Would you work for…

Would you work for a manager that routinely threw people under the bus for problems she created?

Would you work for a manager that told people someone was fired before she told that person?

Would you work for someone who routinely took credit for any good news and blamed others for the bad?

Would you work for someone who treated the truth as a commodity, only using it when it benefited her, but lying most of the time?

Would you work for a manager that was mercurial keeping people on edge?

Would you work for someone who undermined your efforts by releasing information contrary to the mission without letting you know?

Would you work for a manager whose reputation for trustworthiness is poor impacting your credibility?

If you read between the lines, this manager is not a woman. This manager is the President of the United States. And, the answer to all of these questions is no. So, why is it OK that he is President?

17 thoughts on “Would you work for…

    • Janis, true. The depth of the damage he has wrought is not being highlighted because of his chaotic and bombastic style. I hate it when news focuses on the inconsequential missing the larger transgressions – debt, environment, civil rights, trade, eg. Keith

  1. Dear Keith,

    What a good pointed question. Many of the GOP in the US Congress who are covering for him wouldn’t last a month working for him. I bet the new Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and the new National Security Adviser John Bolton think that somehow they are different. They are like all new wives. The new shiny veneer of these new players will tarnish soon enough.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Gronda, Joe Scarborough has done an excellent piece on Rudy Guiliani taking us from his being America’s Mayor to Trump’s Chump. It is very complimentary of Guiliani’s efforts to reduce crime in NYC and then is critical of him now condemning law enforcement people doing their job which may be at odds with his tempestuous and Teflon boss. Keith

  2. That’s right Keith. It’s unfathomable that this situation continues to be tolerated and even protected by those concerned for their party rather than their country.

    • Holly, I spoke with a staff-member of a Freedom Caucus supporter of Trump’s. I used my favorite question toward the end “Is this the kind of man the Congressman wants to spend his dear reputation on? The President will throw him under the bus just like he did with Rudy Guiliani this morning.”

      Thanks for commenting, Keith

  3. Note to Readers: On the subject of working for this man, article today notes 40 VA managers have resigned or been forced out even before Shulkin was asked to resign. A departed manager said loyalty is valued more than reasoned debate. The same could be said of the countless people who have left under the EPA and State Department.

    I wrote a few months back how Genghis Khan started a long rule by his family by focusing on merit rather than nepotism. Compare that to the President who values loyalty (and nepotism) over merit. The level of chaos and incompetence in the White House is pervasive. Keith

  4. Within the terms of countries where open democracies operate it is very hard to think of a more odious political person than the current occupant of The Whitehouse.

    • Roger, Presidents have typically avoided speaking in front of the NRA. Friday, the President insulted both France and England as well as forgetting every word he said to Psrkland students and parents two months ago. Keith

  5. No, I would not work for such a person … unless … I thought that by being on the ‘inside’, I could help bring him down. That, I might consider to be my ‘patriotic duty’.

  6. Note to Readers: A old colleague of mine shared why he left a company which appeared to be a good fit. He said they had a nepotism problem. He had seven bosses, all related, on a matter of three years. To say they were not proficient with the subject matter they managed would be an accurate description. He said good people would leave because the boss was clueless. He thought he could shape opinion, but just when he broke them in, they left. Think about this when you read of even more departures from the Trump administration. Keith

  7. I can not wrap my head around why anyone with a functioning brain cell would stay. I think the sad truth is that there is a strong base that supports this nonsense and scares the hell out of the party.

    • Lisa, the base is strong. The only hope is to chip away at the edges and shame more Republican leaders in finding their conscience. Please encourage folks to call and email their Congresspeople and Senators. Keith

  8. Note to Readers: It has been reported that the President was found screaming at the Director of Homeland Security the other day in front of several folks. This apparently is not an anomaly. Screaming at people is harassment plan and simple and it affects more than the target. How a leader treats people is important. Keith

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