This zero-sum discourse needs to stop

What does zero-sum discourse mean? It means framing topics in terms of who wins and who loses. I fault politicians, pundits and reporters for this mindset. This mindset preceded the current White House incumbent, but he views most everything through a very short-term transactional lens. Did I win?

The dilemma in discussing who wins and loses on actions, speeches or tweets is it takes the focus away from the issues. Does this decision help or hurt the people, environment or region?

I heard a news discussion on whether the US pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal helps or hurts Trump’s image? That is the wrong question among many better questions. Does it make the US safer? Does it make the world safer? Are we harming our relationships with our allies? Are we making a fact based decision as other leaders are questioning the veracity of this decision? And, so on.

Whether it is healthcare, debt, taxes, environment, financial protection, etc., I do not care who wins or loses politically. When people care too much about winning or losing, I can tell you who gets screwed – it is the people they represent.

Americans want Congress to address healthcare, with the majority saying to fix Obamacare. Instead, the President and leaders in Congress have sabotaged it over the past three years making premiums even higher. They want to see it politically fail while screwing American people.

I am tired of the lack of collaboration. I am tired of the abuse of factual information. And, I am tired of this zero-sum discourse. To be frank, our leaders need to stop trying to keep their job and start doing their job.


14 thoughts on “This zero-sum discourse needs to stop

  1. Quite a few of then need to start showing they deserve a job and need to get that in order for November, If things go a\s they should then maybe Trump will fee pretty much outnumbered then and may be forced to sign a new Obamacare package in for the people along side a rather large tax hit for the 1% to start paying their share. Proper trickle down economics.

    • David, with our previous gerrymandering, we have more than a few strident Congresspeople who devalue their position with their hyper-partisanship. They hold dear a perceived brand of truth not often grounded in reality. These are the folks blindly following the deception paved by this President. Keith

  2. Note to Readers: If leaders in Congress and the President cared more about helping people, they would not be attacking the mission of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. When explained to people, they understand that this agency penalizes banks, credit card companies, mortgage companies, pay day lenders, etc. when the aggressively market or defraud consumers. Republicans do not like this as the banks do not like this. But more than 90% of every dollar collected in fines goes to the consumer who was screwed over.

  3. These mid-terms are challenging the voters to take control of their nation. Those who will not vote will be culpable in whatever other moral crimes and misdemeanours this travesty of an administration produces.

    • Roger, as you saw with Brexit, not voting causes undesirable outcomes like electing Trump. With the number of women running, it is my hope turnout will be higher than normal. Keith

  4. Note to Readers: Zero sum outcomes are a key reason the US President prefers bilateral agreements. When multiple parties are involved, it is harder to control, requires more diligence and patience and involves everyone giving a little to to gain a lot. Just think of the four multiparty agreements that he has either pulled out of or is seeking to renegotiate. The traits for success on multiparty agreements are not his strong suit. And, therein lies the rub.

  5. Funny, but I always thought it was more about whether it was good for the nation and it’s people, not whether it personally benefited the president and/or his cohorts. We have gotten away from the idea of representative governance, and the prez and our members of Congress have forgotten who they work for. Time we remind them, eh? Excellent post!

  6. Dear Keith,
    I will never forgive those republicans who helped this man to become our US president. I don’t believe that he is as rich as he claims but that he is heavily in debt.

    I have no doubt that it is counties like China, Israel, UAE, Russia and now Qatar which have been bailing his derriere out of the fire. At least 3 of these 4 countries have kompromat/ leverage on President Trump.

    This is what our allies are missing out on. They need to learn how to get the president to act a certain way. Logic, evidenced based studies, facts, decency have no effect on this president. What the leaders need is some kompromat on him to get him to behave. Surely, with all their access to sensitive intelligence data, they could come up with something.

    So our foreign policy fubars are being brought to US by the likes of mostly UAE, Israel, Russia and now China.

    This zero sum game is what I call high stakes poker which our president is lousy at playing but which he loves to play. This is a losing proposition for this country.

    The discourse reflects the inner ugliness of the players living in the White House and the co-dependent republican enablers working in the US Congress.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Gronda, you have gone well beyond zero sum discourse and are getting at the major concern for this President. As more information is publicized, it is becoming apparent the President has both a pay to play scheme as well as being compromised. This man has dealt with some bad actors (due poor vetting and need for money) throughout his career, so it is not surprising that he is compromised by others. Keith

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