Saturday is alright for fighting

One of Elton John and Bernie Taupin’s earlier songs is indicated in the title above. It is a true rock and roll song which is very much in tune with its lyrics. It is about being young and foolish combining too much time and alcohol with too little judgment.

I was thinking of this song as footage was aired this morning of a fight which occurred on an airplane. The fight started when an off-duty police officer intervened after the steward decided not to serve an unruly and drunk passenger any more beer. Fighting on a plane is not the best venue for fisticuffs or subduing an unruly passenger, so others just got in the way.

The song also is a metaphor for the lying, combative and vindictive President and his sidekick Rudy who are fighting back as much as they can, truth be damned. They are fighting against an ongoing investigation that might reveal the President is guilty of everything he is charged with and more. We knew it would get uglier as the spotlight got hotter. Sadly, the President’s sycophants in Congress and pseudo-news outlets are not letting the truth get in the way of defending the Dishonorable Donald.

The questions one might ask is if the FBI was so against this man, how did he wind up getting elected when even he did not expect it? The sad truth is his followers believe these deep state accusations. This lying man is scorching the press, the FBI and Justice Department for making up all of these things about him. This vindictive man wants to close down papers that are critical of him and use the arms of government to punish people.

It is troubling this schtick seems to work with his followers. This man does not give a goddamn about his followers. He just wants them to think he does with some window dressing changes. As an energy expert said a few months ago, “Donald Trump is not for coal workers, he is for coal owners.” He openly revealed his true colors during the campaign insulting his followers. “I could stand on 5th Avenue and shoot someone and they would still follow me,” he said. Just think about that – my interpretation is he is saying my followers are so stupid, I could commit murder and it would not matter.

The truth is not as exciting as the story this man portrays. Fiction sells. The real story is this is a man with a fragile and insatiable ego who will do anything to keep feeding it. And, that is why he fights.


26 thoughts on “Saturday is alright for fighting

  1. Note to Readers: One of the reasons the President got elected is his wont and ability to coin a figurative name of an opponent, be it a person or idea. He continues to attack people and ideas in this way. It matters not that he is not conversant on most every issue, but he can label with the best. I detest doing this, but I highlighted Dishonorable Donald for a reason to personify his penchant for not telling the truth, demeaning, denigrating and bullying people and using his office for personal gain. Unfortunately, a good story will beat facts, which is why he has followers. Keith

  2. You are being kind and gracious to only call Trump dishonorable…he is so much worse. It never ceases to amaze me that many of “the little people” supported him and continue to do so. He has proven over and over where his loyalty lies…it is not with the working class. It is not “America First”, but Trump’s wants and needs. I often wonder if he deliberately tries to sound stupid or is it just a smoke screen. The many truths that you point out should be obvious to all. Sadly, to our own detriment, it seems they are not. Thank-you!

    • Thanks Ellen. I hate to name call, but needed a way to share the totality of what he has done to the US Presidency – he has dishonored it and our country. To us, it is painfully obvious what he does and we would not tolerate working for a person like this. I appreciate your offering your thoughts.

  3. I heard on the radio (NPR, of course) that as many as 59% of Americans think that no charges have come out of the Mueller investigation. 59% is way more than the percentage of those who exclusively watch Fox and/or other conservative media. Whatever Dishonorable Donald is doing, it seems to be working with more than just his followers.

    • Janis, what Trump realizes and takes advantage of better than any politician is he knows Americans are the most uninformed first world country on the planet. He knows they will believe him if he weaves a good story. I am hesitant to cite what America thinks, as we are very gullible.

      People that pay attention see right through Trump’s schtick. But, sadly he is right he could shoot someone and his followers would support him. His ability to turn this Russia thing into spy gate where he is the victim is just plan sad that people buy this crap.

      Right now, I feel my writing makes me feel better, but I am preaching to a small choir. Thanks for your support. Keith

  4. Keith – It’s really hard to hope this, because justice is something that should never be pushed, but I do hope Mueller’s investigation comes out with a conclusion sometime soon. I am sad to say that I think that’s the only way to stop the hysterics. Maybe not stop, maybe just slow down.

    • Susan, we need Mueller to come forward with more indictments. Per NPR saying 59% of Americans don’t know Mueller has issued indictments (much less that five have pleaded guilty to something), Mueller needs to make another statement.

      I have been despondent this morning with this data point coupled with 53% saying the Mueller investigation is political. Yet, thank good ness for Rudy, who babbled on talk shows today admitting the “spygate” is a PR tactic to sway public opinion in favor of Trump. Of course it is, but I did not expect him to admit it. It shows blatant disrespect to all Americans, but especially Trump voters – he and Trump feel they can admit to wrong doing and it will not matter.

      We need more truthtellers calling Trump on the carpet. I believe he is guilty as sin, for even more than what he is accused of. I also feel his son-in-law is destined for jail. But, it may not matter with Trump’s magical sales skills to make the truth be buried by a facade. Keith

      • Susan, thanks. Erik Erickson and David Brooks are two, but they get drowned out. They need to be joined by others, especially on Fox. It is funny Lt. Colonel Ralph Peters’ resignation letter from Fox did little to move the dial, which reveals the power of Trump over his sycophants. Keith

  5. History indicates this style never ends well for the person employing it, too much hyperbole and vitriol cause divisions and worse hatreds. This administration reminds me of the accounts of the end life of some large stars where the centre reaches a critical event resulting in a catastrophic explosion and resulting collapse.

