Senate Judiciary Committee moves Mueller Protection Bill forward

On Thursday, the Senate Judiciary Committee passed 14 to 7 the bipartisan bill to give Robert Mueller a fair hearing should he be fired by the President. I admire their political courage to protect the rule of law. I give special kudos to Senators Tillis, Graham, Coons and Booker for pushing this bill forward and Senator Grassley, the Commitee chair for his role.

Their efforts deserve a full hearing and vote on the Senate floor, yet Senator McConnell is refusing to let this happen. I encourage you to support such a vote and call upon your Senators and Senator McConnell to bring it to the floor. The American people are owed such a vote.

As an Independent and former Republican voter, I feel it is extremely important to let Mueller and team finish their work. I also find it highly offensive that legislators, including the President, are trying to mask the pursuit of truth by denigrating honorable and hard working law enforcement professionals. As GOP Congressman Trey Gowdy said, if the President is innocent, it would help his cause if he started acting like it.

Mueller is a man of integrity and has served our country as a Marine and as leader of the FBI. The only negative I have read about him from reliable sources is he can be gruff. Since he comes across as a no nonsense kind of person, that lone criticisms fits. A gruff man of integrity reminds me of my grandfather.

I have made multiple calls and sent emails to several Senators and my Congressman. I have applauded the political courage of those involved. Standing up to your own party is difficult, but it is even harder with an untruthful, tempestuous and vindictive man such as the President. We, the people, are owed the truth.


21 thoughts on “Senate Judiciary Committee moves Mueller Protection Bill forward

  1. An excellent post, Keith. I certainly hope this bill sees the light of day in both Houses and gets passed into law.

    • John, thanks. Our only hope is on the Senate. The Speaker of the House was forewarned about this by Senate Intelligence leaders that the head of the House Intelligence Committee, Devin Nunes was lying about a Senator and making his committee political. They released a Republican report that said Russians meddled, but there is no collusion – that is because they did not bother to look. Keith

      • John, it is. It frustrates me when men known for lying denigrate public servants for being untruthful. I think I would give the benefit of the doubt to the public servant over a politician, especially the one in the White House. Keith

  2. Note to Readers: A couple of lessons learned. Some Senators have character limits on their contacf templates on their websites. Be brief or know where to pare down if you are pasting from your blog, email or word document.

    If you call, be prepared for a voicemail, so have a voicemail spiel ready. Many do allow you to re-record if you get beeped. My favorite is talking to a live staffer. Be pleasant and get their name. Also remember which Senator staffer you are talking with. If you lose your place, you may call the Senator by the wrong name. They may ask your zip code, at which time you can say, you are not in their district, but this issue is of importance.

    Sorry for the unsolicited advice, but I have made enough mistakes in my past calling.

    • Janis, what frustrates even more is the House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes has acted so unethically and made a committee highly political, the Senate counterpart complained to Paul Ryan about him saying they do not support his findings.

      McConnell is the consummate politician and I do not mean that in a good way. He is one of the poster children for what is wrong with Washington. He needs to be reminded that his oath is to the US Constitution and not the Republican Party. Even with his GOP hat on he should realize how his leader is destroying his own party. Keith

  3. Note to Readers: My newspaper printed an edited version of the above post in its Letters to the Editors section this morning. Please feel free to make it your own and send it in.

  4. Dear Keith,
    On Monday, 4/30/18, I will spend what ever time it takes to contact the republican senators to ask for this.

    I suspect many are concerned about upsetting the president’s base of voters. They are worried about keeping their cushy jobs instead of protecting the “rule of law.”

    Hugs, Gronda

  5. I see McConnell’s refusal to even consider this as a slap in the face to democracy, a “sit-down-and-shut-up” from McConnell to We The People. I agree, it is important we make our representatives aware of our wishes, for the job Mueller is doing is far too important to allow the likes of Trump to unravel it at this point. As for gruff … I don’t see that as a flaw … sometimes it is necessary. Great post, Keith … thank you!

    • Thanks Jill. This is the same man who buried a report before the Romney loss to Obama by the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service that said trickle down economics did not work. He also refused to allow an up or down vote on Obama’s Supreme Court pick which was blatantly political.

      In a nutshell, he does not want to have Republicans on record of having voted against the President. Keith

      • So true … he brought bi-partisan legislation to a screeching halt … actually brought almost any work within Congress other than naming roads, to a screeching halt for the last 2 years of Obama’s presidency. He was hellbent and determined to keep that Supreme Court seat vacant until Obama left office. I might consider going to Washington and personally thrashing him if the Mueller investigation is shut down because of his stubbornness.

      • Get your friends to call him and Portman. With Nunes’ GOP House Intelligence Committee unethical and hyper-political report, the need for the Senate to act is paramount.

        I did see a former Bush White House staff member Richard Painter has called out Trump and his sycophants as making him an autocrat. Painter will be running as a Democrat for Al Franken’s Senate seat as a statement against Trump. I think we must publicize Republicans’ disdain for how this man operates and his harmful policies (which get overshadowed). Keith

  6. Note to Readers: This Senate Judiciary Committee action along with the bill itself are key messages to Republican Congress people and Senators. I often use the point “Is the President the kind of person you want to spend your dear reputation on? ” Today, I added, “he just threw Rudy Guiliani under the bus and would do that to your Congressman in a New York minute.”

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