Sometimes a quote says it all

Quotes can sometimes be painfully pertinent. Yesterday, I read the following quote from a Chinese source as the country develops a response to US tariffs. China’s official Xinhua news agency added: “The wise man builds bridges, the fool builds walls. With economic globalisation there are no secluded and isolated islands.” I think their point is about more than tariffs.

Politicians unfortunately have a hard time with the truth, some moreso than others. One of my favorite quotes is from former Senator John Kyl of Arizona when caught in a lie. “You mistook what I was saying as the truth.” In other words, it is your fault I am lying,

This is an excellent segue to a current politician who is on record as lying more than he does not. Congressman Trey Gowdy said the following about such man. “If the President is innocent, it would help if he started acting that way.”

On a more humorous note, actor Abe Vigoda from the movie “The Godfather” and television show “Barney Miller,” was reported to have passed away. Upon reading of his death in the newspaper, Vigoda sent a press release that said “The reports of my demise have been overly exaggerated.” This was in keeping with his deadpan comic delivery.

Getting back to politics, a famous quote used often by President Richard Nixon was “I am not a crook.” The fact that he felt the need to use it again and again begged the question, who are you trying to convince? After over twenty convictions of his co-conspirators, Nixon only escaped  criminal judgment because of President Gerald Ford’s pardon. Mr. Nixon, you were a crook.

Let me close with one of the finest quotes in American history. It was so crucial it helped lead to the eventual downfall of Senator Joe McCarthy, of Communist witchhunt infamy. After John Welch, General Counsel of the US Army had given testimony over several hours, he said to McCarthy, “Do you have no sense of decency, sir?”

I close with these two examples as they remind me of our current fearmongering President. “Decency” is not a word I would use to define the man.





5 thoughts on “Sometimes a quote says it all

  1. Now I shall have to re-watch the Godfather, for I didn’t recall Abe Vigoda being in the movie! I loved him in Barney Miller, though. The interesting thing about quotes is that the spoken word, once heard (or recorded), can never be unheard. It is out there for posterity, for the world to hear … forever. And no, decency does not reside in Donald Trump. Nor do ‘integrity’, ‘honesty’, ‘morals’, ‘compassion’ … etc, etc, etc …

    • Jill, do watch again. Vigoda played one of Don Corleone’s key lieutenants who betrayed Michael and paid a dear price. As for the qualities you note lacking in the White House incumbent, I would not be thinking of The Donald when using the words you added. Keith

  2. Note to Readers: What is challenging is to find a salient quote that defines Trump from his own mouth. He usually just chains together stream of thoughts phrases and repeats several times. I won’t get this quote right, but in defining that if he was wrong on Kim Jong Un, he would have to say he was wrong. But then he added the essential truth to the statement saying, but, I would find a way to avoid saying I was wrong. I did not put quotes because the words are far from exact, but the meaning says it all about the unaccountable President.

  3. Dear Keith,
    Is there a republican in the US Congress who would dare face President Trump to ask the pertinent question, “Do you have no sense of decency, sir?”

    The only one who is capable of this, is Senator John McCain who has been absent. We do need more like him.

    The president knows how to burn bridges versus building them.

    The words that I most associate with President Trump is “Believe me.” This is when I know for sure, that he is lying.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Gronda, the voices are very few. This separation of kids issue may have been the first one where the numbers were more than just a few. But, they are still lacking. You are so right about the modifier “believe me.” Keith

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