Monday memorables

“Monday, Monday” sang the Mamas and the Papas. Here are a few memorable items from the news of the day, but I will stop short and let you draw your own conclusions.

Vladimir Putin was sworn into a new six year term, but decided to commemerate it by having protesters arrested, including his most vocal critic who opposes his leader for life mission.

Poland decided to loosen laws on remembering the holocaust in the manner it should be remembered. Yesterday it was announced there has been increased vandalism of the Auschwitz Museum.

Closer to home, convicted coal miner executive Don Blankenship may win the Republican primary for US Senate. Just to remind people, Blankenship was convicted and very lightly sentenced of safety violations that led to the death of 29 violations.

Our friend Gronda reports that Congressman Devin Nunes is in danger of losing his seat in the fall. His home town paper has vilified him for his unethical and highly political behavior. It was so egregious, Senator Richard Burr of the Senate Foreign Relations and Intelligebce Committee asked Speaker Paul Ryan to not allow the release of the Nunes’ memo as his Committee did not agree with its findings and criticized Nunes for slandering a fellow Senator.

Rudy Guiliani has decided to be a legal spokesperson for Donald Trump while still learning the facts, per him and Trump. A sensible question to ask would be then why are you talking? Yet, I don’t think his boss knows the facts he wants to tell for the best story. This is a key reason he threw Guiliani under the bus on Friday. And, then came Sunday. Truth be told, he and Trump are two peas in a pod – neither knows when to shut up and both have a limited relationship with the truth. Anorher question I pose is will Guiliani last the week?

Closing with a feel good story, there will be a Royal wedding which includes a divorced, multiracial American. Less than 100 years ago, a future king abdicated his right to the throne because he wanted to marry a divorced American. Times have changed for the better and the two appear to be much in love and a lovely couple. Cheers.


6 thoughts on “Monday memorables

  1. Note to Readers: Trump has recommended Republicans should not vote for Blankenship as he cannot win in the general election. Excuse me, but he should not win. The man was in prison for safety violations in the mine he owned. Consistent violations led to the death of 29 miners. He blames inspectors for their deaths, but he created a culture of safety violations and cost cutting.

  2. More examples of:
    1. Russia does as Russia is. Another in a long line of ‘strong’ (ie don’t get on his wrong side) Czars.
    2. That no one is learning the lessons of the past.
    On the good side. Yes we have a royal wedding. Britain loves a royal wedding (and those who oppose royalty have tremendous fun puffing themselves up and playing the ever popular “I Can Be More Outraged Than You” on Facebook).
    At least this American bride has dignity, style, intelligence and warmth, as opposed someone who was just contender (Wallis & Edward are generally vilified in the UK these days as positively dangerous in that time)

    • Roger, in Russia, if you have to think “I better clap” when the elected Czar walks past, then that is an indication. I love the fact Markle and the Prince had an early date to help others in Africa. As for Wallis, if how she is portrayed in movies is close to being accurate, she does not come close to Markle’s poise and demeanor. Keith

  3. Dear Keith,

    The good news is that Blankenship is history and that there is an upcoming Royal wedding. Giuliani has made such a fool of himself, he was forced to resign from his own law firm.

    Sheldon Adelson, a strong advocate for Israel has just cut a $30 million dollar check to help House republicans who are up for reelection in Nov 2018 with their campaign coffers. And then we ask why Speaker Ryan is backing Rep Devin Nunes who has the backing of Sheldon Adelson.

    Israel loves Trump and they want to keep him in power at all costs. Rep Nunes represents these interests.

    Hugs, Gronda

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