Thursday thumbnails

Thumbnail sketches is one of those terms that is often used without thinking about its source. Per Wikipedia, it was first used in the 17th century, but was more widely used in the 19th century as a small pictorial of an idea, the size of a thumbnail.  But, it is often used nowadays for a brief synopsis. So here are a few thumbnails of thuggish behavior on this Thursday.

In the Philippines, the iron thumb leader Duterte has released a list of 200 names of people who may be involved with drugs, including their addresses. This thug has just put targets on this people, so do not be surprised if we read of more deaths.

Speaking of thugs, it is not ironic that Vladimir Putin and Basher al Assad have stalled entry by the UN inspectors to the alleged chemical attack site. Why is that? The only rational explanation is they have something to hide.

Speaking of Duterte and Putin, why does the US President speak more highly of them than he does German Chancellor Angela Merkel? It may turn out he is more than beholden to Putin for his election, but why would a leader spend his cache on Duterte? As for Merkel, he may be jealous of her being looked to as a leader of the western world or it may be something superficial. His emulation of thug like behavior such as lying about most issues, condemning the media, attacking people who criticize him or to off-load his errors, squelching civil rights, etc. is not Presidential, but autocratic.

Finally, something that needs even more notoriety is the imposition of tariffs on allies and other trading partners by the US President. Tariffs usually backfire and throw water on global and specific economies. Yet, the bullying of allies is another key part. This President has introduced a huge amount of uncertainty and threats to businesses that must import certain products that are not made here. The uncertainty is showing up in the capital markets and watering down hoped for greater growth from the Tax Law change. His own party leaders have not been too keen on this path.

That is all for now. Have a great rest of your week and keep your eyes open,



14 thoughts on “Thursday thumbnails

  1. Note to Readers: After I wrote this post, I felt it was a depressing topic. Parental advice recommends that you know your children’s friends. So, when I see who the President admires as strong leaders, it worries me. A leadership consultant once wrote a good leader deflects credit to others, while a bad leader assumes credit even when not due. While these leaders may seem strong to Trump, they are holding things together with force, not leadership. In other words, their ideas and ability to convince others fall apart without the force part.

    Think about that as the US President says an attack on him is an attack on the country. No it is not. People are being critical of this man because he is deserving of the criticism. And, in our country we have every right to disagree with our leaders.

  2. Interesting Keith, I was not aware of the origin of the phrase.
    Trouble facing the USA is that the current president makes once of these in his head and calls it policy.
    Best wishes to you and yours

    • Roger, one of the surprises to me, is while he is not big on due diligence, one would think a builder would have detailed execution plans. His first major action of the travel ban was so poorly executed it was pulled in a couple of days. He did not even tell his colleagues in Congress he was about to pea on people’s rights. Unfortunately, that example is not an anomaly. The level of incompetence in the White House is staggering. Keith

      • Very true Keith, from the outside it does make our current very typical British fudge and muddle a positive picture of stability.

      • Roger, agreed. He makes any governance look better. I am amazed at the lengths taken by his news network to sand over his rough patches. That is a lot of sanding. Keith

  3. Note to Readers: This comment deserves its own post, but today it was reported that over 1,000 economists, including Nobel laureates and Presidential advisors, have signed a letter against Trump’s tariffs plan. That number is not a misprint. Not ironically, over 1,000 economist forewarned President Hoover about his tariff plan saying it would cause severe economic downturn. The tariffs were done and the Great Depression followed.

  4. Dear Keith,

    And here I’ve been thinking that I’ve been watching a lousy version rewrite of “Grumpy Old Men” and “the Odd Couple.” The bully-in-chief/ Russian asset with Israeli monies has been scurrying in an act of desperation to plug up the hole in the dam that is close to breaking.

    One could say that the bully-in-chief/ autocrat forgot that he is not living in Russia or Manila but the USA WHERE HE CANNOT FOOL THE VAST MAJORITY OF AMERICANS.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Gronda, bully-in-chief is apt. That is one reason he hired Guiliani as he is a bulldog who will say anything. Guiliani used to have integrity, now he is sad which began with his childish anti-Obama speech at the 2008 GOP convention.

      I wrote in response to another of your comments, I think the messaging will change after the GOP primaries. Right now, I see a disgraceful chest beating by candidates on who is the bigger Trump sycophant. I told one campaign caller that message does not endear confidence. Keith

  5. Funny, isn’t it, how easy it is to find thugs and bullies these days! Love this post … well, let me clarify … I love your style, but wish we all had much more positive news to report on.
    And isn’t it also interesting how Trump plans to impose tariffs because he is supposedly committed to more products being manufactured in the U.S., while virtually 100% of his OWN DAUGHTER’S product lines are manufactured overseas, some in sweatshops? What’s that word again ??? Oh yeah … hypocrisy!

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