusted with him are afraid to act against him.

        Herb asked me a question today, and I don’t know the answer … perhaps you do. The national parties always, always, always support their incumbent. Is it possible that the GOP would not support Trump if he’s still around in 2020?

      • Jill, we have two GOP Congressional candidates falling over themselves as to who is the bigger Trump supporter. To me, the answer is don’t bother to run if that is your key selling point.

        Herb is right for the most part. I recall Ted Kennedy had a strong effort to unseat President Jimmy Carter, but Kennedy faltered. President Gerald Ford almost did not carry the banner as Ronald Reagan about beat him. Ford was not elected President, so it was different.

        But, they both ended up running, so Herb is correct. Keith

  3. Note to Readers: James Comey echoed a comment made by Thomas Wells, an attorney who worked for Trump, saying Trump lies about things big and small. Here are a few small lies that are windows into Trump’s dishonesty.
    – he routinely called into a popular New York radio show pretending to be a publicist for himself. He would tell tall tales about who he (speaking of his boss as the fictitious PR person) was dating and his prowess. Who does that?
    – he inflated the number of stories in a new building by ten floors to market it better.
    – he told a court that he would have some artwork carefully removed from a building he acquired, then hired illegal immigrants to tear down the art work in the middle of the night.
    – he would often stiff contractors claiming inferior work. Wells said this was a modus operandi and not a rare event.

    If he lies about these things, it is not hard to believe he will lie about anything. My strong belief is he will only use the truth if it is in his favor to do so. Truth is a commodity to him.

  4. I’m glad you posted about this, Keith. I believe that Trump and his enablers will pay for their dishonesty and lack of integrity one day. It may not come as soon as we’d like, but it will come.

    • John, thanks. I hope you are right. The sad truth is there are too many so-called news sites that tell their audience that it is everyone else that is lying. This man is obviously not believable, but there are those who go tribal and do so. Keith

  5. Note to Readers: I think outside of his name, Donald Trump’s favorite two words are “witch hunt.” It is funny how Richard Nixon like those two words as well. But, back to the current President, remember when he said the Russian meddling could be someone from China or a heavy guy in this country. Then there was no connection with Russia until Michael Flynn resigned over lying to Mike Pence. Then, he said he fired James Comey because of the Russia thing. Next, we learn his son, son-in-law and campaign manager had a meeting in Trump Tower, to which the President had three different stories on the timing of when he knew about the meeting. Then, we have multiple guilty pleas of lying and the indictment of his campaign manager and thirteen Russians who were later listed as being sanctioned by Trump.

    This Russia thing could be many things, but one thing it is not is a witch hunt.

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