May I ask why?

On the final day of May, it seemed like a good time to ask some why questions. In no particular order:

May I ask why US leaders believe North Korea would give up all of their nuclear weapons after taking so much time, effort and money to build them? I am happy dialogue is occurring, but we need to manage our expectations.

May I ask why people would trust leaders who make sure their most viable opponents are not permitted to run against them? Call me crazy, but this is prima facie evidence that the leader’s story cannot stand up to scrutiny (think Putin, Maduro, el Sissi to name a few).

May I ask why legislators at the state and federal levels are trying to avoid normal process to pass legislation? Take it to the bank, when legislators avoid normal process, the issue is political and the people end up losing.

May I ask why someone who harps daily on his innocence, cries that everyone is against him, declares routinely that it is a witch hunt and often changes his story, should be believed? Using the scientific concept of Occam’s Razor, it is easier to believe that there is not this vast conspiracy against the man and far easier to believe this untruthful man is lying.

May I ask why many of us are forgetting what Jesus and other religious leaders told us and treating others so poorly? We need to walk the talk more, as to be frank, words are cheap. And, we need to hold our leaders accountable to be our better angels, even when they don’t hold themselves into account.

May I ask you offer comments, reactions and questions in response?

27 thoughts on “May I ask why?

  1. It is likely that the answer to every one of these questions is that the people taking these decisions believe they are the person for the task and they see a much bigger picture than anyone else and of course must be right.
    Now we can distil this into either:
    ‘Those who gods would destroy, they drive mad’
    and of course….

    • Roger, hubris abounds. We must remember that the President said “he alone could solve our problems. I know his supporters love what he is doing because he constantly tells his largely uniformed audience what a great job his doing.

      While there are some successes on his watch, his role is oversold in part, and is robbing Peter to pay Paul, in part. Largely what I see is a man who cannot manage much at all except the decline in our reputation. Keith

      • And as from yesterday might well have lit the touch paper to start a world-wide trade war. The potential for damage being war worse than sabre rattling because of the false perception that it does not threaten Life as does a conventional war.

      • Roger, this is not a good financial decision as more folks will be impacted than helped. Then there is the retaliation which will ratchet up the impact. I mentioned to Gronda, the ports are very concerned as they have dug deeper ports to accommodate bigger ships. That is a huge investment that might be challenged, not to mention the trucking and distribution jobs.

        With that said, the worst part is what it does to relationships. Allies are more than financial transactions. Trump is devaluing these relationships. That is very short-sighted and will be harmful to the US. Keith

  2. I agree with Woebegone. “Those whom the gods would destroy they first drive mad.” This may apply to all of us who are aware of the direction the world is turning, however!

    • Hugh, he certainly is driving mad those who pay attention to what is going on. He makes me weary. Maybe that is his plan – just wear us all out with his chaos, lying and imcompetence. Keith

      • I have thought that all along … that the goal is to bombard us with so much of his detritus that eventually we just cannot process any more and go bury our heads. I’ve come close a few times, but keep coming back for more, just as you and Gronda do. It is tiresome, though, and unfortunately for some it is all becoming just another norm.

      • Jill, he knows every word is read, so he throws stuff out to change the subject. Yet, he lies so much, when he says he did not say certain things, it is usually because he cannot keep track of his own lies.

        The other reason he cannot remember is he often just babbles. Yesterday, he said several times how nice the letter was he got from Kim Jong Un, then he closed with he had not read it. What? Keith

  3. Those who the Gods would destroy…………….they finished phase 1 on Trump now it’s a case of seeing when phase 2 starts. I don’t want to miss the destruction.

    • David, I sure hope phase 2 hurries up. In addition to Trump and his usual sycophants, we must contend with Rudy, his barking dog. Keith

  4. Note to Readers: May I ask why do the disenfranchised in the world have so little voice? They consistently are the ones that pay the price of leadership ego and hubris. Whether they are tormented in Yemen, Syria, North Korea, Venezuela, Puerto Rico or the US, too many get screwed. And, sometimes they do not why, as leaders tell them simple reasons to placate them while they are screwing them.

