A few quick memories of Dad

Happy Father’s Day all! I lost my Dad twelve years ago. Years of smoking did enough damage, even though he had stopped a dozen years before. Ironically, one of his best lessons was not to smoke, as any teen will tell you how could anyone do something that tastes that bad after they sneak a try?

When I think of my Dad, I think of how he loved his grandchildren. He would be the comforter and entertainer to allow us parents to have some needed time. He would invariably tend to children after a meal to let others linger over conversation.

I think of his dutiful pitching in my batting practice. He would throw a bucketful of baseballs and then we would collect them and he would throw them again. Doing that after working all day is a way he showed his devotion to his children.

I think of his company having potluck lunches at work. Dad would smoke a ham and turkey. He would get up during the night to check on the smoking process to keep the meat tender. As I recall, they would do this three or four times a year.

I think of his marvelous roast beef he grilled and terrific BBQ chicken. He would laugh when we told him the chicken did not have any wings. The chef would be sampling said wings outside before he brought the chicken in.

I think of him loving my mother. We kids would sheepishly hide our faces as they hugged and kissed in front of us. I remember the story of how my Dad fell into my Mom’s lap chasing a loose basketball when she arrived late to the college team’s game. She also accidentally pushed him in a pond at college when the Women’s Dean approached.

My Dad was a good man. He was not perfect and had a few demons in smoking and alcohol, but I remember him well. Happy Father’s Day, Dad.


18 thoughts on “A few quick memories of Dad

  1. Who is perfect, right? But as long as we think back of someone lovingly we can at least embrace them and accept that they were who they were. Happy Father’s Day to you, Keith!

    • Erika, so true. It troubles me some when people critique folks based on past imperfections or poor decisions. I remind folks there has only been one perfect person to walk the earth, and we killed him. So, we need to remember our imperfections. That perfect person said something about “he is without sin, should cast the first stone.”

      • Keith, this is just so perfectly said. Yes, we all make things we are not proud of or which we would like to make undone. This is what we all have in common. And as you said, we even killed the only perfect person who walked on earth!

  2. “My Father didn’t tell me how to live; he lived and let me watch him do it.” – Clarence Budington Kelland. Your Father was this same man…as was my own. Though our memories keep them alive, we’ll miss them forever. Happy Father’s Day! Thank-you!

  3. Awwwww … what beautiful memories you have of your dad, Keith! Memories … the one thing that nobody can ever take from us. And Happy Belated Father’s Day to you, my friend!

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