    • Roger, the man is relentless with his lying and vitriol. See my response to Susan. He truly wears me out and makes me want to curse. My poor wife gets to hear the more unbridled dismay. We need the truthtellers to sound out even more and call him on the carpet. You have been a constant source of valid critique with examples. Thank you for this. Keith

      • Thank you very much Keith.
        I understand your circumstances, from my political perspective there was a similar experience under Margaret Thatcher, this was engendered by a very hard time trying to hold onto a mortgage and raise three children on only one income.
        As the USA appears from the outside the Office of Presidency is either built on dignity or on the more difficult affability of the ‘Guy Next Door’ (as worked in varying ways by Regan, Clinton and Bush jnr). Whichever, there is a compact with the people. The current incumbent comes across as one of those loud-mouths with a small clutch of hangers-on you’d find running your visit to a bar, diner or restaurant. Above all he has not learned the fundamental lesson, at the foundation of the job is to be seen trying to unite the nation…..
        The USA historically is still a young country and thus could be prone to a fragility of its unity. Now this is not unique to young nations, older ones suffer the strains as does any aged body and any nation can be prone to unexpected or ignored seismic shifts (such as the Ulster Civil War of recent decades). A nation is only as strong as its various peoples to work together.
        Thus those who wave the flag and make much noise about other cultures are the biggest threat to the USA and he does not get this.
        I wish the USA well Keith, but I worry about it.
        Take care

  6. Dear Keith,

    The FBI and the DOJ personnel are at a disadvantage because they cannot get in the mud with the likes of President Trump and Rudy Giuliani.

    This is why I wish there were those fighting back more who are in a position to back the FBI and DOJ on a frequent consistent basis. The public needs to be educated with counter information, the truth.

    The president with his GOP cronies are succeeding in sowing doubt among the public/ his jury pool) against the FBI and DOJ. This cannot go unchallenged. We saw what happened to HRC where “fake news” became part of her persona that she could not overcome.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Gronda, you are so right. It should be very telling that Mueller and his team have kept quiet. But, you are right, we need more and louder voices speaking out when the President degrades the office or lies. Rudy actually confirmed what people paying attention knew, that spygate is a PR ploy. I have now seen Senators Flake, Rubio, McConnell, and Graham say there is nothing there with spygate. Will Trump retract his lie? No. Will he triple down on it? Yes.

      We also need Republican leaders to call Hannity, Fox and Friends for abetting a fraud being perpetuated by the President. They are being the worst kind of patriots no matter how many anthems they stand and sing. Keith

  7. The above comments say most of what I would have said, so I offer only a couple of quotes from Machiavelli:

    “One who deceives will always find those who allow themselves to be deceived.”

    “Men judge generally more by the eye than by the hand, for everyone can see and few can feel. Every one sees what you appear to be, few really know what you are.”

    More and more I find myself using the term Machiavellian in reference to Trump. Only difference is Trump isn’t as intelligent.

    Good post, my friend!

    • Thanks for the apt quotes. Trump is Machiavellian, but his genius is in changing the message and playing off fear and lies. If the news cycle is bad, do something provocative. Keith

      • I seem to recall that in the days when we had real presidents, there were sometimes days when their face wasn’t the first thing we saw when we logged onto the internet or picked up the daily newspaper. Ahhhh … I long for the ‘good ol’ days’. 😉

      • Jill, it is debilitating to see his picture. I think the media has a hand in it as well. They cover too many Trump issues that are not very consequential. It numbs people to his greater transgressions, which are many in their own right.

        Right now, Iran is meeting with China and Russia to continue projects underway. When Trump makes decisions at odds with our allies, business moves on without the US, just as it did with the Asia-Pacific partnership. My guess is neither of these issues will get much play in mainstream news and not at all on more biased news toward Trump. Keith

    • Lisa, very true. After six bankruptcies, he realized he could merchandise his name leaving the risk to others. His agreements allow him to exit properties that go south. Keith

  8. Note to Readers: On another post with fewer comments, I noted watching Marc Short, the White House liaison to Congress, being interviewed on PBS Newshour. While some pushback occurred, I was frustrated that the man said four of five lies in a very smug manner. Here are two with a clarification of what I noted in the other comment.

    He said the tax law has created a surplus budget. I noted that is not true as the deficit halfway through the year is $598 billion, as compared to $666 billion last fiscal year. Now, what he was alluding is also used inappropriately. In April of every year, there is a budget surplus due to April 15 being a tax deadline. Yet, that is only one month and has nothing to do with this year’s tax law, which into effect 1/1/2018. The April tax collections are for 2017. So, with one statement, the man masked over the truth three times, while trying to be deceptive.

    To brag even more on an ill-advised tax law, he noted unemployment is at historic lows due to the tax law. Again, this is fudging the truth. The unemployment was very low on 12/31/2017 and got a little better. But, it was also quite low on 1/21/2017, the day before Trump took office. I was reminded of a Trump supporter saying his town’s unemployment had dropped from 20% to 2% due to Trump. Another person pointed out the number had fallen to 3% when Obama left office, and under Trump’s tenure it fell from 3% to 2%. That is good, but oversells the data.

    Yet, Trump would have you believe the economy was disastrous before he took office and when he became President, it miraculously got better. Same numbers he said were wrong, but suddenly they were now right. The sad truth is his followers believe this. Please remember a great leader deflects credit to others, and poor leader assumes credit even when it is not due.

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