    • Power is linked to wealth that is why the wealthy nations run the world and within those wealthy nations the rich steer the ship.
      The wealthy are very difficult to influence and it is the reason sanctions have caused such suffering to the poor in North Korea and left the leaders untouched. Mr Trump will only stumble with his tariffs when he hits the pockets of the wealthy , that is where resistance will come to his ideas. He already senses the power of China and he quickly learns to step around danger. When factory owner has to lay men off he will often say how terrible that men should lose their livelihoods but his main concern is his own livelihood.
      In the UK now the farmers are shouting that the migrant labour has been stopped from entering and picking the fast ripening fruit ; their concern is not for the migrant but for their own livelihood.

      • Kertsen, you recount history and current events quite nicely. Sanctions have always punished the wrong people. The corrupt leaders and oligarchy glean their share, but common people suffer.

        Tariffs will punish the common people as well, but the wealthy are impacted. A venture capitalist said it succinctly in a Ted talk. What creates jobs is customers. Any action that negatively impacts customers hurts jobs. It is no simpler than that.

        It should be noted the first and third most jobs created under a President were under Clinton 22.9 million) and Reagan (16.1 million). They both liked free trade.

        Thanks for your well written comment. Keith

    • Susan, it all depends. If we still have Trump and he is allowed to continue his global retrenchment, this will be remembered as the time America ceded its global leadership position. Xi Jing Ping needs to send a nice Christmas present to Trump. Keith

      • Keith – I must admit that I have been out-of-the-loop for awhile, and just read an astonishing article about Trump’s recent pardons. Yikes. What a wild ride.

      • Susan, who a President pardons is telling. The fact Trump did not follow normal process makes it even more political. Trump is using these pardons to send a message to the prosecutors and informants. Bill Clinton pardoned Mark Rich at the end of his Presidency. Rich was guilty of some slimey things and Clinton suffered for it. Gerald Ford lost his election after he pardoned Richard Nixon.

        It is a good bet, that Trump does very little that is not in his perceived interests. Keith

  5. Dear Keith,

    It should be the US cavalier treatment of the poor that would move our US congressmen to get off their butts to stand up to this president but it looks like these tariffs might get these guys/ gals to finally budge and do something/ anything.

    Some republicans with backing by business community are even trying to get DACA passed.

    These GOP sycophants had better do something soon.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Gronda, the United Nations is releasing a report that notes the Trump policies have harmed the poor in the US. But, I am sure it will be branded as fake news. Keith

  6. While I could happily pontificate at length on your thought-provoking questions, I haven’t time at the moment, so I will settle for a blanket answer. Greed and Ignorance. Those who believe the likes of Putin, Trump, et al, simply because they are told that these policies will be to their benefit, lack the benefit of an education that would cause them to engage their brain and think, analyze, look back into the annals of history. They are failing to apply the test of logic, but applaud Trump because he tells them he is doing great things, making America “great” again. And greed … those at the top of the food chain believe they deserve to be there and the rest of us were put on earth to serve them. As long as they can keep us under their thumb, they are happy (and rich). What happens when finally the masses say “Enough!!!” remains to be seen, but I hope it happens soon, for much of what he is doing may be irreversible if left too long.

  7. yes keith, it’s hard sometimes to understand the decisions some people make, especially if they are our ‘leaders.’ i am at the cyber and have not looked at the world headlines to see what’s happened in the last span of time while offline. it’s almost as if i’m afraid to know – staying home gives me blissful ignorance…

    no answers for ‘why?’ —

    • Lisa, oh there are times I wish I did not know what the President lied about or who he has bullied. He has decided the US does not need friends and has devalued many relationships. Keith

      • there are many serious problems world wide — rare is the government that has honest, sensitive and ethical people in charge…. sometimes that combo equals ‘weak backbone’ – they’re not wired to be leaders – or if they are, they know that the opponents will dig up dirt or fabricate in order to beat them!

      • Lisa, so true. A real leader is accountable. The US leader is so weak, he cannot admit even one of his many mistakes. Keith

  8. Note to Readers: Speaker Paul Ryan came out today in support of Congressman Trey Gowdy who has been under fire by Donald Trump sycophants. Gowdy said he supported the FBI on their investigation into converse over Russian contacts with the Trump campaign. More Republicans need to remember their oath and support Gowdy. Ryan also noted that Trump should not pardon himself as no one is above the law. Amen.

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