Media please focus on the big issues

With a man occupying the White House who has hard time with truth, civility, history and criticism, there is a bounty of things the media could focus on. And, that is part of the problem. I look at various news feeds and sources and see too many pedestrian foibles that get discussed. Yet, the countless criticisms dull our focus on the more important issues.

My concerns are several, so let me highlight those areas:

– we are borrowing from our future to make a long performing economy a little better, doing the opposite of what is needed to limit our debt from increasing from $21 to $33 trillion by 2027.
– we have ignored our allies and reasonable voices in the US to pull out of various multiparty agreements hurting trade, environment and security.
– we have pulled back several regulations making it easier for industries to pollute and ignoring the federal government’s role in fighting climate change.
– we have blamed immigration for a host of problems and focus on remedies that won’t help people or solve problems.
– we have held up the constitution as sacrosanct, while ignoring the sections on protecting the rights of all citizens, protecting the right and importance of the media and ignoring the clearly defined roles of the three branches of government. It is of vital importance to respect the judiciary’s pursuit of truth, even if the President does not like it.
– we have continued down a path which ignores truths and facts tolerating a man who makes more than a few decisions off misinformation and even disinformation. Governing well is hard enough when we use real facts, it is nigh impossible when we make things up.

Of course, there are other issues, but I attempted to group several concerns into larger categories. In closing, please remember these three cautions – we cannot shrink to greatness, we cannot continue to pee in our global swimming pool, and we must respect the rights and opinions of all people, not just people who agree with you or compliment you.

12 thoughts on “Media please focus on the big issues

    • Thanks David. When every little thing is discussed, it supports in small part the claims of Trump bashing. While we focus on the distractions, he is stealing our candy.

  1. I just purchased the new book “Why Democracies Die.” I think we’ve finally reached a point where we need to seriously consider that the clock is ticking on our cherished values and institutions. The media, the “fourth estate,” has a responsibility. It helped elect Trump with its over-the-top coverage, much of which focused on his posturing and outrageous remarks, rather than his dangerous policies, total lack of civic or political experience, and cavalier treatment of truth. Then again, it’s giving the people what they want: style over substance. Gerald Ford partly lost the election to Jimmy Carter because he made a serious gaffe in a debate on foreign policy. The news media trumpeted this gaffe, and Americans responded by swinging away from him. Trump’s made a career of outright lies and stupid remarks, yet he continues to skate along! Yes, the clock is ticking.

    • Pete, I bet the book is interesting. We had an election between two imperfect people, this losing candidate actually manages better than she markets and was a terrible candidate. The winning candidate is stellar at merchandising and has never been accused of being a good manager. As you note, he brilliantly got the media to focus on her flaws and not his.

      It appears the media has learned its lesson, but the sad part is the people who need to hear it have been told to listen only to an untruthful man. Only he is telling the truths they need to hear.

      We must have more conservative folks call this man out and stop being sycophants. We must applaud them when they do and condemn them when they don’t. Otherwise, we will let this morally corrupt man become even more regal.


  2. Note to Readers: One specific item that could have been singled out is doing something tangible to address better gun governance and safety. Highlighting the hypocritical words the President said today and after Parkland which book end his NRA speech of two weeks ago is fair criticism and newsworthy.

  3. Note to Readers: A few items that should get more focus – there is a bipartisan immigration reform bill that addresses DACA and references a few items the Senate passed in 2013, but the House refused to take up, a major mistake of John Boehner’s that has hurt America. It should be noted Psul Ryan is following Boehner’s lead. The EU, UK, Germany, France, China and Russia want to keep the Iran nuclear deal alive in spite of the US pull out. Tell me again how this deal is disastrous Mr. Trump?

  4. Dear Keith,

    Thanks for placing the focus on what really counts. The US democracy as we know it, is under attack by parties within and outside of this country.

    There are the GOP members who are hard at work to attack with all of its power, the pillars of our democracy, the” rule of law,” the FBI and DOJ and the free press. The president has personally taken steps to interfere in a negative way with Amazon’s owner because he also owns the Washington Post. Truth and facts are being demonized. Decency is no longer a consideration.

    Dems have to push their defense of all of the above along with being in favor of reasonable gun control measures, addressing climate change, addressing the deficit along with income inequality and infrastructure improvements.This is plenty and most Americans get this.

    I’ve noticed that the president is backing away from his tariff war plans.

    Hugs, Grnda

    • Linda, of course, part of this is by design. If Trump does not like a news cycle, he will tweet something provocative. He has been busy this weekend as he is not liking The New York Times speaking of his campaign accepting money from other countries. Keith

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